Chapter 381: Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s Inheritance

The place that Li Qiye occupied was a self-contained space, and it was tightly linked together with the Soaring Remembrance Village. If the village was one side of a coin, then this space that contained Li Qiye was the other; the two of them were one and the same.

Li Qiye visited this place for a very specific reason; it was created by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, and the emperor had left a lot of things behind.

That year, that woman gave birth to Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s offspring in a secluded part of the mortal world, then the village was created from this. From then on, his future descendants lived on in prosperity, but they didn’t know that their ancestor was the famed Immortal Emperor Fei Yang of the Desolate Era.

A powerful spell was created by the emperor to protect his descendants, and it encompassed the entire village. However, the origin of this spell was on the other face of the village, the spatial realm.

Because of this, many people came to the village throughout many eras, but they couldn’t understand the true profoundness of the village.

This spatial realm was a chaotic place that was unable to be clearly discerned by anyone. There were ancient temples, jade pavilions, and jeweled palaces amidst the chaos as if this location was hiding countless secrets.

Li Qiye sat upright at this location with the Fragmented Spatial Disk in front of him while the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror poured down an endless amount of immortal radiance as the Yin Yang fishes protected him.

At this time, the disk in front of Li Qiye became an illuminating mirror, but the reflection was not Li Qiye. Instead, it showed many strange runes. Under the control of Li Qiye’s will, these runes intertwined together to form universal laws; he wanted to create a sacred chapter.

This was the reason for Li Qiye’s visit to this place. This was an ancient technique from the Legendary Era that was obtained by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang before his ascension.

This technique was named Resplendent Break, the emperor’s technique that paved the way towards his imperial domination. It was an amazing secret technique!

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang traveled to the corners of the world without a fixed abode. Although he became an emperor, no one had heard of a lineage left behind by him. Even though his tales were memorized by members of the future generations, there were many things that were related to him that were unknown to the rest of the world.

For example, why didn’t the emperor want to return to the Nantian Clan? Why didn’t the emperor pass down his imperial lineage? And where were his emperor weapons?

As the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had researched for a very long time regarding the emperor’s deeds. In the end, he was certain that the emperor left many things behind at the spatial realm of the Soaring Remembrance Village.

Inside this space was a grand creation that was left behind by an Immortal Emperor that used his invincible means. Outsiders essentially could not come in; otherwise, others would have already exposed this secret.

After Li Qiye entered, even the Realm God’s pine branch was thrown outside. If Li Qiye didn’t have the Fragmented Spatial Disk, then he wouldn’t have been able to enter either.

This disk had a lot to do with the emperor. The world believed that this treasure was refined by the emperor using the Space Scripture’s mantra.

However, Li Qiye knew for a fact that this disk was not created by the emperor, but it definitely had something to do with the Space Scripture.

As one of the strongest Immortal Emperors, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang left behind many of his secrets behind a frightening barrier.

In order to get here, Li Qiye used an amazing scheme. As he was entering the Sacred Nether World from the Mortal Emperor World, just before he reached the Sacred Nether World, he jumped directly into the chaotic space that the emperor created. Of course, this was with the help of the Fragmented Spatial Disk. Otherwise, he would not have even been able to make it from the worldly pathway.

Despite the numerous secrets and treasures, Li Qiye only wanted one secret technique instead of being too greedy.

Under the absolute suppression of an emperor, Li Qiye still had methods to take the other treasures from this chaotic space. However, he chose not to do so and only wanted the Resplendent Break that was left behind at this place.

Li Qiye’s location inside this chaotic space was coincidentally the village head’s backyard. At this time, Li Qiye could only use the mirror and the disk to stay at this place since he could not harmonize with it. Because of this, his image would sometimes faintly appear in the backyard.

This was the famed ghost that haunted at the village head’s place. Inside this chaotic space, Li Qiye and the backyard was only separated by a thin wall, so he could clearly see what was happening in the village head’s backyard.

He noticed Monk Dazhi using the excuse of exorcising the ghost to eat, and he couldn’t help but become amused.

