hapter 418: Patriarch’s Spirit

Without a doubt, Yan Long was just a lackey meant to provoke Li Qiye. Then, the rest would capture him under the charge of resisting arrest. However, Elder Lin didn’t expect for their plan to result in instant failure.

“Scram!” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at Elder Lin twice, so he showed his Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds. A myriad of hands appeared right behind him as two of them wielded the Nine Words True Bow.

“Buzzzz.” The string was drawn and the word “soldier” flew out. The word gathered the strength of the heaven and earth and eventually collided with Elder Lin.

“Boom!” Even the iron fist of a Heavenly Sovereign would turn into a gory spectacle when up against this mighty, number one bow in this world. The arrow pierced through Elder Lin’s fist for his flesh was insufficient in the face of this power, causing him to cry out in pain.

Li Qiye smirked and said: “Your master is too late; he won’t be able to save you.” With that, his fingers tightened.

Yan Long felt his death approaching and screamed: “Nooo—” However, it was already too late. His neck shattered as all breathing ceased.

“Goddamn you, you Little Bastard!” An extremely angry voice appeared; the owner of this voice rushed towards Li Qiye. Venerable Wang, who was Yan Long’s grandmaster, came with a slashing blade. This was a high elder, so his blade carried an unstoppable momentum. The spectating disciples shivered and turned pale from the power of such a blade.

“Buzzz—” The Nine Words True Bow shot out another arrow. This time, it was the word “fighter” — a defensive arrow. The arrival of this arrow brought forth countless realms; it seemed as if layers of light were opening before Li Qiye like giant shields to protect him.

After a deafening “boom,” the divine blade that could be considered invincible shattered all of these realms. It furiously slammed Li Qiye into the courtyard and destroyed the mansion.

Lu Baiqiu became deathly pale, but she couldn’t help at all. She didn’t have the ability to interfere in a fight of this magnitude.

“Crash!” Li Qiye burst out from the debris. Many figures descended from the sky to quickly surround Li Qiye.

The Thousand Carp elders and even some high elders were here. They sealed off all the directions so Li Qiye had no chance to escape.

Elder Lin’s eyes were about to split from anger as he revealed a vicious smile: “Fellow Elders, look, this brute killed our disciple. Capture him so that the world won’t laugh at our Thousand Carp River!”

Venerable Wang was also here, hovering emotionlessly as he stared at Li Qiye. He then commanded: “Arrest him and cripple his cultivation, then we can take our time interrogating him.”

All the spectating disciples held their breaths after seeing this scene. The elders and even some high elders had appeared. Li Qiye’s death was assured.

Daoist Bao Gui came running and shockingly exclaimed after seeing the current situation: “Venerable Wang, what is going on?”

He struggled to convince Venerable Yang’s group to go and invite their ancestor; he didn’t think that something like this would happen during his short absence.

“This little beast killed Yan Long — this is completely unforgivable. Thus, we elders appeared to protect our Thousand Carp River’s honor!”

Daoist Bao Gui’s expression changed since he immediately understood what had happened. Some people couldn’t wait to begin.

Daoist Bao Gui then gravely declared: “Venerable Wang, the one day grace period has yet to end!”

Venerable Wang glanced at the sect master and coldly replied: “Sect Master, do not be mistaken. This outsider has killed our disciple, so what else is there to talk about? Capture this animal and cripple him!”

All of the elders were on Venerable Wang’s side: “Big Brother, we cannot delay this any longer.”

Daoist Bao Gui realized that the group of Venerable Wang wanted to overpower his authority right when Elder Yang, who supported him, was not around.

He noticed the formation that trapped Li Qiye and could only sigh. This was already outside of his power, so he could only stand by and watch the end of this storm.

Venerable Wang looked down on Li Qiye and chillingly said: “Go.”

Li Qiye, who was completely surrounded, was still very calm and asked: “Do you really think I am just meat on a chopping block?”

Having this many elders contribute to the barricade proved that they were not underestimating him at all.

“Junior, if you cooperate with us right now, then it will be a lot less painful. Otherwise, you will discover a fate worse than death!”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye said with a smile: “It seems that I still have to kill today. What a shame, I will have to disappoint Immortal Emperor Qian Li.”

