Chapter 449: Who The Hell Is Your Brother-In-Law?

Ye Sha, who was lying on the ground, watched as Li Qiye approached. He really wanted to run away, but his body was unwilling. Li Qiye casually swatting away the tablet was not enough to kill Ye Sha, but it injured him to the point where he couldn’t lift a finger.

Li Qiye came closer and looked down at Ye Sha. Ye Sha was terrified, but he still put on a strong act: “What… What do you want to do!? Don’t forget… I am the descendant of the Nightwalker Sect. If… If you dare to kill me… then the Nightwalker Sect will not let you off! Even if you run to the corners of the world, the sect will still come for you!”

“Nightwalker Sect? What is that?” Li Qiye leisurely replied to Ye Sha’s threat. He then stomped down.

“No—” Ye Sha unwillingly screamed out, but it was too late. Li Qiye killed him with a stomp.

Seeing Li Qiye trample Ye Sha to death forced those who were present to draw a cold breath. In the blink of an eye, this person killed off two descendants from two great powers, offending both the Nightwalker Sect and the Sky-devil Gate.

However, Li Qiye was still as carefree as ever. Just how domineering must this person be to not care about two great powers? How fierce does one have to be to maintain such a carefree posture after offending two great sects?

“This is a dangerous man.” A person whispered and shivered. Mo Lidao and Ye Sha were both quite notorious, but they were easily slain by Li Qiye.

After finishing off Ye Sha with a stomp, Li Qiye smiled and looked around at everyone before fixing his gaze upon the Divine Spark Prince. He then slowly asked: “Anyone else have a problem with me? I am someone who can accept criticism, so feel free to comment.”

The Divine Spark Prince’s expression changed after being fixated upon by Li Qiye’s gaze; the person was provoking him. This was a great humiliation to the arrogant prince, but now understood that Li Qiye was very powerful.

Nevertheless, the prince didn’t want to back down in front of so many people since he couldn’t bear such shame. He snorted and said: “There are countless masters in this world…”

Li Qiye leisurely smiled while looking at the Divine Spark Prince and asked: “Are you one of those masters?”

The prince was greatly alarmed and instinctively took a step back. Showing such weakness in front of everyone was very aggravating; he felt like Li Qiye was humiliating him. He took a deep breath and decided to play till the very end as his pride surged.

The prince then coldly spoke: “I admit that you are very strong, but you are nothing compared to my brother-in-law. Anyone who opposes my brother-in-law will not have a good end! No matter how strong you are, you are but an ant before him…”

The prince knew that he was not a match for Li Qiye so he showed his backing instead — his brother-in-law, Sir Di Zuo!

Many people were annoyed at the prince’s arrogance, but everyone obediently shut up when his brother-in-law was mentioned. They could only swallow their anger no matter how displeased they were with the prince.

“PA!” However, before the prince could finish, Li Qiye slapped him flying away!

The prince’s mouth was full of blood after he got slapped as he lividly glared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye freely said: “You and I have no grievances, and I am not the type to massacre the innocent. However, if someone wants to act up in front of me, then sorry, sometimes my hand gets real itchy and likes to slap people. Don’t take it to heart.”

“You!” The Divine Spark Prince wanted to vomit blood from anger and had an extremely ugly expression at the moment. He wished that he could rush forward and kill Li Qiye, but reason told him that he was not a match. He had no choice but to hold back.

Li Qiye nonchalantly glanced at the prince and cheerfully smiled: “You were talking about your brother-in-law, but I must apologize, I do not know who your brother-in-law is. Who the hell is he?”

Everyone gasped when they heard this. Li Qiye’s words were too overbearing. Any experienced cultivator in the Sacred Nether World would have heard of Di Zuo’s name.

Di Zuo, the Myriad Bones Throne’s descendant, was rumored to cultivate the emperor laws of three Immortal Emperors. He was one of the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World. Legend states that Di Zuo could speak to the heavens; he was unparalleled in this world, so many people called him “Sir”.

But now, Li Qiye actually said “Who the hell is your brother-in-law?” This was clearly provoking Di Zuo, and it caused many hearts to beat faster. If this kid was not tired of living, then he could only be said to be super domineering.

