Chapter 437: Finding Treasures At The Ghost River

“Ah!!!” A miserable scream resounded as a young cultivator’s chest was pierced by a white hand. “Crash.” His body was then dragged into the Ghost River by this skeletal hand.

“Die!” Another cultivator let out a battle cry as he revealed his most powerful technique, causing waves to swell up.

These four cultivators were prodigies of the ghost race. After utilizing their most powerful techniques, they were able to escape the attacks from these evil creatures and rushed out from the river.

As each had their own trunk, they immediately paid the fish fee to the Ghost Fate Sect.

After doing so, they then took care of the ghost algae that surrounded the trunks. Two young men obtained useless items; one of them got an old and tattered helmet while the other got a broken shield. They were both cast from the lowest ranking metals — not worth a coin.

The other two were a bit luckier. One obtained an ancient medal with unknown usage, but its trace of divinity showed that it was a treasure.

The last young man was the luckiest as he obtained a Vermillion Stone. It was around the size of a fist and dancing flames were on the surface as if a small fiery bird was about to fly out. 1

“Hahaha, this time was pretty profitable!” The young man with the Vermillion Stone happily exclaimed. This stone was indeed valuable, so he quickly stored it.

The other people also exclaimed in admiration. One of them said: “Pretty lucky. I have been waiting here for ten days, and this Vermillion Stone was the best thing to be salvaged in the last ten days.”

After a while, some of them abandoned testing their luck. In the end, the Ghost River was too dangerous. Every attempt ended with one or two of them dying. However, a few of them were unwilling to give up and decided to stay.

“Although the Ghost River is dangerous, it is one of the fierce grounds in Necropolis that produces the most treasures. In fact, some divine weapons even came out from this place.” A young cultivator that wished to stay said.

This did make sense since a lot of treasures came out of this dangerous river. For example, the supreme treasure taken by Immortal Emperor Ju Tian. It was said to be an extremely ancient artifact.

There were no patterns to the trunks floating down from the river; sometimes there would be a lot and the time it took for the next batch to come was random. All the young cultivators were standing by the ferry to wait for them.

Some even stayed here for several months in order to see if there were any particular techniques to obtaining these trunks.

Whenever these trunks floated down, some people would take action and some would die. The corpses of the dead would disappear as they would sink all the way down to the bottom of the river.

Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue continued to stay by the ferry. He did not take action and instead only watched over the batches of floating trunks. They had stayed at the ferry for more than ten days; people came to test their luck and others left due of fear.

Within these ten days, no one found anything. Some obtained one or two decent items, but there was nothing too earthshaking.

Today, Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue continued to watch the Ghost River. A gloomy voice suddenly came out like the murmuring of ghosts: “Ghost River, it is time to test my luck.”

These words reverberated throughout the ferry, but no one saw the speaker. No one was weak amongst the young cultivators present, but their hearts thumped since although they couldn’t see the speaker, they understood that it was a very powerful expert.

As they looked around to find the source of the voice, a soft sound rang. “Poof.” Curling smoke eventually aggregated into a figure that resembled a ghostly shadow in an instant.

People focused their eyes to find that the person condensed from smoke was a very handsome young man, but his face was completely white as if he had never seen the sun all year round. He was just like a ghost that lived in the darkness.

“Ye Sha!” All the young cultivators lost their colors the moment they saw this young man appear amidst the crowd. They quickly took several steps back to avoid this man.

The name “Ye Sha” changed Qiurong Wanxue’s expression as well. Many cultivators were very wary of Ye Sha. 2

Ye Sha was a famous character in the southern Distant Cloud and even in the entire Sacred Nether World. He was the descendant of the prestigious Nightwalker Sect in the Distant Cloud that consisted of the Nightwalker Tribe.

The Nightwalker Tribe was a branch of blood sucking ghosts; their members came and went silently without a trace, especially during the night. It was as if the darkness was their paradise.

