Chapter 413: Golden Willow Crest

“Do as you please.” Li Qiye didn’t care and said: “Even your ancestors might not know about it, and even if they did, your Thousand Carp River still wouldn’t be able to enter.”

The key was not the Heaven’s Will Secret Law nor the Cyclical River of Fate, but rather Li Qiye’s golden universal law. Without this law from Li Qiye’s sea of memories, it would be useless even if someone knew of this secret since they wouldn’t be able to enter.

Lan Yunzhu looked at Li Qiye’s absent-minded expression and quietly asked: “How do you know about the matters in this place?”

Ever since he left the golden temple, he seemed to be preoccupied with his thoughts, so she was a bit worried for him.

“I calculated with my fingers.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

“Go to calculate in hell!” Lan Yunzhu gritted her teeth from anger. She had good intentions, but this little devil was completely ungrateful!

Li Qiye looked at her and asked: “Do you want to stay here and flirt with me for a bit longer, or do you want to hurry back so that your master won’t worry?”

“Bah, you narcissist, who wants to flirt with you? Don’t be so arrogant.” Lan Yunzhu angrily retorted with beet red cheeks.


Right by the Yin Yang Pond, Daoist Bao Gui was very worried since Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu had dived down for a long time and still hadn’t returned.

“Could they actually dive down that deep?” He wondered with uncertainty.

His old eyes gazed at the Yin Yang Pond. Although Lan Yunzhu’s cultivation was very formidable, but as the sect master, he knew just how terrifying the pond was.

And he wasn’t the only one who was nervous, another elder was quite worried as well: “Hmph! Even if that Little Demon Li wished to die, he shouldn’t involve others!”

One of them scolded: “If anything happens to Yunzhu, I will personally kill this brat!”

At this time, everyone’s anger was directed at Li Qiye. The disciples also felt the same as they cursed Li Qiye since they were very worried about Lan Yunzhu.

Only Lu Baiqiu alone cared for Li Qiye’s safety. She stood by the pond while nervously looking down at the water, silently praying for his safe return.

“Sect Master, I’m afraid it is not looking good. How about we go down and see?” The two still hadn’t come out after a long time, so an elder expressed his concern.

The worried Daoist Bao Gui nodded his head in response: “We can temporarily stop this immortal sungrass catching competition and go down to see. It would not be good if anything happened to them.”

“Crash!” Right when the sect master’s group wished to dive down, two figures soared up and landed by the pond.

Both the elders and disciples were ecstatic after seeing the two figures leaving the pond.

“They are out!” A person exclaimed.

The constantly panicking Lu Baiqiu finally smiled after seeing Li Qiye was safe and sound and standing by the bank.

Daoist Bai Gui also let out a sigh of relief after seeing the two of them, then he scolded: “How rash! The Yin Yang Pond is extremely dangerous. How could you two carelessly dive down like that?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Do not worry, Sect Master. Just the Yin Yang Pond alone won’t be able to kill us.” He then took out a Yin Yang King Sungrass and smirked: “We captured a king sungrass, I wonder how many king sungrass the two protectors caught?”

“Yin Yang King Sungrass!” Daoist Bao Gui exclaimed after seeing the plant in Li Qiye’s hand.

All the elders and protectors gathered around. Even the two competing protectors also came by to take a closer look at the king sungrass in Li Qiye’s hand. One of them was aghast and cried out: “It really is a king sungrass!”

An elder movingly said: “We haven’t caught a single blade of king sungrass for three thousand years. How did you guys catch it just now? This is unbelievable.”

Elder Lin’s expression became very ugly and snorted after seeing the king sungrass. Li Qiye’s victory was assured with this king sungrass. Even if his side caught more immortal sungrass, they were still not as valuable as a single king sungrass.

“Who won this round?” Li Qiye looked at the elders and revealed a wide smile.

All of the elders glanced at each other. Although they were unwilling, they still belonged to an emperor’s lineage and had to admit that Li Qiye won this round.

“Li Qiye has passed the second trial.” In the end, Daoist Bao Gui announced.

Li Qiye then calmly spoke: “Since I succeeded in two out of the three trials, there is no need for the last trial, right? But if your sect wishes to test your future son-in-law again, I’ll be happy to comply. I trust that no one can separate the two of us, am I right, Yunzhu?”

