Chapter 389: Lady in Blue’s Departure

This ghastly scene astounded the lady in blue. She didn’t know what the ninety-nine little ghosts represented nor did she know what the key that resembled a ruler was!

However, her intuition was telling her that both of these things were extraordinary. Otherwise, they would not have been worthy of Li Qiye spending a young leaf from the World Tree.

Seeing the ghosts entering the key, Li Qiye couldn’t help but become happy as he took a deep breath. He held up the key and carefully looked at it before finally confirming that his theory was correct: “It is indeed so… My efforts were not in vain.”

This wasn’t something he had planned overnight; instead, it was set in motion a very long time ago. The Thousand Carp River, as an emperor lineage, and the Static Stream Country that ruled one direction both contained his shadow.

After putting away the key, he looked at the dead stump and the little green leaf that sprouted from it. He focused and then “boom,” his Fate Palaces opened as he uttered: “Today, I bestow a new life upon you. Follow me!”

The moment these words came out, a buzzing sound came about as the Pillar of Life inside his Fate Palace suddenly turned bright. Runes emerged on the pillar and turned into universal laws. Then, a series of orderly chains appeared and locked this dead stump.

Seeing these universal chains from Li Qiye’s Pillar of Life, the lady in blue was taken by surprise. These chains seemed to be able to build myriad worlds as if they were the basic laws of the three thousand worlds, as if they were able to turn into anything. She had never heard nor seen anything like this before.

In fact, not seeing something like this before wasn’t anything strange because these chains from Li Qiye’s Pillar of Life were refined from the Void Gate’s ancient runes, thus they had an unbelievable origin.

“Go!” With a loud cry, the dead stump was suddenly lifted up high by the universal chains. Its underground roots went far beyond anyone’s imagination. All of these old roots were so lush and long that it would make people think that they took root all over the Thousand Islands.

As this process was occurring, these roots didn’t seem to be dragged out by the chains. Instead, it was as if they were serpents emerging from the ground.

The universal chains carried a root into one of Li Qiye’s Fate Palaces. At this time, the four images of life inside his palace welcomed the arrival of this root as they bestowed their blessings on its body…

In a short period of time, the young green leaf that was growing on the dead stump became even more verdant as if it had obtained nourishment from the Tree of Life and Spring of Life.

“Not a bad harvest.” Li Qiye happily murmured after closing his Fate Palace and returning it to his Neigong meridian.

Even a knowledgeable person like the lady in blue was sent into a daze. She had seen many things before, but the events of today exceeded her comprehension.

Despite her great background, she didn’t know what any of these things were, let alone Li Qiye’s goal.

A critical step had finally been accomplished within his grand plan, so Li Qiye joyously patted his palms clean. This step meant that all of his previous foundations weren’t for naught.

“Little Girl, are you still interested in being my faded old woman for a bit longer?” Li Qiye glanced at the dazed lady in blue and said with a smile.

The lady came back to her senses and couldn’t help but ask: “Where do you want to go?”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes as he looked at the vast ocean in the distance and replied: “Hard to say. Maybe I will go out to sea, or maybe I will make my way back to the mainland, but I will most likely go out to sea first. Do you want to broaden your horizons?”

Li Qiye rarely invited others, so this act was indicative of how he appreciated the lady in blue. Not everyone was qualified to stay by his side.

The lady in blue hesitated for a moment before finally shaking her head as she replied with a gentle smile: “Uncle, you go by yourself. I don’t want to cook for you anymore, I have to go back and cultivate!”

Li Qiye didn’t force her and nodded his head: “Very well. You have trained your Heaven’s Will Secret Law correctly. Keep trying and you will make great progress. After the current Heaven’s Will becomes stronger, you will have great achievements compared to others.”

While horrified, the lady in blue instinctively took a step back and gazed at Li Qiye with caution. She believed that Li Qiye didn’t recognize her, but he actually just disclosed her main cultivation method!

“Don’t be shocked!” Li Qiye shrugged and said: “There are very few laws in this world that I haven’t seen before. Even though a little girl like you hasn’t told me who you are, I can tell what you are cultivating with a single glance.”

Not to mention, her secret law was far too familiar to him. How could something that he knew so clearly escape his sight?

The lady thought that she hid her identity very well, but it was still not enough to elude Li Qiye’s eyes. Under his gaze, she felt the sensation of being completely exposed!

“Don’t look at me like that.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “If I bore ill intent towards you, you would have died countless times already. Of course, those who are malicious towards me will suffer an ugly death.” He finished with a serious countenance.

His narrowed eyes caused the lady in blue to feel the creeps. Although his appearance at this moment seemed to be harmless, her intuition told her that Li Qiye was filled with danger! It was as if he was a terrifying black hole, and none of his enemies could escape his grasp.

“Well then, let this be goodbye!” Li Qiye gently patted the lady’s cheek and smiled: “Don’t miss me too much, I am only a legend!”

The lady in blue stared at Li Qiye’s smile that invited a beating from others, so she felt like beating him up. This brat that didn’t know life from death actually dared to flirt with her!

In the end, she held back her anger and left without a care for Li Qiye.

However, at this time, Li Qiye’s teasing laughter rang: “Little Girl, even though you didn’t grow up to be extremely pretty, this Young Noble is very benevolent. If you miss me in the future, you can come back to my side. I can consider taking in a faded old woman like you any time.”

The lady in blue almost stumbled from rage as her chest intensely swayed up and down due to her uncontrollable anger.

She was not pretty enough?! This was too much; even though she didn’t care about her appearance, she was definitely on the forefront of the beauties list in the Sacred Nether World. How could this brat use these words to describe her without inciting her anger?

“Bah, egomaniac!” Eventually, she expelled some of her anger as she gritted her teeth and used her fastest speed to leave. If she stayed here any longer, maybe this brat would say some even more unflattering things.

After she left, Li Qiye couldn’t help but grin. He didn’t pay too much mind to the matters of the lady in blue.

He looked towards the far sea and pondered for a moment before deciding to leave. But first, he wanted to say goodbye to Lu Baiqiu.

In fact, he had a high evaluation of her. Although her talents were not peerless, they were not bad. The important part was that he enjoyed her attitude!

Although he didn’t need her assistance, after living at the Thousand Islands for so long, she did make it convenient for him.

He left his island and went to the Azure City.

The Azure City was built on the largest island, and it was also the largest city in the Thousand Islands as the main portal city of the Static Stream Country.

It was very bustling as many merchants would come to the Azure City for business. Although it was a bit lacking compared to the large inland cities, anything could be found here.

Humans made up the majority in this city, but there were quite a few demons, members of the blood race, and others entering the Azure City. Even some of the sea demons from the far oceans would come to the Azure City to trade.

The Region Lord held the greatest authority in this place, so her mansion had many guards. However, the reality was that, as the Region Lord, Lu Baiqiu was very popular in the Thousand Islands because she was very approachable. Not only did she take care of the human race, but also the other races. It could be said that her leadership skills were quite amazing.

She came from an ordinary background as a regular disciple of the Static Stream Country, but step by step and through putting in great efforts, she eventually became a Region Lord. It was a great feat that displayed her abilities.

She was not a genius, but her personal aptitudes were not bad. Not to mention, she trained very hard, which was why she became a lord at such a young age.