Chapter 4 – Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect (2)

The news of the new Prime Disciple had spread across the sect. The upper echelons were unhappy, but they could not do anything regarding this matter due to the Order. A useless person like Lee Chu Da was only lucky, that’s all.

However, the third generation was extremely riled up. The Prime Disciple would have originally came from one of them. He would have to be the one with the highest contributions, as well as passing all of the tests given by the Elders.

Not only that, he would also be blessed with the Sect Master’s teachings while having exposure to emperor level techniques. Ultimately, he will most likely become the Sect Master in the future as well.

The ones that rebelled the most were the most gifted disciples with the highest aptitudes and origins; they felt cheated by Lee Chu Da. Thus, the commotion in the sect was chaotic.

-A mortal with a mortal body, mortal life wheel and mortal Fate Palace has no right to be the Prime Disciple.

A few geniuses angrily declared.

-He is the biggest disgrace to our sect.

-Who can blame him for obtaining the Cleansing Incense Ancient Order; even the Elders have accepted it.

A few of the older geniuses lamented, but they could only accept the situation.

-Hmmph, he is only the Prime Disciple for now; one without talents and strengths cannot compete for the Sect Master’s seat. Who is to say that the Prime Disciple will be the next Sect Master for certain.

The most arrogant and confident disciple spoke out.

Three days later, the sect received an invitation from the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

-What! The Nine Saint Demon Gate wants to test Lee Chu Da?

After receiving the news, the Six Elders were shocked.

One of the Elders became increasingly paranoid, lamentably:

-They’ve heard the news so quickly. He only became the Prime Disciple recently and they already want to test him. It seems like they want to escape the promise of the past. A trash like Lee Chu Da will never pass the test. That is why they want to force and expedite the issue.

-We no longer have a choice.

The First Elder reluctantly spoke out.

-Right now, the Nine Saint Demon Gate rules an entire country. We cannot compare to them and thus, we cannot negotiate anything differently.

His words caused everyone to fall into silence. In the beginning of the Emperor Era, their sect was invincible; their reputation intoxicated the Nine Worlds; their strength ruled an Ancient Kingdom; all sects submitted to their might. No existence in the entire world could have been a threat to the position of the old Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

However, as time passed, old glories were now gone. They no longer have the power to control a regular country, let alone an Ancient Kingdom. They lost the privilege of granting titles to their followers such as Named Hero or Royal Noble. 
(TL: These are titles granted to honor someone achieving a particular cultivation level, just like Immortal Emperor or Virtuous Paragon)

-What do we do now?

All of the Elders knew that a mortal like Lee Chu Da had no chance of passing the examination.

-We have no choice; we have to try our best. If he somehow succeeds, then we would be in-laws with the Nine Saint Demon Gate. If this was the case, then Heavenly God Sect and Heavenly Bao Country would not dare to look down upon us.


Lee Chu Da was waiting in his villa until the Ancestor’s Ceremony, but Nam Hoai Ren was approaching.

-Senior disciple, the Elders call for you in the Grand Chamber.

He quickly approached Lee Chu Da.

-Something major happened?

-I will not lie to you, honorable brother. The Nine Saint Demon Gate sent us an invitation.

He paused for a second and glanced at Lee Chu Da, then continued on:

-I heard your fiancé wants to test your abilities.

-Nine Saint Demon Gate!

Lee Chu Ya suddenly remembered an old memory when he heard this name.

Nam Haoi Ren thought he did not know of this sect so he quickly explained.

-Nine Saint Demon Gate is one of the biggest sects in the Grand Middle Territory. They rule over Gu Niujiang Country, having the right to grant titles. Our two sects used to have an amicable and close relationship together. The original Patriarch of Nine Saint used to be named Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon. He was the number one general under our Immortal Emperor Akihito. When we were ruling over an Ancient Kingdom, even the Nine Saint Demon Gate had to pay tribute to us.

-I have heard of the sect.

Lee Chu Da smiled gently. Of course he knew about the sect, and he had met the Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon as well. Because of Akihito, Lee Chu Da spent so much time and energy in order to entrap this demonic monster named Nine Saint; forcing him to be Akihito’s fate protector.

-Where did this fiancé come from?

Nam Hoai Ren answered.

-From the legends, when our Patriarch accepted the Heaven’s Will and became the Immortal Emperor; Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon had a pact with us. If their Prime Descendant was a female while ours is a male, then we would become in-laws.

Pausing for a moment, he sighed dejectedly:

-At that time, they were climbing high.

-I think in the past, the Old Chicken had a female disciple.

After listening, Lee Chu Da quietly mumbled once again while remembering his past. However, he had forgotten about it after falling into his deep sleep. It was not a matter of great importance.

-What did you say, great brother?

Nam Hoai Ren inquired.

-Nothing. So their Prime Descendant right now is a woman?

-It is known that between the two of our sects, there has not existed any in-law relationships for a long time. In this era, their Prime Descendant is indeed a woman.

He paused for a second to look at Lee Chu Da’s expression:

-I also hear that their descendant, Li Shuang Yan, has an Innate Emperor Body.

-That makes things a little more interesting.

Lee Chu Da slightly chuckled.


-Has Nam Hoai Ren informed you of the current situation?

The First Elder asked.

-Honorable Elder, I understand completely.

Lee Chu Da lightly nodded his head.

-Good! As long as you can pass the tribulation, we will handsomely reward you.

The First Elder said with a cold voice, as if to mock Lee Chu Da’s calm demeanor.

Lee Chu Da elegantly smiled and politely said:

-I am very willing to go to the trial, but I have three conditions.


One of the Elders yelled out.

-You dare to negotiate in front of the Elders?