Li Qiye held the Elusive Heavenly Vase while looking at all the elders with narrowed eyes. At this moment, he would not show any mercy and would kill all these elders decisively.

“Junior, stand down!” Elder Lin was the first to take action. A divine saber slashed across the sky with a surging murderous intent. It was so cold that, in its presence, one would feel as if they were entrapped in an icy prison.

Li Qiye’s gaze shot out a cold glint as his desire to kill also increased.

“Poof!” Time suddenly trembled. A rain of blood had already started to fall before the divine blade could reach Li Qiye. In fact, the blood did not belong to Li Qiye, it came from Elder Lin.

The sudden change frightened the other elders as those who were about to attack immediately stopped.

“Omm—” In this split second, the Thousand Carp Lake shot out waves of immortal lights that seemed as if they were made from golden silk. These immortal lights traveled all the way to the sky and even the universe, alarming the entire world.

A divine tree emerged from the Yin Yang Pond. This divine tree made from gold suddenly shot to the sky and covered the entire lake.

All of the disciples were dumbfounded as they looked up to see this incredible, towering tree.

“Back down.” At this time, a voice came along. This voice seemed to be able to travel across eternity. It was as if it came from ancient times.

The sudden appearance of this voice took the elders by surprise as they all looked at each other.

Venerable Wang, with a sunken expression, turned around to look towards the voice’s direction and yelled out: “Who!”

“Whoosh!” A finger shot out and struck Venerable Wang, sending him down to the ground like a deflated ball. Under just one finger, his entire cultivation was sealed.

Before the other elders managed to calm down, Venerable Wang was seized by a gigantic hand and thrown into the Reflection Cliff — the prison of the Thousand Carp Lake. This sudden change of events startled the group of Daoist Bao Gui as well.

Venerable Wang was already a Heavenly King, yet he was completely powerless as his cultivation was sealed and then immediately thrown into the prison.

A figure appeared right below the Golden Divine Willow, and it declared: “Reflect on your mistakes!”

The moment this figure appeared, the six dao and eight desolaces seemed so far away while the nine heavens and ten earths became insignificant. This figure loomed above all like the ruler of this entire world and myriad dao.

An invincible emperor aura covered the entire lake. All of the disciples prostrated on the ground for they were truly convinced by this unparalleled aura.

A supreme Immortal Emperor — all were trivial before such an existence. Even Virtuous Paragons were nothing in the face of such might. An Immortal Emperor could sweep through all the stars in the sky and all the existing worlds with just a motion of their palm! They could end the six dao and the reincarnation cycle itself! This was an Immortal Emperor, an existence that had shouldered the Heaven’s Will!

“What happened?” At this moment, amazing existences throughout all four great domains trembled at the sudden appearance of the emperor aura.

“Immortal Emperor!” Daoist Bao Gui prostrated on the ground as tears flowed from his eyes. He could not contain his excitement: “Imperial Patriarch’s spirit is here! Forgive your unfilial children!”

Many sect members were all prostrating on the ground in astonishment. Some had tears in their eyes because never in their wildest dreams would they imagine Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s spirit showing up before them.

“Grandmaster!” Deep in the Thousand Carp Lake, an ancient coffin rushed out from the bottom. A frightening yet decrepit old man climbed out and piously prostrated on the ground.

“Sacred Ancestor has come into being!” At this time, an awakened ancestor of the river sect was extremely moved. As for the high elders, they were at a loss for words.

The person buried beneath the Thousand Carp River was the granddisciple of Immortal Emperor Qian Li. The sect’s high elders had once heard about an extremely frightening existence sealed beneath the lake, but they had never seen him. Even the slumbering ancestors were no exceptions.

Today, the Sacred Ancestor’s divine light emanated from beneath the lake since he himself climbed out of his Blood Era Stone to greet his grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, I have failed you by failing to guide them properly!” The Sacred Ancestor prostrated before Immortal Emperor Qian Li and professed his failure.

Below the Golden Divine Willow, Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s shadow had an indecipherable profoundness and remained forever mysterious. The aura emitted from the emperor’s body forced even Virtuous Paragons into submission.

Today, after seeing the spirit of their patriarch, the disciples of the river sect finally understood the true significance of an Immortal Emperor and what true invincibility really was.