Ye Sha was an assassin, but he was not for hire. He only killed people who opposed him. In recent years, he had been very famous since he assassinated several grand characters, including geniuses, a few sect masters, and royal lords who had once offended him.

Even powerful sect masters from the previous generation died miserably to his assassinations.

He never clashed against his opponents fair and square. Once offended, he would shadow them like a thorn behind one’s back. He would continue to haunt them until their death.

For cultivators, grievances and grudges were common things. The easiest way to settle a dispute was to fight solo or participate in team battles.

In particular, geniuses especially liked to use their own power to deal with their enemies. This was a form of training to them; only when they swept through all of their enemies would they be able to reach the peak.

However, assassinations were frowned upon not only by geniuses, but any disciple from the great powers who had a bit of fame. They would rather choose to fight in a group; at the very least, it would show their sect’s power.

However, Ye Sha, who came from the Nightwalker Sect, did not care for such trivial things. He was an assassin and he only knew how to destroy his enemies regardless of the method.

Because of this, Ye Sha was not included in the list of the current top geniuses in the Sacred Nether World, but many people still feared him. A few young geniuses were stronger than him, but they still showed apprehension in his presence.

Ye Sha smiled at the sight of the other cultivators retreating before him; he enjoyed the fear displayed by others. He then said: “Fellow Daoists, I bear no ill will towards anyone. Why the need to look at me as if I am a monster?”

“Brother Ye Sha’s fame is like thunder next to one’s ear, so we were thunderstruck by your presence.” No one wanted to offend him. Although he was not the strongest amongst the younger generation, no one wanted to be haunted by him.

Ye Sha let out a gloomy and creepy laugh. He then noticed that Li Qiye was the only one who didn’t move, so he asked with a smile: “Human Junior, are you not afraid of me?”

Li Qiye looked at him and lightly replied: “I don’t know you so why should I be afraid of you?”

Many young cultivators started to sweat in Li Qiye’s stead. If one offended Ye Sha, then they wouldn’t know how they died before it was too late.

Ye Sha looked at Li Qiye and noticed his ordinary looks. He then thought that this made sense. He nodded his head and said: “I guess, an ant like you is probably not qualified to hear my name.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t bother to care, nor did he glance at Ye Sha any longer. As for Ye Sha, a human junior was less than an insect, so Li Qiye was not worthy for him to take action.

Despite being so conceited, he really did have the strength to be like this. After standing by the ferry for one day, Ye Sha finally picked a batch of trunks floating down from the river. In just the blink of an eye, he entered the river with a gasp-inducing speed and took four trunks from the flow.

Four ferocious monsters also came out the moment Ye Sha dragged these four trunks out from the surface. Sporting a gloomy smirk, he was not afraid at all. He suddenly turned into four wisps of smoke and, with a slashing sound, a cold saber glint cut downward.

Just a moment later, the four monsters were killed by Ye Sha as he landed safely on the ferry. He threw down the Yang Nightfish then disappeared. No one knew whether his trunks contained treasure or not.

“So strong!” After his departure, the young cultivators finally became relieved and exclaimed. No one wanted to be close to an assassin, it was way too dangerous.

“He is indeed very strong. I heard that he recently assassinated the Demon King of the Iron Ox Country. Rumor has it that the Demon King was a Little Sovereign, but he still died in Ye Sha’s hands.” A young cultivator recalled.

The young cultivators present felt their hearts thumping fast. Even for geniuses, a Little Sovereign was still a very powerful existence, especially those from the previous generation. Ye Sha being able to assassinate a Little Sovereign spoke plenty of his might.

Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue had been at the ferry for twenty-one days. On the twenty-second day, a group of trunks floated down. Li Qiye, who had been watching these trunks, suddenly put on a serious expression as his eyes narrowed due to a particular trunk.


  1. Vermillion here is Vermillion Bird. 
  2. Ye Sha = Night Kill, so Night Assassin is a fine interpretation of this name.