Chapter 457: Entering Nightsea

“Titanic Crescent Saint Child!” Many youngsters took a deep breath and exclaimed after seeing this humble-statured young man.

Despite being undersized, no one dared to underestimate him. On the contrary, many geniuses quickly stepped back with changed expressions.

The Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground was an extremely prestigious emperor’s lineage in the northern Misty Field; it was created by Immortal Emperor Ju Tian. Although the emperor’s title was “Titanic Crescent,” the truth was that the emperor was extremely short because he came from a dwarven tribe. There were once people who referred to their ghost tribe as three-inch nail ghosts.

However, once Immortal Emperor Ju Tian shouldered the Heaven’s Will, no one dared to call his tribe members “three-inch nails” anymore.

Although Titanic Crescent Saint Child was small, he was the direct descendant of the emperor and the saint child of the sacred ground. He was notoriously ruthless and many had died at his hands.

Emperor’s lineages arriving caused the atmosphere at Necropolis to become quite tense. Even emperor’s lineages could no longer sit still! This made many people think that the treasure mountain was truly about to appear.

Because of this, countless cultivators recklessly rushed into the ocean beneath Nightsea in order to reach the shore on the other side.

However, amidst their desperate crossing, they were barred before reaching the shore. The scene before them shocked them completely! They were forced to stop without being able to swim any further, let alone being able to reach the shore.


Meanwhile, Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue wasted a lot of time at the Ancestral Flow so they belonged to the group of cultivators that were late to arrive at Nightsea.

Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t believe her eyes once she saw the scene. They had been catching fish at this place for a month so she was used to the black-as-ink sea.

But now… The blue ocean waves were assaulting the shore with pure, clear water. This was a perfect habitat for fishes and birds. The Nightsea that once caused others to be cautious had now become a scenic location.

“What could have turned Nightsea into this?” Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t help but murmur.

Li Qiye looked towards the far distance beyond Nightsea. He had heard of the whirlpool and knew more than everyone else regarding the mysterious realm below.

“Chief, Chief, Brother Li, Brother Li, we are over here!” They suddenly heard a joyous cry. A group was waving their hands and ran closer to the two of them.

These six people were Peng Zhuang’s group. They were loitering around the shore and saw Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue so they excitedly rushed over.

“Chief, Brother Li, you guys are finally here. We have been waiting for so long!” Peng Zhuang happily spoke.

“With all these treasure lights radiating around you all, it seems that you guys have had a decent harvest.” Li Qiye looked at them and smiled.

Peng Zhuang scratched his head and happily replied: “It is all because Brother Li guided us to the right spot. Hehe, Yang Nightfish are indeed amazing things.”

“Don’t be impertinent, address him as Young Noble!” Qiurong Wanxue looked at the youths and said in a serious manner: “Young Noble Li is a great benefactor to our tribe. Do not be disrespectful from now on, understand?”

The six of them all stared at Li Qiye. They didn’t know what he had done, but they didn’t dare to go against the chief’s words so they quickly changed their attitudes.

“Young Noble, a whirlpool leading to the seabed has appeared in Nightsea. Below it is a vast ocean; I heard that it is a very mysterious realm. I also heard that the treasure mountain might come out of there, should we go on an adventure to check it out?” Peng Zhuang eagerly asked.

The six of them wanted to go much sooner, but their cultivation was too weak so they didn’t dare to act recklessly. They lingered around Nightsea to wait for their chief before doing anything else.

Li Qiye only smiled without answering. He went to the shore and cupped a handful of water then drank it.

“Myriad Immortals Source Grass, God Subduing Evil Tree, Heaven-Study Peerless Water, Hundred Dao Eager Blood…” Li Qiye savoured the taste of the sea and became quite moved. Some of the things in this water were extremely unbelievable.

The six youths were fine after hearing Li Qiye name several things that they had never heard of before, but Qiurong Wanxue was quite startled. The names were all supreme immortal items; each and every single one of them were very rare in this world. She had never seen them before since they were completely out of her reach.

She shivered while listening to Li Qiye as he called out each item. Why did Nightsea’s water contain these things?

