Chapter 427: Catching Nightfish in Nightsea

The group of Peng Zhuang started to lament after failing to catch anything for two days. Peng Zhuang said: “Aizz, it is so difficult to catch these fish. If this goes on, then I’m afraid we won’t catch more than two fish in an entire month.”

Even though as long as they kept on paying with their Longevity Blood, they could keep renting the ferry, the young ones became more restless as the days passed by.

Li Qiye went to find Qiurong Wanxue. He looked at this mature and alluring woman and asked with a smile: “Is it alright if I guide the way today?”

Although Qiurong Wanxue was patient, Li Qiye didn’t have time to play around with them on Nightsea. There were many things he needed to do that required a large amount of Nightfish.

Qiurong Wanxue watched him for a while then nodded her head: “Very well, you can give it a try.”

After she agreed, Li Qiye told the handler who was sitting at the back of the boat: “We’ll go over there.”

The handler quietly rowed the boat towards the direction Li Qiye pointed to. It was as if the handler was invisible; he never said anything and only dealt with controlling the ferry, never participating in anything else.

As the small boat rocked back and forth, Li Qiye was secretly measuring Nightsea. He needed to calculate the time and the trajectory of the boat. In the last millions of years, this was not his first time catching Nightfish, so he knew more than the group of Qiurong Wanxue.

After riding the waves for half a day, Li Qiye said in a serious manner: “Stop right here.”

The handler stopped the boat as it paused on this pitch-black sea. Li Qiye held his breath while staring at the sea’s surface.

His solemn attitude also affected Qiurong Wanxue as she did the same thing along with the group of youths. However, they didn’t see anything. Nightsea was very mysterious, so even Heavenly Gazes couldn’t see through the dark water to assess the situation below no matter how powerful the person was.

Time continued to flow. Suddenly, Li Qiye’s pupils narrowed as he gravely shouted: “Now! Drop the nets!” Then, he immediately flung his net down into Nightsea.

Qiurong Wanxue and the group of six also did the same. One disciple intended to pull his net up right away, but he was stopped by Li Qiye’s serious tone: “Don’t move!”

The group didn’t dare to move and just stared at the sea like Li Qiye, but they didn’t see anything.

After a while, Li Qiye finally shouted: “Pull up your nets, now!” He then pulled his own net up.

“Whoosh!” The moment he pulled up his net, a blinding sunlight came forth, forcing everyone to close their eyes.

There was a Yang Nightfish inside the net, struggling to break free, but it was no use. Li Qiye quickly took the fish out of the net and threw it into a jar that was prepared beforehand so that it wouldn’t escape.

“Whoosh!” The group of Qiurong Wanxue also pulled up their nets and the same blinding sunlight appeared once more.

The light caused the group to be shocked and speechless. The jaws of the younger crowd were wide open for a very long time. Just a single release of their nets resulted in more Yang Nightfish than what others gained in an entire month.

Qiurong Wanxue was the fastest to react as she told the young ones: “Quickly, catch the fish!” She then took out a jar to place her fish inside.

The young ones regained their sanity and quickly placed their fish into their jars as well. They were quite jubilated as the great harvest from a single round left them in disbelief.

The moment Peng Zhuang’s group finally finished storing the fish away, another ferry happily pointed out Li Qiye’s successful catch: “There are fish over there!”

The people of Peng Zhuang’s group were no strangers to this ferry; it was their old enemies — the Black Cloud Young Lord and the other disciples.

“Release the nets!” The young lord noticed Li Qiye’s catch so he immediately ordered for the disciples on board to cast their nets into the sea as well.

All of the disciples did so and then pulled up their nets, but they didn’t catch anything. Seeing the empty nets, the young lord angrily stomped his foot and exclaimed: “Too late!”

“Haha, Little Black Ghost, you guys are too late!” Peng Zhuang was quite happy to see the lack of results on the other side: “The fish already ran away last night!”

The young lord didn’t believe in magic, so he shouted again: “Release the nets!” They wanted to catch a large amount of fish like how Li Qiye’s party did earlier, but every time they cast their nets, it ended with zero results.

Earlier, the young lord saw — with his own eyes — how the group of Peng Zhuang managed to catch Yang Nightfish right at this place. However, his continuous attempts all ended in failure.

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the Black Cloud Tribe, so he said: “Let us go.” With his great understanding of Nightsea, he knew that the moment he stopped that school of fish, there wouldn’t be more coming for a long time.

The handler once again rowed under Li Qiye’s directions. Peng Zhuang happily waved goodbye to the Black Cloud Young Lord before leaving and shouted: “Little Black Ghost, you guys can take your time, your uncle is leaving now.”

The young lord shivered with anger as his eyes failed to hide his rage; he could only watch Peng Zhuang’s group leave.

Li Qiye told the handler to go to a certain area in the sea before stopping. He then told the group: “We’ll spend the night here and cast our nets around midnight.” He then sat down and closed his eyes to rest right afterward.

The young ones looked at each other with excitement as they gathered together. Peng Zhuang asked: “I caught ten Yang Nightfish, what about you guys?”

A disciple counted his fish and happily exclaimed: “Fifteen!”

Some people took a month to catch three to five while a single cast of their nets resulted in several dozen fish, so how could they not be incredibly excited?

The only female disciple in the group was the most joyous since she had the best catch: “I got eighteen!”

The six talked for a while in elation. Peng Zhuang then said: “Man, Brother Li is our lucky star. We got a really big harvest this time. Haha, Brother Li is truly amazing!”

Another one added: “Yep, yep, although we didn’t catch anything in the last ten days, we got so much this time. This is a month’s worth for other people.”

They felt so lucky after the great harvest that resulted from Li Qiye’s guidance.

Only Qiurong Wanxue was silent as she watched Li Qiye meditate. She definitely did not believe that this rich harvest came from luck alone. She had come to Nightsea several times before, but she had never heard of anyone catching several dozen fish in a single round. This harvest was too unreasonably great.

Moreover, the location was not chosen by chance since Li Qiye clearly chose it deliberately. Could it be that Li Qiye knew where the fish were within Nightsea?

Having thought to this point, she felt that it was an impossible matter. It was said that the Yang Nightfish were very unpredictable and no one could know where they would appear. Even Virtuous Paragons could not calculate the time or location of the fish.

However, if that was the case, then how did Li Qiye pick such a location? Qiurong Wanxue was quite perplexed.

She became even more cautious towards Li Qiye. The group of Peng Zhuang was careless since they were young, but she clearly noticed that Li Qiye purposely followed them.

Along the way, Li Qiye was quite polite and obedient. She felt that he was a bit problematic, but he never did anything to them, so she slowly became at ease.

Although this release of their nets caused her doubts to resurface, she couldn’t see through him at all. She only knew that his name was Li Qiye and that he came from the southern Distant Cloud — nothing else.

During midnight, Li Qiye, who had been meditating, suddenly stood up and ordered the group: “Get ready!”

The group of youths who were meditating woke up and picked up their nets in excitement. Li Qiye looked at the sky’s shade then towards another direction before telling everyone: “We have to be fast this time; just a bit late and we’ll lose our chance.”

The young ones memorized his words as they gripped their nets tightly. Li Qiye stared at the sea without saying anything else.

The young ones held their breaths and copied his gaze. Qiurong Wanxue was also quite nervous as she looked out towards the sea.

Minutes began to pass by and, in just the blink of an eye, an hour had elapsed. Li Qiye remained immobile like a wooden statue, staring at Nightsea.