Li Qiye ignored the prince. He then hugged Qiurong Wanxue and shifted his body to disappear under the night’s curtain.

After Li Qiye left, a person murmured: “A true ruthless person has been born.”

The Divine Spark Prince couldn’t swallow this anger. After Li Qiye left, he spat towards the direction of his departure and said through his gritted teeth: “Blind Little Animal! Just wait, you will experience a fate worse than death soon enough!”

Golden Child came closer and consoled: “Brother Divine Spark, just bear it for a bit. This human junior will not be arrogant for long. When Sir Di Zuo comes, he will definitely end that brat with his blade.”

Golden Child was also a genius of the generation and was very conceited. However, after seeing Li Qiye quickly dispatching Mo Lidao like killing a fly, his heart also sank. He knew that he was not Li Qiye’s match, so he didn’t dare to say anything when Li Qiye slapped the Divine Spark Prince. At that key moment, if he rushed in by himself, then that would be completely suicidal. He didn’t want to lose his life for the Divine Spark Prince.

Today, the Divine Spark Prince had lost all face. He was the prince of the Divine Spark Country and was always arrogant with his noble identity. Ever since his sister was betrothed to Di Zuo, the country’s status soared in the Sacred Nether World. No matter where he went, young cultivators and even geniuses would be very polite towards him.

Today, being humiliated by a human brat in front of so many people was the biggest shame of his life.

His gaze became extremely cruel as he spoke with a twisted expression: “Just wait, Little Animal, there is no need to wait for my brother-in-law just for an ant like you. My sister alone will be enough to deal with you! At that time, I will make you prostrate and lick my shoes!”

The prince would absolutely never forgive Li Qiye for giving him the biggest setback of his life. Once Li Qiye fell into his hands, he would take his time and slowly torture Li Qiye.

Many young cultivators did not agree with his words. He was clearly the first to provoke Li Qiye, but of course, no one would say it out loud.

The prince didn’t have the talent to join the elites of the younger generation; he wasn’t even equal to Golden Child, but many people were still wary of him. Whose fault was it that he had such a good sister and an amazing brother-in-law?

In fact, many people shivered after thinking about his sister, the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden. She was not only a kingdom-toppling beauty, she also had a strong cultivation. In fact, she was even stronger than Golden Child!

Some had praised her as the prettiest beauty and the number one expert amongst the younger generation in the Distant Cloud. Part of this was flattery, but it was not only directed towards her, it was also for Di Zuo.

Whether she was the prettiest or not would depend on each person’s subjective view. However, she was definitely not the number one expert amongst the younger generation in the Distant Cloud. Nevertheless, no one dared to show contempt towards her. Her cultivation was indeed very deep and her strength was formidable — this was the reason for many young geniuses to dread her.

She was not just a beautiful flower vase since both her talents and cultivation were quite immense. Otherwise, how could she be a match for a character like Di Zuo?

This was the reason why many people showed dread when her name was brought up.

“Just wait, Little Animal, my sister is almost here!” The Divine Spark Prince vented his resentment.

Though many people disliked his bullying ways, their hearts shivered after hearing about the Phoenix Maiden who was about to arrive. If the Phoenix Maiden was coming, then didn’t that mean that Di Zuo — as her fiance — was coming as well?

Di Zuo was an existence high in the clouds, someone who would cause everyone to feel dejected. The younger generation didn’t want to see Di Zuo at all.

As long as Di Zuo was there, every genius, regardless of how talented or excellent they were, would not be able to shine. Before Di Zuo’s brilliance, all geniuses were eclipsed and were not worth a single coin.

Di Zuo was an insurmountable mountain that always pressured the young cultivators. They could not surpass him and could only continue to be suppressed by him!


Li Qiye embraced Qiurong Wanxue all the way back to their housing. She was still in a daze when he put her down. He then tapped her shoulder and smiled: “Qiurong, are you afraid, or are you recalling the feeling of being in my embrace and thinking that you don’t want to leave?”

Qiurong Wanxue’s mind returned to her hot body as she blushed while looking at him with a pair of eyes filled with limpid autumn water that was about to spill. 1

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  1. Don’t ask me, it is the accepted translation.