Chapter 383: Dream Wishing Tree

Li Qiye and the monk inadvertently walked to the entrance of the village during their stroll. There was an old tree that was basked in countless streaks of moonlight. It required several people to hug the tree completely as its branches emanated outward like one big umbrella.

Because this tree had existed for so many years, a lot of moss was growing on its trunk.

Although it appeared to be very ordinary, even Li Qiye couldn’t help but to emotionally sigh as he looked at it: “Dream Wishing Tree, a rare sight in this world ah!”

“Only an Immortal Emperor would be able to do such a thing!” Monk Dazhi also muttered: “Such a small village having a great divine tree protector at its entrance — how grand is this sight!? With this Dream Wishing Tree protecting it, even Virtuous Paragons have to behave well when they come here!”

Li Qiye had nothing to say as he stared at this divine tree. Even though it was only an ordinary village in the mortal world, it had the secret backing of an Immortal Emperor. Not to mention, it was something never used before. Wasting the resources of an Immortal Emperor on a regular village might have never been done before in this world!

While the two of them were standing underneath the tree, the village head came by and saw them. He quickly greeted them, then stood in front of the tree and put his palms together as if he was praying.

After he whispered a prayer, he then prostrated before the tree.

“Legends state that a Dream Wishing Tree could grant the wishes of other people, could it be that Benefactor is also wishing on a dream before the tree?” Monk Dazhi said with a smile after the village head stood up.

The village head shook his head and replied: “No, I am praying for my little girl. Back then, she stood here and made a vow, so I come here every day to pray for her!”

“Your little girl made a vow?” Monk Dazhi exclaimed in astonishment: “This can’t be… Your girl is quite surprising!”

The village head wryly smiled and said: “This is all because us old people have been pressuring her nonstop. She is not young anymore, so my wife and I had been hoping that she could find a suitable husband to pass down our lineage. However, this girl would not listen. After all of us constantly tried to convince her, she undertook a vow beneath the Dream Wishing Tree; that is, if the tree picked a suitable husband for her, then she would marry right away. But if not, then she would remain single!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after hearing this. The Dream Wishing Tree was indeed rumored to have wish-granting abilities, but this Dream Wishing Tree in front of them had formed its own consciousness and was not just a regular Dreaming Wishing Tree! It seems that the little girl had been pressured too much by her parents, so she had to make a vow in front of the tree!

“Crash!” An item from the Dream Wishing Tree fell down and suddenly hit Li Qiye in the head. He then conveniently took it down from his head.

With a glance, he found that it was a piece of jade. This jade ornament was very warm and had the word “Zhu” carved on it. It was easy to tell that it belonged to a girl. 1

“This is my little girl’s jade ornament!” As Li Qiye was still wondering about it, the village head happily shouted and told him: “This is the jade ornament left behind by my little girl. After she made her vow, it was taken by the divine tree. And today, today… it appears once more!” He was very excited at this point.

“Haha, the divine tree has answered and finally found the perfect groom for my little girl!” The village head tightly grabbed Li Qiye’s hands and exclaimed: “Haha, I will go and tell all of my old friends!” With that, he turned around and ran back to the village.

“Old friends, old friends, it is a day to rejoice!” The old man screamed while he ran back to the village.

Looking at the jade piece in his hand, Li Qiye felt a bit dumbfounded. He looked at the Dream Wishing Tree and suddenly had the urge to uproot it! Earlier when the village head was talking about his daughter, the tree suddenly hit his head with this jade piece. He believed that the tree must have done this on purpose because it had its own awareness!

“Hehe, congratulation, congratulation, you are about to become the groom!” Seeing Li Qiye standing there in a daze with the jade piece in his hand, Monk Dazhi happily laughed.

Li Qiye glared at him and said: “Congratulations my ass, who said that I wanted to be a groom!?”

“Heh, I’m afraid it is no longer up to you to decide. Even though Old Benefactor Yang is only a mere mortal, his daughter is quite a character. Moreover, a lot of amazing people came from this village. Hah, now that you are carrying her jade piece, if you don’t want to be a groom, then I’m afraid you will have to die.” Monk Dazhi happily laughed and said.