Lan Yunzhu knew that this little demon purposely said this, so she angrily glared at him.

Despite their unhappiness, what could the elders and disciples of the river sect do? The terms were decided by them beforehand, so they couldn’t change it now.

Li Qiye went back along with Lu Baiqiu to their housing while Lan Yunzhu went to report to Daoist Bao Gui.

After going back to the courtyard, Li Qiye called for Lu Baiqiu and gave her the Golden Willow Crest before saying: “You have followed me for several days while fulfilling all of your duties, so I will give you this treasure crest as a reward.”

“What is this treasure?” Lu Baiqiu emotionally asked while looking at the golden crest. Although she didn’t know what it was, its appearance that was filled with encircling silk-like universal laws was impressive enough.

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “This is a Golden Willow Crest, it’s woven from the most valuable branches from the Golden Divine Willow. It is a natural creation, not something that was crafted. This particular crest can be a ghost divine merit law, but if you consider it as a weapon, then will be a weapon; if you want it to be a scripture, then it is a scripture; if you think it is a supreme manual to study, then let it be a supreme manual.”

“This thing… is that magical?” Lu Baiqiu asked in astonishment. If Li Qiye’s explanation was apt, then this crest was indeed an amazing divine treasure.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “Yes! This thing could be considered the one and only of its kind in this world, and it is a creation that I shall give to you. As for the benefits and wisdom you can gain from it, it will be up to your own fortune. Remember well, you only have one chance at studying the supreme scripture within.”

“This…” Lu Baiqiu hesitated while holding the golden crest in her hand. This treasure was too valuable for her since it was worthy of being called a divine treasure. Lu Baiqiu was only a Region Lord of the Static Stream Country, so she couldn’t come into contact with such a thing.

“Take it.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You have earned it. I told you that I would give you a creation, and I will not break my word.”

Lu Baiqiu calmed down and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Thank you, Young Noble.” Outside of heartfelt sincerity, more wordy appreciations paled in comparison.


“Bottom of the Yin Yang Pond…? The secret of the Yin Yang Pond!” In another part of the Thousand Carp River, Daoist Bao Gui was quite moved after hearing Lan Yunzhu’s report: “The legendary Golden Divine Willow!”

Lan Yunzhu looked at her master and asked: “Master, what kind of divine tree is it?” She saw it with her own eyes but couldn’t gain any profound enlightenment.

One must know that Lan Yunzhu had dual Saint talents; she was a devilish existence in the entire Sacred Nether World, not just in the Distant Cloud. She was not weaker than any other genius, but she couldn’t fathom the mysteries below the golden willow.

Daoist Bao Gui pondered for a moment before answering: “The Divine Willow Tree… I don’t know the exact details about it since there are only a few written records regarding this existence. It is said that this divine tree obtained a mysterious and heavenly creation. People say that the most powerful and formidable tree in the Sacred Nether World is the Ghost Ancestral Tree, but there is also a rumor stating that the Divine Golden Willow is right behind it.”

“Ghost Ancestral Tree?” Lan Yunzhu remembered hearing Li Qiye mention such a thing.

Daoist Bao Gui shook his head and said: “The Ghost Ancestral Tree is only a legend, no one really believes in its existence. Many ghost tribes in the Sacred Nether World refuse to acknowledge its existence, including the Ancestral Domain. Eventually, people just assumed that it was only a fabricated myth.”

After hearing about how the Ancestral Domain itself refuted this legend, Lan Yunzhu eagerly asked: “Is the Ghost Ancestral Tree that important?”

Daoist Bao Gui replied with gravity: “This has always been a mystery. Rumor has it that the tree had something to do with the ghost race’s origin. If that is indeed true, then the tree is the root of the Sacred Nether World. Of course, this is all hearsay since no one has seen it before.

“However, the divine tree and the golden temple might have something to do with our sect’s foundation. Since the Thousand Carp Lake is such a miraculous place, it must be the doing of the divine tree and the golden temple.”

Lan Yunzhu was about to say something, but she chose to remain silent instead. She didn’t reveal the fact about Li Qiye wanting to take a few things from the golden temple. After some hesitation, she decided to bury this matter in her heart because it might be quite disastrous to Li Qiye once revealed.