Chapter 446: Distant Legend

“Did an Immortal Emperor leave behind this treasure?” Qiurong Wanxue emotionally asked. A treasure capable of sealing an entire realm — truly frightening and untouchable. It was absolutely comparable to an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and replied: “It’s not something left behind by an Immortal Emperor. At the very least, no one in this world knows who left behind this Heaven Sealing Pentagate. Its origin dates back to a very ancient era, perhaps the Legendary Era or even before that.”

“No way!” Qiurong Wanxue gaspingly replied: “The Legendary Era is just a rumor and isn’t real. How could there be an era even older than the Legendary Era?”

The inhabitants of the Nine Worlds believed that there were four eras in the following order: the Desolate Era, the Desolate Expansion Era, the Ancient Ming Era, and the Emperors Era.

The Emperors Era lasted until just recently when people determined that it ended with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. The reason was very simple; it was due to the battle between the Black Dragon King and the emperor. The dragon king tearing apart the Heaven’s Will caused the Nine Worlds to fall into the Difficult Dao Era, but some still believed that the Emperors Era was still ongoing since the Difficult Dao Era was too short and couldn’t be considered an era of its own.

In fact, the only era with complete records was the Emperors Era. Although the Ancient Ming Era still had many written records and they were quite complete as well, there were still gaps in this era. There were events that had forever become secrets unknown to future generations.

Now, when it came to the Desolate Expansion Era, documents became scarce. This was the era where the races in the Nine Worlds established their foundation with designated locations chosen by the respective wise sages. For example, whether the human race originated from the Mortal Emperor World or not, this was hard to say. However, the only certainty was that humans took root at this world during the Desolate Expansion Era, and it became the ancestral ground for them.

The Desolate Era was even more distant and arduous to trace. The races in the Nine Worlds were quite weak at that time and there were very few written records. This was the reason why most believed that the Desolate Era was the most ancient time period.

There was another era before the Desolace Era, and it was called the Legendary Era. There were no written annals about this era, only a few incomplete legends. Future descendants could not confirm whether this era had actually existed or if it was only a “legend.”

And now, Li Qiye was talking about an era that predates even the Legendary Era. How could this not shock Qiurong Wanxue? The Legendary Era was but hearsay, so what kind of era was before this one?

“It exists.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “But there are a few untraceable events because it happened too long ago, so they became mere myths instead. However, as long as you have enough time and patience, you will be able to find the marks left behind by these the inhabitants of these eras despite the marks disappearing in the river of time.”

Qiurong Wanxue was dumbfounded as she tried to process all of this new information about the ancient eras. She eventually asked: “What kind of era was it?”

“No one knows.” Li Qiye smiled and said. Li Qiye knew a few things and was uncertain about others, but if he could obtain items like the Nine Heavenly Treasures, then he would be able to solve some of the immemorial secrets.

At this time, he reached out and gently touched the bronze doors. The runes appeared to come to life like fishes in the river. A faint light would appear wherever he touched as if he could summon this treasure.

“The Heaven Sealing Pentagate… It seems that Imp was in a rush to obtain a few items. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have traded an item of this magnitude away.” Li Qiye said while being visibly moved.

Qiurong Wanxue only dared to take a quick glimpse at the lively runes. This thing was too frightening, it was capable of sucking out people’s souls.

Li Qiye looked at the gate for a long time and simply shook his head gently without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Qiurong Wanxue closed her eyes out of fear of the gate. After a while, she heard Li Qiye’s teasing voice: “My dear chief, would you like to sleep in the same bed with me tonight?”

She jumped up from these words and opened her eyes to find Li Qiye’s face an inch away from her own. She became frozen because she suddenly remembered that she was still within Li Qiye’s embrace due to the pentagate earlier.

Their postures were extremely intimate as the atmosphere suggested of lasciviousness. In other words, their bodies were tightly pressed against each other.

“It seems that our beloved chief is willing to sleep with me.” Li Qiye smiled and continued.

