Chapter 414: Turmoil

Unwittingly, she had started to worry about Li Qiye’s safety.

Daoist Bao Gui then inquired further: “Did Li Qiye say anything else about the Golden Temple?” As the sect master, he understood the gravity of this matter.

“Nothing else.” Lan Yunzhu shook her head in response. There were some things that she didn’t want to reveal.

“This is the secret of the Yin Yang Pond…” Daoist Bao Gui couldn’t help but murmur. Over the years, there were many tales circulating the inner circle of the river sect regarding the bottom of the Yin Yang Pond. Some believed that it was the foundation of the sect.

Because of this rumor, across many generations, people tried to dive down to the very bottom. However, despite their numerous efforts, they still failed to do so. As a result, these rumors, instead, became legends for the future generations.

But today, an outsider confirmed such a legend, so how could Daoist Bao Gui not become emotional?

“How does Li Qiye know this secret?” The daoist wondered. As the sect master, he knew his own sect very well, but an outsider like Li Qiye was privy to the pond’s secret while it eluded him, the sect master.

Perhaps even the high elders and the slumbering ancestors didn’t know the secret of the pond. Thus, this matter where their great secret was within the grasp of an outsider was of the utmost priority to Daoist Bao Gui.

After Lan Yunzhu’s report, the daoist immediately convened a secret meeting that only consisted of elders; even the high elders who rarely showed themselves participated as well.

After hearing the sect master’s statement, all the elders were quite moved as they glanced at each other: “There is a golden temple and a golden divine tree below the Yin Yang Pond!?”

“The rumor is true, then.” A high elder took a deep breath and wondered: “Could this be an inheritance bequeathed by our Immortal Emperor patriarch?”

“Such a secret affects the survival of our sect, we cannot let an outsider grasp it.” Elder Lin, who had always been antagonistic towards Li Qiye, gravely said: “We should capture Li Qiye and interrogate him right away.”

Another elder shook his head in disagreement: “There is no evidence regarding this matter so if we interrogate Li Qiye, our reputation as an emperor’s lineage would be greatly damaged. We should talk to Li Qiye first, then decide later.”

“Hmph, this affects our sect’s survival, so what is there to talk about?” Elder Lin coldly continued: “As long as we catch him and carefully interrogate him, there is no fear that he won’t talk.”

Another high elder, Venerable Wang, who was Elder Lin’s master, agreed: “This matter is indeed of the utmost importance. We should first capture Li Qiye.”

“We don’t even know about the secret of the pond, so how does Li Qiye know?” High Elder Yang replied in a deep tone: “Maybe Li Qiye has a deep connection with our sect.”

“Senior Brother Yang, how could an outsider have any ties with us?” Venerable Wang sarcastically smiled and exclaimed: “Maybe this little demon has been secretly spying on us and discovered a way to enter the Yin Yang Pond!”

“Spying on our methods and found a way to enter the pond?” Venerable Yang glanced at him and said: “If we had a method of entry, why would we even be here today? Does Junior Brother Wang know of such a method? And not just us, even our sealed ancestors might not know the secret. Are you telling me that our ancestor knew of this secret and told an outsider?”

Venerable Wang said with a grave tone: “If we torture him, there would be no need to fear that he won’t talk. At that moment, we’ll find out how Li Qiye knows of this secret.”

Venerable Yang shook his head in response: “I personally do not agree with an interrogation. We can talk to Li Qiye, instead.”

A different high elder nodded in agreement: “Beginning with an interrogation is too hasty, but we do need to talk with this little demon first.”

Daoist Bao Gui coughed to interject: “Senior Uncles, we should set aside the matter of Li Qiye for now. I feel that we should dive down and personally check the Yin Yang Pond before we take any action.”

“That’s right!” After hearing this, all the elders and high elders became excited: “We should go take a look!”

The elders took action immediately. They sealed the island and didn’t allow anyone to approach. A few elders and high elders carried treasures to dive down to the depths of the Yin Yang Pond. They followed Lan Yunzhu’s instructions in order to reach the bottom.

However, no matter how they tried to use Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s Cyclical River of Fate, they could not reach the bottom, let alone see the golden tree and golden temple.

After consecutive failures, the group realized that the key was not the Heaven’s Will Secret Law, it was Li Qiye.

