Chapter 455: Secret Of Nightsea

Seeing Li Qiye become silent caused Huang Jiaofu to anxiously rub his hands and say: “Sir, please intercede for this lowly one. Regardless of whether I am successful or not, this lowly one will repay Sir. This lowly one knows that there is a treasure grove in Necropolis; it holds a legendary divine item. As long as Sir puts in a few words for this lowly one, then this lowly one will tell Sir of its location.”

Qiurong Wanxue shuddered. Rumors had always claimed that there were divine items in Necropolis, but no one had ever heard of anyone actually obtaining the treasure grove or these divine items. Huang Jiaofu was definitely telling the truth at this time.

“Huang Jiaofu ah Huang Jiaofu, you greatly underestimate me.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “If I wanted Necropolis’ treasures, then not to mention this treasure grove, I could even take the entire treasure mountain. As long as I am willing, there would be nothing in here that I can’t take. Do you know why I took that person out of Necropolis that year? It was only because I appreciated his talents.”

“This lowly one was foolish and confused!” Huang Jiaofu was at a loss. He then hastily slapped himself in the face and said: “This lowly one shouldn’t have gauged the heart of a gentleman with my own crude standards.”

“Okay, Huang Jiaofu, stop acting. Do you believe that I am oblivious to your capabilities?” Li Qiye waved his hand and said.

“This lowly one only knows that Sir is a True Immortal from the nine heavens and would forgive my mistake.” Huang Jiaofu now knew that he had found the right person, so he immediately sucked up to Li Qiye: “My love for you is like the surging, never-ending flow of the river, like the…”

“Stop your flattery.” Li Qiye waved his hand to stop Huang Jiaofu’s fawning.

Huang Jiaofu forced a fake smile and rubbed his hands together while carefully looking at Li Qiye, awaiting his answer.

Li Qiye was quiet. He knew that this matter broke the rules of Necropolis. Although Huang Jiaofu was different from Immortal Emperor Ming Du, ultimately, this was not something beneficial to Necropolis.

Looking at Huang Jiaofu’s lively eyes, Li Qiye softly sighed. Huang Jiaofu was indeed a great seed regardless of whether he was a persevering human or a persistent ghost.

In the end, Li Qiye eventually agreed: “I will go and talk to the Ancestral Flow Master, but not right now. After I am done with my business, I will go intercede for you.” That year, he helped Immortal Emperor Ming Du, so now, he will also help Huang Jiaofu.

Huang Jiaofu clasped his hands together in excitement and bowed: “Thank you, Sir! Regardless of whether I am successful or not, I will always remember Sir’s kindness for the rest of my life.”

Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “Forget it, this is also fate. I will go plead for you after I’m done with my own stuff. Whether you are successful or not, it will be up to your own fortune.”

“I am more than content with Sir’s willingness to intercede and will never dare to forget your kindness.” He then quickly added: “Where does Sir want to go? If it is within Necropolis, then this lowly one is willing to be your ox and horse; this lowly one will do my best for you.”

Li Qiye beamingly laughed at Huang Jiaofu and leisurely said: “Nightsea — you want to come?”

“Nightsea!?” Huang Jiaofu shuddered and exclaimed: “Nightsea… Umm… I’m afraid that I can’t go.”

Li Qiye sardonically smiled and said: “I thought you wanted to be my ox and horse to aid me and wouldn’t say no even if I asked you to cross a sea of fire?”

“Sir, it is not that this lowly one is unwilling.” Huang Jiaofu grimaced and continued: “It is because we can’t go to Nightsea.”

Qiurong Wanxue, who was standing to the side and had been keeping quiet, couldn’t help but curiously ask: “Why can’t you sentiments go to Nightsea? For what reason are you not able to?”

Huang Jiaofu let out a wry smile and replied: “To sentiments like us, Nightsea is a forbidden ground. We cannot go there or we’ll die.”

“Why are the other places not like that?” Qiurong Wanxue curiously inquired.

“Nightsea has a certain something that can subdue us so we can’t go. Once we go there, it would not just be a simple suppression, we might even turn into smoke the moment we approach.”

“What about the handlers?” Qiurong Wanxue inquired further: “How come the handlers are not repressed?”

Huang Jiaofu answered: “The handlers do not go down the same path as us sentiments. Although all of us live in Necropolis, handlers are completely different from us.”

“Not on the same path? Are you guys divided into different factions?” Qiurong Wanxue was very curious due to this new information. She had always thought that the handlers were Necropolis’ inhabitants as well.