Having said this, the monk turned around, wanting to leave. Li Qiye noticed this and curiously asked him: “Why do you want to run? You aren’t the one who will be the new groom here!”

“Heh, you don’t know this, but Old Man Yang’s little girl is a great character. If she finds out that she suddenly has a fiance, maybe she will go crazy and flip the sky upside down. Hah, the even more pertinent thing is that if she finds out that I was also here, then I wouldn’t be able to wash my crime clean even if I jumped into the Yellow River! It is better for me to leave first!” Having said this, the monk quickly fled.

Li Qiye became speechless again. He wasn’t clear on just how great the village head’s daughter was, but seeing the fleeing monk, he could imagine that this girl was indeed extraordinary.

However, Li Qiye had never been afraid of anyone in his entire life. This matter was indeed very strange; he suddenly became someone else’s fiance and he couldn’t explain this even if he tried.

Around this time, he noticed the village head and his wife coming from afar along with a group of villagers. There was both the young and the old in this crowd, and it was clear that they were ecstatic.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but become afraid after seeing such a battalion. When would I run if not now? Having thought to this point, he quickly turned around to run.

When the group of villagers came to the Dream Wishing Tree and didn’t see anyone, the village head’s wife became angry and complained: “Look, this is all because of your old self. You’re so excited that it scared away our new groom.”

“No, definitely not!” The village head jumped up and said: “Quick, quickly send news to the girl and tell her to quickly come back, her fiance has run away!”

Li Qiye escaped from the village and saw a little temple that was built right outside. At this time, Monk Dazhi came out from the temple while carrying a big bag of stuff.

“The little girl of Old Man Yang is about to return home. Take care of yourself, I’m gonna run now. Heh, you better deal with it well because if you want to escape this marriage, maybe an army will chase after you at that time.” The old monk swiftly fled all the way to the horizon. Although he was reminding Li Qiye, his words carried a gloating tone.

Li Qiye could only helplessly shake his head. Although he ran away from the village, compared to the monk running for his life, he had an unhurried appearance.

After Li Qiye calculated the right direction, he also shifted his body and quickly disappeared from sight.

This time, Li Qiye came to the Sacred Nether World with a goal, so he jumped to the south and took out the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key and murmured: “I want to unravel a few mysteries in this generation!”

He was searching for a particular thing, so he kept on going south towards a familiar location. Nevertheless, he was still inside the Thousand Carp River’s territory.

Speaking of this name, it was a sect as well as the name of a river. At the Sacred Nether World, cultivators would certainly first think of the demonic gate that was passed down by Immortal Emperor Qian Li! In fact, the Thousand Carp River was a huge body of water not just in the Distant Cloud region, but the entire Sacred Nether World. It spanned for millions of miles like a coiling dragon around the region before streaming off straight into the ocean.

The Thousand Carp River’s territory encompassed the millions of miles on the two banks of this river. There were many sects and countries that were tributaries to an Immortal Emperor lineage like the Thousand Carp River!

The monstrous river, perhaps the biggest river of the Sacred Nether World, originated from an extremely high mountain. Some people tried to trace it all the way back to the Prime Ominous Grave.

And so, there was a theory in the Sacred Nether World: the Thousand Carp River starts from the Prime Ominous Grave and ends at the Thousand Islands! Because of its relationship with the Prime Ominous Grave, this huge river was filled with colorful legends and tales!

For millions of years, the river had always been shrouded in a fog of mystery as if there were many secrets in this river that wished to remain hidden from outsiders.

Many had tried to find out the river’s secret, but very few were successful. Even so, people believed that if there was someone who was privy to the secret, then it had to be Immortal Emperor Qian Li.

This phrase was not an arrow shot without aim since the mysterious Immortal Emperor Qian Li was rumored to also come from this river!

Li Qiye went south along the river. He was not in a hurry to reach his goal, so he took his time and indulged in his memories as he trod on this land.

Li Qiye had come to the Sacred Nether World many times in the last hundreds of millions of years. He had also come to this river several times, especially during the generation of Immortal Emperor Qian Li. Li Qiye’s footprints were left all over the banks of the Thousand Carp River!