Chapter 452: Ancestral Flow Master

If outsiders saw this scene, they would think that Li Qiye was crazy for talking to a stone statue.

However, the stone statue suddenly became soft. Earlier, it was clearly a statue with distinct rigid lines, but it now turned into a person.

Before, the person was half lying on the stone seat, but now the person had sat up straight. The person opened their eyes, revealing a glare capable of seeing through the past and present.

The person’s face was hidden by the divine tasseled strings, but the person’s eyes were still very clear.

A statue suddenly coming to life caused Qiurong Wanxue to jump. At this moment, she understood that it was not a statue, but a sleeping person.

“You should know that this place does not welcome you.” The person on the stone chair spoke. The fleeting voice appeared to be coming from another location. One couldn’t discern whether the person was male or female from this voice alone.

Qiurong Wanxue looked at the master in shock. The blood energy on the person’s body made her absolutely certain that this person in front of her was a living being, not a ghost nor a sentiment. This was a living being with flesh and blood.

This discovery truly startled her. The Ancestral Flow was the most powerful and mysterious lineage in Necropolis, but its master was actually a living being. How shocked would others be if they were to find out!?

At Necropolis, all other lineages consisted of local ghosts so the cultivators from outside could not join any of them.

But now, the master of the Ancestral Flow turned out to be a living person. This was an incredible matter!

Li Qiye didn’t mind the master’s harsh words and leisurely said: “Are you not meeting me right now? How can you say that you do not welcome me?”

“No matter what…” The Ancestral Flow Master spoke: “From the past till the present, this place does not have the thing that you want.”

“Don’t be so heartless like this, are we not friends for life?” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Qiurong Wanxue listened while being in a daze. Impossible! Necropolis’ ghosts cannot become friends with cultivators. But wait, maybe they can, since the master was not a ghost but a living person. However, she found that Li Qiye and the master being friends was even stranger.

“No, I don’t know you!” The master directly stated.

Li Qiye laughed then shook his head and said: “You are lying to yourself. From the past till the present, no matter the changes, you should still know that I am me. Others might not be able to see it, but it is impossible for you to not know.”

Qiurong Wanxue was quite perplexed at this conversation. She didn’t know that Li Qiye was talking about when he was the Dark Crow since she didn’t know about this secret.

“Even if I am not the little ghost that wore the hat from so long ago, I am still me, right?” Li Qiye asked.

For the past tens of millions of years, Li Qiye didn’t only appear as the Dark Crow. He would often use various means to transform into different shapes. He had always hid his real face and his traces throughout the river of time.

“Only you know.” The distant voice from the master coldly rang: “Ever since you tricked that person out of Necropolis, you should know that you are no longer welcomed here. If it wasn’t for me, then you wouldn’t have been able to enter Necropolis without being hunted down!”

“Don’t say that. If I wanted to come to Necropolis to see you, no one would be able to stop me, don’t you think? I have always been a sentimental and caring person.” Li Qiye continued with a smile: “Of course, I am very grateful about what happened before…”

The master snorted at this point.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “You cannot blame me for what happened that year. It is completely wrong to say that I tricked that person into leaving. He wanted to leave himself, so how can you blame me?”

“You dare to say you didn’t urge him to escape?” The master asked. Although the person’s sex was unknown, it was clear that the person was very annoyed with Li Qiye.

“Well…” Li Qiye wryly smiled: “Hmm, how should I put this… I only talked about how interesting and splendid the outside world was. That was it, I didn’t do anything else.”

“Without your help, how could he have left Necropolis? Did you think people would actually believe your words?” The master replied with clear annoyance towards Li Qiye.

“Well…” Li Qiye forced a smile again and said: “How should I say this, it really was a great creation for him. If he didn’t obtain such a great creation, then no one would be able to help him, right? But he did, so this was the will of the heavens. What I did was merely driving the boat to the river’s flow.”

“Besides, what happened afterward had nothing to do with me since it was due to his own efforts.” Li Qiye continued with a smile: “I never saw him again after he left Necropolis. His future accomplishment only meant that him leaving here was the heaven’s will — you should agree with this.”

Qiurong Wanxue became even more lost. She didn’t know the “he” that the two of them were referring to. She only knew two things. First, Li Qiye and the Ancestral Flow Master knew each other and were good friends. Second, Li Qiye helped someone escape Necropolis!

She realized — at this time — that Li Qiye had come to Necropolis before. Maybe he had stayed here for a long time; otherwise, he wouldn’t be so close to the Ancestral Flow Master.

However, she didn’t know whether it was several years ago or if all of this happened in the span of several recent years. She only knew that this person who left Necropolis didn’t do so in the last few years.

Li Qiye and the master were talking about something that had happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, a tale of the distant past!

At this junction, the Ancestral Flow Master only answered with a snort once again.

“This time, I didn’t come to cause any trouble for you. I want to know why Nightsea became clear and I hope that you will tell me a few things.” Li Qiye spoke.

“Don’t know.” The master frankly said: “Even if I did, I still wouldn’t tell you.”

Li Qiye became silent in the face of the master’s harsh attitude. After a long time elapsed, he gently told Qiurong Wanxue: “Go wait outside for a bit, I have some business to take care of.”

Qiurong Wanxue didn’t ask for the reason. She nodded and left the grand hall.

After she left, Li Qiye sighed while looking at the Ancestral Flow Master. He sat with his legs crossed on the spot and gazed at the master to see who could be more stubborn.

“The matter of that year… I really shouldn’t have gotten him out of Necropolis and broke the rule.” Li Qiye bitterly smiled and continued: “However, I was moved because of his talents. You should know that his fortune was due to fate. It didn’t matter if he was a human or a ghost, you knew that he had the qualifications to become an Immortal Emperor. This was confirmed by time. I only carried out my promise; after leaving Necropolis, I didn’t help him at all, but he still became an Immortal Emperor.”

“You should know that such a thing could have resulted in a catastrophe with just a single wrong step!” The master coldly replied.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “I know, but he was always righteous and never did anything unfavourable to Necropolis, don’t you think? He only wanted to go outside. And after becoming an Immortal Emperor, he also protected Necropolis several times! Don’t you feel that giving that place another powerful enemy is not a bad thing at all?”

The master did not say anything while Li Qiye did the same. He was just sitting there in silence.

After a long silence, the master spoke again: “Congratulations, you eventually regained your body.”

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I also hope to see the day when you can leave Necropolis. The years are too long, don’t you think?”

“I can leave anytime I want!” The master coldly stated.

“But you haven’t left.” Li Qiye gently sighed and continued: “The endless passage of time is too long. You have always been sleeping here. Your years are spent sleeping and sleeping. I know you don’t want to, but I still hope that you will eventually come out and see the outside. The years do not need to be long, the important part is how colorful you choose to live it.”

In the end, the master said: “My matter is my own business.”

“But don’t you think this time is an opportunity? I am going to make a huge play soon! First, you have to tell me about Nightsea. I want to know the specifics and, at the same time, borrow one item from you.”

“The key to the Prime Ominous Grave, correct?” The master coldly responded. Although Li Qiye had spoken so much, the master’s anger had no signs of subsiding.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “With our friendship, let’s not call it borrowing, why don’t you just directly gift it to me? This time, just consider it as me shamelessly asking you for a favor.”

The master coldly quipped: “Then what about all the other times before? Were you not shameless then?”