Chapter 399: Pressure From The Thousand Carp River

After Li Qiye returned to his small island, the Static Stream Royal Lord was already waiting there.

“Young Noble Li, the Thousand Carp River asked me to inquire about whether you have thought about it or not.” The Royal Lord was in a bit of a dilemma after being sandwiched by Li Qiye and the Thousand Carp River. Needless to say, the burden of this hard work fell on his shoulders.

“It seems that the Thousand Carp River is very worried.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The Static Stream Country felt quite helpless inside. How could the Thousand Carp River not be in a rush? Lan Yunzhu was their descendant that had been groomed with countless efforts. It would be strange if the sect didn’t go insane at the prospect of her marrying an outsider.

The Royal Lord then quickly took out a tray with many different pills laid on top that exuded a pleasing medicinal fragrance, causing others to relax.

“Young Noble Li, this is a small token from the Thousand Carp River. The sect hopes that you can quickly make a decision.” The Royal Lord placed the small tray in front of Li Qiye.

“Five Transformation Fate Pills!” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Oh? The Thousand Carp River wants to serenade me first? But these are only Five Transformation Fate Pills, they are still a bit lacking.”

“The Thousand Carp River didn’t say that these pills would be enough, they only wished for both sides to have a good start. This is only a small token.” The Royal Lord quickly tried to smooth things over.

Li Qiye didn’t care to look any further and casually handed the pills to Lu Baiqiu on the side and lightly said: “You can keep them for your own use.”

Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but become lost in a daze. Five Transformation Fate Pills were not something a Region Lord and someone who had only stepped into the Royal Noble realm like her could enjoy. They were extremely precious since they were pills for Ancient Saints; obviously, they also had great benefits for Royal Nobles.

Even the elders inside the Static Stream Country that wanted a Five Transformation Fate Pill would not find it easy to obtain one. However, these pills were akin to garbage in Li Qiye’s mind. As he gave them to her, he didn’t even bother to look at them. Such a style was not something a small country like the Static Stream could compare to.

The Static Stream Royal Lord wryly smiled and thought that people from emperor’s lineages were indeed not the same as the disciples from ordinary great powers. Such extravagance of not even caring for Five Transformation Fate Pills!

“When does Young Noble Li plan on going to the Thousand Carp River?” The Royal Lord quickly asked. It was not easy for him being in the middle of Li Qiye and the sect.

“If the river truly wants to cancel this marriage, then let Lan Yunzhu personally tell me. A bunch of old men does not need to worry about this!” Li Qiye didn’t pay it any mind as he said with a smile.

The Royal Lord wanted to cry, but no tears would come out. He had no way of reporting such an answer. Li Qiye was really a bit too overbearing. The elders from the river were all great characters who could shake a domain with a single stomp of their foot. Very few people of the younger generation dared to disrespect them, but Li Qiye didn’t care for the elders at all. Maybe this was the boldness of a disciple from an emperor’s lineage.

The Royal Lord wanted to leave, but he hesitated a few times as if he wanted to say something. He ended up stopping two or three times.

“If Royal Lord has something to say, go ahead and say it.” Li Qiye noticed this and saved him from this difficult state.

After some hesitation, the Royal Lord still spoke in the end: “Young Noble should really give them an answer soon. I heard people over there say that although the river wants to resolve this matter in a friendly manner, there are also those who wish to use a more high-handed approach.”

“A high-handed approach?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and grinned, revealing his teeth that were as white as snow.

The Static Stream Royal Lord said with a wry smile: “Young Noble already knows, but it is not easy for the river sect to train a descendant. Its inner power has quite a few people who wish for Fairy Zhu to find a companion from the sect itself instead of an outsider.”

“Don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ fields.” Li Qiye could understand this matter. In fact, this was the traditional practice of many great powers.

“I heard several high elders from the sect were very adamant about this.” The Royal Lord reminded Li Qiye.

To the Royal Lord, regardless of the result of this marriage between Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu, he was just hoping that this would end soon. Being stuck between the two of them was a very painful thing. If this went on any longer, it would be even more difficult for him.

“Adamant?” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and smiled: “I actually like the rough ways of doing things. Very well, if the river wants me to end this soon, then I’ll go visit them.”

“Visit the Thousand Carp River?” Having heard this, the Royal Lord was startled with a changed expression.

Li Qiye’s words were not very friendly at all in the ears of the listeners. It was as if he wished to release his anger upon the sect.