Qiurong Wanxue became bright red as her body felt hot. This was the first time she had such an intimate physical encounter with someone else. She was embarrassed beyond control as she struggled to jump up. Her evening-shade face didn’t dare to look straight at Li Qiye as she denied: “Nonsense, I don’t want such a thing.”

Her usual mature look combined with this shy expression was charming to the bones yet gentle like the softly flowing aurora in her eyes.

She was too embarrassed to remain calm due to the heat that surged throughout her body. This strange thought remained in her mind without dissipating, causing her body to feel numb. She didn’t dare to stay around any longer since the sultry atmosphere was too unbearable, so she quickly left the room.

“Take care of the Heavenly Jade Cicada.” When she reached the door, she heard Li Qiye’s voice from behind: “This item is superb and will greatly benefit your Snow-shadow Tribe in the future. Maybe your tribe can rise because of it.”

Her heart felt warm from such words. It was hard to describe this feeling that coiled around inside her chest and eventually turned into something sweet that melted her heart…

After she left, Li Qiye only smiled and gently shook his head. Then, he quietly put away the Heaven Sealing Pentagate.

He then took out the small wooden coffin and placed it in front of him. He meticulously gazed at it as if it was a source of enjoyment. After a while, he couldn’t help but utter: “Such a thing has come into being so anything else could as well. Not to mention, the wooden coffin at the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground came out as well… Nothing can surprise me anymore.”

Eventually, he put it away and sat in a meditative pose on his bed to channel his merit law to begin cultivating.

A primordial breath surrounded his body. The Yin Yang Sea of Blood appeared and began to refine his blood energy into drops of Longevity Blood. This sea of blood had an incredible origin; if he could actually use its full potential, then it would be absolutely frightening. Unfortunately, Li Qiye’s current cultivation could not excavate the sea of blood’s true profundities.

When Li Qiye’s Fate Palaces opened, seven of them hovered around him. Li Qiye had successfully opened his seventh and he could almost open the eighth.

With Li Qiye’s current foundation, opening eight or nine palaces was not difficult, not even the tenth would be hard. The eleventh would not necessarily be a challenge either, the hard part was the twelfth while the thirteenth would be Li Qiye’s toughest challenge.

Li Qiye was aiming for twelve and, given the chance, he would challenge the thirteenth. The truth was that, for cultivators, having twelve palaces was already an impossible matter. In the written legends, not more than three people had twelve palaces. Moreover, they were only rumors so no one knew whether people actually had twelve palaces or not.

As for the thirteenth, it simply did not exist in this world. Having twelve palaces was already an unreachable limit for cultivators.

However, Li Qiye’s ambition was not limited to someone with dual physiques; this was not a challenge at all. Li Qiye had once trained the Black Dragon King who had invincible dual physiques, thus he would not stop there.

Li Qiye’s blood circulated and his True Fate floated up and down. At times, it would turn into a Kun Peng, at others, it would turn into a vast grand dao or an endless starry sky…

Some amount of time passed by. It was late at night when Li Qiye suddenly opened his eyes with a frightening murderous intent.

Qiurong Wanxue was in the other room. They were separated by one wall. She was very cautious and prepared a line of defense in order to protect herself against people with malicious intents.

However, a fog suddenly condensed as a shadow quietly appeared in her room like a ghost.

This was Ye Sha, the one who stealthly appeared in Qiurong Wanxue’s room. He had been drooling over the two’s treasures for a long time now. Forget about the item from the Ghost River, the coffins from Imp alone were more than enough to incite his greed.

Ye Sha was not in the position to take action with so many people around at the yard. This was why he tailed them and prepared to take action under the cloak of the night.

He assumed that a human junior like Li Qiye was not worth worrying about, so as long as he could take care of Qiurong Wanxue, Li Qiye would be a fish on a platter.

Once he got close to the bed, the sleeping Qiurong Wanxue suddenly opened her eyes. She was quite aghast after seeing Ye Sha standing right there.