“I cannot say.” Huang Jiaofu shook his head and replied: “Although this lowly one knows a thing or two, I cannot tell you, Mistress; please forgive me.”

Being called “Mistress” caused Qiurong Wanxue to immediately feel hot and blush. She surreptitiously glanced at her Young Noble, but he was still unperturbed.

“Don’t make it hard for him. Huang Jiaofu does indeed know a lot, but if he dares to say it, the Ancestral Flow will annihilate him.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled.

“Sir is completely correct. It is not that this lowly one doesn’t want to speak, it is because this is a rule of Necropolis.” Huang Jiaofu scratched his head and said: “Although this lowly one wants to serve Sir, I can’t go to Nightsea.”

“It is fine, I was just teasing you.” Li Qiye swung his sleeve and said: “You can’t help at the place I want to go to anyway. Just wait for my news, I’ll let you know right away if it is favorable.”

Huang Jiaofu bowed again with gratitude and finally left.

“Young Noble, what are we going to Nightsea for?” After he left, Qiurong Wanxue quietly asked.

“To take a look.” Li Qiye looked towards the horizon in quiet contemplation.

Qiurong Wanxue felt that Li Qiye had something on his mind. Although she didn’t know the exact details, she was going to quietly follow him no matter what.

Li Qiye then emotionally declared: “Let us go to Nightsea.”

He had already obtained the key to the Prime Ominous Grave so he could enter any time, but he wanted to see Nightsea first. The Ancestral Flow Master had too many limitations. There were certain things that the master — the protector of Necropolis had to be wary of. Once a few matters escalate out of control, some ominous and evil beings would emerge.

Although the master was reserved when it came to taking action, Li Qiye wasn’t at all. He would do a few things in the master’s stead!

Qiurong Wanxue followed Li Qiye to Nightsea, but he apparently was in no hurry. He trod at a slow pace while even being a bit absent-minded. She knew that he was deep in thought.

By the time they reached Nightsea, many other cultivators had also rushed here. At this time, many young cultivators were present at Necropolis; there were more than ten times the usual amount.

These young cultivators seemed to be in a hurry as if something big had happened. Qiurong Wanxue thought that this was a matter of course since Nightsea turning clear was indeed a momentous event.

She took note of the young cultivators in a hurry and recognized the identities of some of them, speaking with surprise: “Distant Cloud, Misty Field, Green River… People from the great powers from all the domains have arrived.”

“It’s not too surprising. A heaven-piercing event had occurred. Just wait and see when the Prime Ominous Grave opens. At that time, not to mention the great powers from all over the world, even the old men from the Ancestral Domain won’t be able to sit still.” Li Qiye lightly responded.

“Even the gods from the Ancestral Domain will descend?” Qiurong Wanxue took a deep breath and exclaimed.

“The gods?” Li Qiye burst out in laughter and shook his head to say: “You think they are qualified to be called gods? I do not deny that some of those geezers really have the power for divine titles, but they are not gods, they’re only ghosts!”

Qiurong Wanxue shuddered and whispered: “Young Noble, you can’t utter such words carelessly. The Ancestral Domain has an incomparable status in the Sacred Nether World. If these words were to be heard, I’m afraid you would become the public enemy of the entire ghost race.”

“Don’t worry, they’re just a bunch of demons and monsters. I don’t care much for them. Haha, I have waited forever for those buried ghastly things to come out.” Li Qiye calmly said.

Qiurong Wanxue only gently sighed and stopped advising Li Qiye. But then, her curiosity was suddenly piqued: “The Ancestral Domain probably won’t come down. I heard that it was opened not too long ago so it won’t come down for another several dozen years.”

“The chance is still there.” Li Qiye said: “Trust me, at that time, some people won’t be able to sit still without going mad.”

Qiurong Wanxue shuddered. The gods from the Ancestral Domain descending — what kind of majestic scene would that be? Rumor has it that that year, in order to recruit Chan Yang as their descendant, the Ancestral Domain sent down only one person. Countless ghost tribes went to greet him, including people from the emperor’s lineages. Even the Myriad Bones Throne sent someone for their reception!

Her heart started to beat faster at the thought of the gods descending. Maybe it was like what Li Qiye said, this matter truly pierced the heavens!

She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she understood that this great development would lead to inevitable changes!

In fact, while the two were inside the Ancestral Flow, a message had spread across the world.