“Don’t worry, I have always been a peace-loving person. If the sect is willing to negotiate, then I’ll go and speak to them in a nice manner.” Li Qiye gave a devilish smile.

Lu Baiqiu and the Royal Lord couldn’t help but glance at each other. The sky would fall before they trusted his words. Just one unfriendly exchange of words and he immediately killed someone… If he was a peace-loving person, then everyone in this world would be accomplished monks.

“Does Young Noble actually want to go to the Thousand Carp River?” The Royal Lord said with a bitter expression: “If you choose not to have a friendly settlement, then it would be the same as walking into a tiger’s den.”

Of course, he was not actually worried about Li Qiye’s safety. However, he didn’t want this thing to escalate beyond control. If his Static Stream Country became involved, then he wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed!

“Tiger’s den?” Li Qiye responded with a smile: “I am one without too many hobbies, but one of them is that when I know there is a tiger on the mountain, I love to go towards it.”

The Royal Lord’s pain could be seen from his expression. If he knew that Li Qiye would do such a thing, he wouldn’t have said anything even if he was beaten to death. Look at the situation now! Not only did he fail to persuade Li Qiye, he actually caused Li Qiye to go to the Thousand Carp River.

But then he thought about it more carefully. If Li Qiye actually went to the river sect, it might not be a bad thing for their country. In the end, their country being stuck between the two truly was an awkward state.

“Baiqiu, do you want to go with me?” Li Qiye was the type who immediately took action after making a decision, so he spoke to Lu Baiqiu. “Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but look at the Royal Lord. After some hesitation, the Royal Lord finally gave up with a wry smile and sighed: “Region Lord Lu can decide for yourself.”

No one would know whether the trip would end in good fortune or a disaster, so the Royal Lord let Lu Baiqiu decide her own fate.

After pausing for a bit, Lu Baiqiu finally answered Li Qiye: “I’ll go with you!”

The Royal Lord gently sighed and left without saying anything.

After he left, Lu Baiqiu immediately asked: “Are we going to the river sect right now?”

Although she was not mentally prepared to face the storm since the result of this trip was unknown, this might be a good chance to broaden her horizons. In the end, the Thousand Islands was too small.

“If you don’t have any arrangements to make, then we will go now.” Li Qiye said: “I’m actually looking forward to this trip!” He couldn’t help but smile at this point. The Thousand Carp River was a location worth remembering.

“What about the lost mythical island?” Lu Baiqiu asked since she knew that Li Qiye came here for the island.

Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “It is not so easy to land on the island. We can take our time and wait until there are enough people here. That will be when an opportunity arises!”

As long as enough blood was shed and enough lives were taken, there would be a chance to go to the lost island.

Of course, Li Qiye wouldn’t say these words out loud.

Lu Baiqiu didn’t have to make any arrangements, so she went with him to the Thousand Carp River.

In fact, the Static Stream Country was very far from the Thousand Carp River. Of course, it was not an issue for Li Qiye; it didn’t take long before he got there.

The Thousand Carp River was an emperor’s lineage erected by Immortal Emperor Qian Li, and he used the river as its name. As an emperor’s lineage, they had control of the majority of the land on the two banks of the river.

And even if they didn’t have direct control, many countries and sects on the two banks were subordinated to the sect.

Its power and influence were both great. As the most recent Immortal Emperor of the Sacred Nether World, Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s prestige remained strong.

Despite being named after the river, the sect’s ancestral ground was not built at the source of the river. Instead, it was built at the largest lake at the center of the river, the Thousand Carp Lake.

When standing on top of the Thousand Carp Lake, no one would think that it was a lake since it looked more like an ocean! It was not strange to have such a feeling since, as the largest lake of the Sacred Nether World, it was extremely vast. The lake’s surface had majestic waves, just like a mighty ocean.

There were many legends about the Thousand Carp Lake along with many hidden secrets. The Distant Cloud to the south had tales about how Immortal Emperor Qian Li came from this lake! Because of this origin, the emperor had the title Qian Li; he even created the sect and placing the sect’s emperor foundation right below this river. 1

Of course, these were just anecdotes and no one knew the truth. The secrets hidden within the lake were just like the emperor — shrouded in mysteries.

While standing above the lake, anyone could feel the moisture and spirit energy combine together to rush to their faces. It was as if the lake was a cornucopia of gathered worldly energy.