Nonetheless, Li Qiye was too lazy to care about this trickster of a monk eating and drinking. He looked at the mirror-like disk and repeatedly calculated the runes inside in order to turn it into a law that eventually became a complete immortal chapter.

In reality, a long time ago, Li Qiye already had the Resplendent Break. But at that time, it was only an incomplete version with many defects. In spite of this, he still chose to spend a long time to research this particular move.

Today, within this chaotic space, Li Qiye used the mirror to find the runes that were left behind by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang. Although the emperor purposely mystified the order of the runes, Li Qiye could still manipulate their countless transformations into the complete Resplendent Break. Of course, it was not an easy task to come up with a perfected version of an ancient and mystical technique like this without taking a long time.

While Li Qiye was preoccupied in the chaotic space, Monk Dazhi was putting on a show and created quite a commotion. Sometimes, there were ghastly yells and howls that eventually culminated into the sounds of a battle…

This scene actually caused those who were outside to think that something was happening. The husband and wife truly thought that the monk was fighting against a ferocious ghost.

It was not until the next day did the village head enter his own backyard. He no longer saw any more shadows since Li Qiye was coincidentally being blocked by the chaos right at this time. This caused the backyard to seem fine as it was without the intrusion of any ghosts. Once the old man saw the remaining scraps of the feasts, he couldn’t help but suck on his teeth in surprise. Was it really a hungry ghost messing around?

“Amitabha, oh merciful Buddha!” After seeing the old village head, Monk Dazhi — once again — became a dignified monk. Who could possibly connect his current appearance to that of him eating like a storm from earlier? If anything, he was the real hungry ghost!

The monk placed his hands together once more and spoke in an upright manner: “Do not worry, Benefactor. The hungry ghost was finally driven away by me. It won’t come back again!”

“Thank the heavens, Sir Monk is truly great. I didn’t expect you to chase the hungry ghost away so easily!” The village head happily exclaimed.

Inside the chaotic space, Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he witnessed this scene. He watched Monk Dazhi pretending to be a wise sage and chuckled with the intention of destroying the monk’s play. At this time, he reached forward with his hand. In the blink of an eye, a gigantic hand came out from the chaotic space as a powerful breeze blew by.

At this time, a dust storm swept through the backyard as a ghastly gigantic hand faintly appeared as if it wanted to capture humans.

“The hungry ghost is here again!” Seeing this scene, the old village head was completely startled.

“Sinful creature, you dare!?” Monk Dazhi shouted as the buddhist beads around his neck flew forward. In an instant, these beads enlarged to the size of mountains, blocking the sky in order to stop Li Qiye’s hand.

Inside the chaotic space, Li Qiye was taken by surprise at the sight of the mountainous buddhist beads. This treasure was indeed unfathomable, but Li Qiye simply wanted to tease him a bit and didn’t actually unleash a move. He smiled and quickly withdrew his hand.

After Li Qiye canceled his maneuver, the backyard became peaceful again. The village head frightenedly exclaimed with some amazement: “Sir Monk is so formidable, you can scare the hungry ghost away so fast!”

Monk Dazhi placed his palms together again without any sign of arrogance. There was only the countenance of an accomplished sage as he said: “Amitabha, oh merciful Buddha. This hungry ghost is indeed fierce. I shall stay behind for several days to fight against this evil spirit. This time, it successfully escaped and I believe it won’t come back anytime soon. Could Benefactor prepare another feast so that I can lead it here again?”

The village head did not question this request at all and immediately went to prepare another feast. As for Li Qiye, he was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but shake his head.

Not too many things in this world could escape Li Qiye’s sight. In his opinion, although Monk Dazhi appeared to be a swindler, he actually had real abilities. And yet, he still chose to run around in the mortal world to play pretend as a trickster for food!

Several days passed, and the monk continued to stay behind in the backyard of the village head. The rowdy sounds of battle continued on, causing the couple to be frightened out of their minds since they really thought that the monk was fighting against the hungry ghost inside.

How could the ones outside possibly know that Monk Dazhi was only hiding there, spending all of his energy stuffing his greasy face? Where was the respectable appearance of a high monk? This was only a monk that was completely enamored with meat and wine!