“And also the young leaf from the World Tree!” In the end, Li Qiye clicked his tongue and murmured: “Oh boy, Imp really broke a leg here. All of these things require several generations to gather. Even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to gather all of them in just one.”

After tasting the young leaf of the World Tree in the water, Li Qiye immediately knew who did it. He had suspicions of this before, but now he was certain that Imp had taken action.

“Young Noble is saying that Nightsea turning clear has something to do with Imp?” Qiurong Wanxue emotionally asked.

“Imp did it. Oh Imp… you still haven’t given up, this is suicidal!” Li Qiye nodded his head and exclaimed. Then, he stared into the sea and murmured: “We have to find Imp, first.”

The young group didn’t know who Imp was, but they were very excited after hearing Li Qiye say that he wanted to go to the underground ocean. Peng Zhuang quickly asked: “Do we start right now?”

“We have to prepare first.” The only female disciple spoke: “For the past dozen days, many people went inside, including descendants from the great powers. I heard that several big battles occurred and many have died.”

“Yes, not only have geniuses such as Golden Child, Ghost Monk, and Hundred Clans Child come, but even Titanic Crescent Saint Child and Ghost Insect Evil Child came as well. They are descendants from emperor’s lineages and are even direct scion of Immortal Emperors. I heard that they are almost unbeatable.” A different disciple added.

Peng Zhuang nodded his head in agreement before saying: “Right. Oh man, Ghost Insect Evil Child is very scary, even more so than a ghost. I don’t even dare to look at his face again!”

“Don’t cause more trouble for Young Noble. Right now, Necropolis is very dangerous and unpredictable. You guys need to leave Necropolis first and meet up with Elder Zhi’s group.”

Li Qiye nodded and added: “Your chief is right. You guys shouldn’t go to such a place. I cannot guarantee your safety since it is even more dangerous than the Nightsea of the past.”

“Young Noble will be doing something important, so we can’t have you all become a distraction for him. Go, now.” Qiurong Wanxue knew that the situation was very serious. She didn’t wish to see her Young Noble become distracted by the youths and die in Necropolis.

The six were very eager to go for a look, but they also understood the severity of the situation. After hearing both their chief and Young Noble Li telling them to go back, they didn’t dare to ask anymore questions.

“Chief and Young Noble can rest assured, we will leave Necropolis and meet Elder Zhi right away.” Peng Zhuang hurriedly spoke.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “Go, leaving Necropolis is probably a good thing. We are currently in the eye of the storm, but sooner or later, the situation will shift. You guys are not safe here.”

The six of them knew that they were too weak. Not to mention the geniuses, there was a big gap between them and the ordinary disciples from the great powers. They obediently listened to their chief and Li Qiye.

Li Qiye stared at Nightsea and knew that he could not delay this any further so he told Qiurong Wanxue: “We shall go, I hope that we can catch up to Imp.”

She quickly followed him into the whirlpool in the center of Nightsea.

Watching the two of them depart made the young group of six glance at each other. A disciple spoke: “Did you guys feel something? Hehe, Young Noble and the chief seemed to have changed a lot in this short amount of time.”

“I think so too.” The female disciple added: “I think they are a lot closer. Did you guys notice? The chief’s gaze at Young Noble was very gentle.”

Another one scratched his head and said: “Are you sure? Will they really become a couple?”

“Haha, for sure!” Peng Zhuang said with a devious smile: “I think they are a match made in heaven. In my opinion, they are about to get together.”

“Really?” The rest responded in unison.

Peng Zhuang then continued with a perverted smile: “If the chief and Young Noble keep on staying together all alone… Hehehe, a flame will then spark, am I right?”

The other five disciples looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time: “It really is a possibility.” Having said that, the group all smiled mischievously.

Once Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue reached the center, they found a giant whirlpool as water was surging into the vortex.

After seeing the whirlpool, Li Qiye jumped down right away while hugging Qiurong Wanxue. They kept on swirling downward until their feet eventually reached the seabed.

After exiting the whirlpool, they noticed an ocean suffused with a slight golden shade as if it was a vast sea of gold.