Chapter 453: The Fleeting Past

Li Qiye smiled awkwardly and said: “Well… After what happened, I knew that you didn’t like me. Plus, I was in a rush back then so I didn’t have time to come chat with you, Old Friend.”

“You just want to borrow something else, that’s why you shamelessly came here to find me, right?” The master sneered and coldly said.

Li Qiye smiled wryly and then rubbed his hands together before saying: “You should know that I will go big this time, and I need several killer moves. I have gathered a few things, but it still won’t be easy. I want to blow open that place since there are a few secrets that cannot be hidden forever! Because of this, I thought about borrowing that certain something from you to be even more assured. Surely you would agree?”

The master didn’t speak. Silence ensued as if he didn’t hear Li Qiye at all.

After a while without hearing a response, Li Qiye gently sighed and said: “Very well, nevermind. I won’t bother your eternal slumber. In the end, time is everything to you.” Having said that, he turned around to leave.

“You must know that you are going to your own death, you’re walking down a road to disaster!” The moment Li Qiye reached the door, the master called out.

Li Qiye turned around and revealed a smile before shaking his head to say: “I don’t think so. You should know that I am completely prepared. I even took into consideration the emergence of the lost mythical island. When the time is ripe, I trust that I will be able to blow open that sky and kill to the very end. No one in the nine heavens and ten earths can hinder my determination!”

These confident words pierced the sky with its dominance. Just like Li Qiye said, let alone gods and devil, even the heavens could not hold back his will!

“Do you know what you will be facing?” The Ancestral Flow Master asked.

Li Qiye shrugged and answered with a grin: “To be honest, I’m not very clear on this. Do you know? That crafty thing had been buried for a very long time without coming out, do you know what it is?”

“I don’t know.” The master quickly replied in a firm manner: “But I know that it is suicidal to even try to oppose it.”

“I am a person who doesn’t believe in the impossible; no one in this world will be able to stop me. If I have decided to do something, then I will even blow apart the heavens if it decides to stand in my way. I’m not doing this for anyone; not for me, not for you, not for anything. I only want to solve the mystery and chase out this thing that had been buried since time immemorial.” Li Qiye quietly continued: “I shall solve this mystery. I have both the patience and confidence to do so.”

Although his words were calm, the content of his speech was quite heaven-shattering.

The master became quiet for a while. Some time after, the master then reached out as if he was grabbing something from Necropolis. The master then said in a cold manner: “This is the key to the Prime Ominous Grave, take it.”

“Thanks, this will save me some trouble.” Li Qiye accepted the key.

“Is that so?” The master was particularly upset at Li Qiye and said with a glare: “Haven’t you always been finding it yourself in the past? I thought that you were never going to come ask me for it!”

Li Qiye dryly laughed and awkwardly replied: “It is a thing of the past so just let it go. I was wrong back then, although Immortal Emperor Ming Du really did a lot of things for Necropolis and was its firm supporter…

“Nevertheless, I was the one who brought him out and fulfilled the promise that he would become a powerful person — a powerful Immortal Emperor. The whole process was much smoother since you allowed him to leave. No matter what, I destroyed the eternal order of Necropolis! This was my mistake, and I thank you for escorting us back then as well.” Li Qiye sincerely apologized to the Ancestral Flow Master.

The master snorted. It took a while before the master softened his tone: “I can let you borrow that thing, but you need to help me with something.” It seemed that the master’s anger had subsided quite a bit.

Li Qiye was happy to hear this and quickly responded: “Just say it, I will help you with anything!”

“Come with me!” The master coldly spoke.

Li Qiye followed the master to a place where a certain thing was being grown. After seeing this thing, Li Qiye shockingly exclaimed: “How did you find this thing!?”

“It’s none of your business.” The master said: “I need you to help it surpass this difficult stage. I know that you once had the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon. If there is anyone in this world that could help it ride out this storm, it is you.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it before.” Li Qiye shook his head and smilingly continued: “But I coincidentally found the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron recently. It can help this thing, but I need time along with your assistance.”

“No problem.” The master replied.

Qiurong Wanxue, who was waiting outside, was arranged a place to stay for more than ten days before Li Qiye appeared again.

“Let us go.” He then told Qiurong Wanxue.

“Are you okay?” Seeing his fatigued appearance, she asked with concern.

Li Qiye shook his head and replied: “It’s nothing, I only spent a bit of energy. I’ll be fine after a day or two of rest.”

The two left the Ancestral Flow. From beginning to end, Qiurong Wanxue only saw two people inside. One was the ghost servant and the other was the master; to be more exact, one person and one ghost.

Although the Ancestral Flow’s scenery was like that of an emperor’s lineage, Qiurong Wanxue felt relieved after leaving. The place was suffocating despite not having a ghastly nether atmosphere because of the sensation of it carrying a huge secret with its tranquility.

She preferred the other places in Necropolis much more. In short, she felt that the Ancestral Flow was hiding a certain something. She had many questions about it, such as why was the master a living person? How did they become the master of the Ancestral Flow?

She wanted to ask Li Qiye, but she didn’t know how to phrase it.

Li Qiye noticed her awkward demeanor and smilingly said: “You can ask if you have any questions, perhaps I can tell you certain things.”

“What kind of person is the Ancestral Flow Master?” Qiurong curiously asked.

The Ancestral Flow Master was Li Qiye’s friend, and a close one at that, so the person should be part of the younger generation in the Sacred Nether World. To be able to become the master of the Ancestral Flow showed the person’s amazing skill so logically speaking, the person should be a famous genius.

However, she was completely misled by the fact that the master was a living person; because of this, she thought that the master was a contemporary cultivator.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye paused here and gently shook his head: “This is a secret. No good will come from you finding out about it. Instead, it will only bring about a potential disaster.”

Qiurong Wanxue only wryly smiled and didn’t ask anything else. She was a sensible woman and didn’t want to make it difficult for her Young Noble.

In the end, she asked: “Where do we go now?”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes to look at the alluring mature woman — that was akin to a honey peach — before him and replied: “We’ll go looking for someone, then I’ll lend you some assistance. After that, we’ll deal with some things that should end as well.”

Qiurong Wanxue felt very warm and sweet inside. She didn’t know who Li Qiye was looking for, but it was no longer important to her at this moment.

Right when they left the Ancestral Flow, the person they were looking for came to their door. A strange person approached from afar. It was a young man in yellow dressed like a servant with a mysterious grin on his face.

“I heard that Dao Friend was looking for me?” This young man looked a bit wretched, but his eyes were clear and full of life.

This was quite incredible because the inhabitants of Necropolis looked no different from outsiders. The ghosts here lived just like those in the outside world, but ultimately, they were sentiments and ghosts. They didn’t have blood energy or life. However, this young ghost’s eyes were full of life, causing Qiurong Wanxue’s heart to thump.

In fact, she had seen many strange things up to this point, such as the Ancestral Flow Master being a living being. However, this ghost — with his spirited eyes — still startled her.