“We have to talk to that little devil!” All the elders had the same thought, and that was to get Li Qiye to reveal the secret no matter what.

“Young Noble, it’s not looking so good!” In the afternoon, Lu Baiqiu rushed in and immediately exclaimed after seeing Li Qiye.

“What happened? Why are you so startled?” Li Qiye looked at her and asked.

Lu Baiqiu looked around as if she was afraid that people would eavesdrop before whispering: “Young Noble, there are a lot more disciples patrolling our private courtyard today. I’m afraid the river sect might have some unfavorable plans regarding us.”

Lu Baiqiu was a Region Lord, so she was meticulous and cautious. She immediately knew that something bad had happened the moment she noticed the extra disciples going back and forth.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled in response. This was within his expectations. If Lan Yunzhu reported the matter of what was beneath the Yin Yang Pond, then naturally, the Thousand Carp River would have a great reaction.

“Would the Thousand Carp River change their mind about the marriage arrangement? But Young Noble, I think Fairy Zhu quite likes you.” Lu Baiqiu anxiously whispered.

Li Qiye lightly flicked her forehead and said: “Girl, where did your mind wander off to?” Li Qiye then smiled and shook his head: “It’s nothing of that sort, this has nothing to do with that little girl.”

Lu Baiqiu’s sense of danger was tingling, so she whispered again: “But Fairy Zhu should be warning you right now, yet there is no sign of her. Don’t tell me Fairy Zhu wants to cancel this marriage?”

Li Qiye calmly responded: “Don’t think about it too much. The little girl has no control over this matter for she is helpless as well regarding this issue.”

The secret of the pond affected the existence of the sect itself, so such a thing was outside the influence of a disciple like Lan Yunzhu. Even the sect master, Daoist Bao Gui, could not decide the course of action regarding this matter alone.

“Then what should we do?” Lu Baiqiu inquired: “Young Noble, how about we escape under the curtain of night?”

“Escape? Why do we have to escape?” Li Qiye nonchalantly stated: “Don’t worry, even if the sky falls down, your Young Noble will be here to shoulder it for you. What is there to be afraid of?”

Lu Baiqiu took a deep breath and resolutely nodded her head: “I shall stand together with Young Noble!”

Li Qiye just smiled and didn’t say anything else. He then slowly closed his eyes in anticipation of the things to come.

Later on, in the afternoon, the patrolling disciples around Li Qiye’s place only increased in number till the point where not even a drop of water could trickle through.

Even the stupidest disciple in the river sect would understand that something important had happened. However, the sect remained secretive, and ordinary disciples didn’t dare to ask any questions.

Lu Baiqiu became increasingly nervous after seeing even more disciples around, but she calmed down after noticing how relaxed Li Qiye was.

Once night fell, Daoist Bao Gui finally came to see Li Qiye. They couldn’t go down to the bottom of the pond, so they had no other choice. They knew the key lied with Li Qiye, so the sect master personally went to talk with him.

The sect master sat down and Li Qiye didn’t mince words: “Sect Master came because of the issue regarding what is beneath the Yin Yang Pond, correct?”

The sect master nodded his head while smiling and said: “Young Noble Li is a sensible person. If we all understand the circumstance, then we can openly talk.”

“I’m all ears.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Daoist Bao Gui took a deep breath and sat in a very formal position before looking at Li Qiye to say: “Young Noble Li, our Thousand Carp River must know the key, the secret of reaching the bottom of the pond. Please teach us the method.”

“The method to reach the bottom?” Li Qiye shook his head in response: “I’m sorry, but there is no way I can do that. Only I can enter that place.”

Daoist Bao Gui’s gaze became serious as he spoke with more austerity: “Young Noble Li, this matter is very crucial, so I hope that you will speak with caution.”

Li Qiye glanced at the daoist in response: “There is nothing I can do if you don’t believe me. However, I do have a word of advice: don’t have any ideas about going down to the bottom of the Yin Yang Pond.”

“Why?” The daoist was quite surprised at this response and asked.

Li Qiye lightly answered: “It is not a place that you guys should enter. However, if you wish for a more understandable reason, then it is because you guys are not qualified.”

Li Qiye’s words caused the daoist’s expression to change as he gravely said: “Young Noble Li, do not forget that this is the Thousand Carp Lake of the Thousand Carp River. There is no place within this lake that we are not allowed entry!”