Chapter 460: Deadlock

Because of this confrontation between the two armies, it was obvious that the ferry handlers would not be friendly enough to take the cultivators across. Some tried to take the long way around, but there were no results. This ocean did not have a limit so one couldn’t reach the end. There was only one option — go past the golden ocean to reach the shore on the other side of the black sea.

There was a very amazing young cultivator who used his family heirloom to project a divination. He found that there was definitely a shore at the other side of the black sea.

However, no one could get across without the assistance of the ferry handlers. And because of this confrontation, they could only wait until after the end of the war. Maybe there would be a chance to use the ferries then.

Qiurong Wanxue became pale from horror after seeing this stalemate and exclaimed: “What is that?!” She couldn’t believe her own eyes that reflected this shocking scene.

When she looked up at the supreme immortal article in the sky, Li Qiye quickly covered her eyes and shook his head to say: “Don’t look at that article. It is the most profound and mystical article in this heaven and earth. One glance is fine, but with your cultivation, a second glance will result in death.”

After hearing this, Qiurong Wanxue didn’t dare to look again. She took a deep breath and gazed towards the two armies in the distance.

“What exactly is happening here?” She emotionally asked.

Li Qiye looked at the Fish King and then the gigantic shadow before replying: “A battle for sovereignty.”

She seemed to gain bit of understanding as to why people were only able to go out into Nightsea with the help of the ferry handlers. So it turned out that the handlers and the Yang Nightfish were enemy.

No wonder why all the handlers disappeared overnight after the change. So they have all gathered at this place!

“Did the sovereignty over Nightsea previously belong to the ferry handlers?” Qiurong Wanxue asked.

Li Qiye nodded lightly and replied: “You can put it that way. However, their opponents can also fight back. The Yang Nightfish had always been waiting for an opportunity. Imp has disturbed the balance so things are now different. Thus, the two sides were forced to meet each other!”

“What exactly is going on?” Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t help but curiously ask: “What do the Yang Nightfish and the ferry handlers represent? What is their status in Necropolis?”

The recent events had escaped the boundaries of her imagination. Everything she had seen before could not compare to her recent encounters.

Necropolis’ inhabitants, the ferry handlers, the Yang Nightfish… Before this, no one felt anything special about the three, but now, it was different. It seemed that the three sides were not in the same camp.

It appeared that the sentiments were the local residents while the fish and the handlers had special positions!

Li Qiye didn’t answer as he hugged her while walking above the sea. They inconspicuously went closer to the golden sea.

With so many young cultivators stopping here, this place had quickly become a bustling bazaar. Because of the long wait, people had taken out their pavilions and mansions. They intended to wait here for a while until the end of the battle.

At this time, the objects that were the most abundant at this place would be the ships that were anchored at this sea. The largest one was the size of a town while the smallest was the size of a small boat. Then there were some pavilions and mansions scattered amidst this sea of ships.

Everyone set up their camps and even divided themselves into their own territories. They were still situated very far from the actual battleground since they didn’t want to be close to that side of the sea. The battle between the Fish King and the gigantic shadow would be too terrifying. It could even shatter this world! So no one dared to get close.

It could be said that this area was very lively; outside of some groups chattering about, some even used this location to sell items just like back in town.

It was very rare to have cultivators come from all over the world, so it was indeed a great chance for business. Many shops were erected and they tried to find customers.

Meanwhile, a few cultivators were bored of waiting; one of them grunted: “The two bosses have not made a move for ten days… When will this stalemate, this war end?”

A more patient cultivator retorted: “Only the heavens will know. However, we have to wait for the treasure mountain. Throughout the millions of years, Necropolis had been thoroughly excavated, but no one was able to find it. The shore beyond this place is the only other possible location.”

One of the more optimistic members stated with no intent of leaving: “What are we afraid of? Wait until after the battle ends, then follow the fish. We can sneak attack them and maybe we’ll even be able to pull up hundreds of thousands of fish. Then, we will be rich men! With that many fish, we would be able to trade for whatever we wanted. I had my eyes on a Heavenly Yin Mineral in Necropolis, but that sentiment was adamant with his price of three hundred fish. I will wait for this opportunity to make a fortune.”

Some of the impatient ones headed back in order to find the legendary key to the Prime Ominous Grave. They didn’t know that even if they dug three meters down all over Necropolis, they still wouldn’t be able to find the key because it was already in Li Qiye’s possession.

After they reached this territory and looked at all the parked ships, Qiurong Wanxue remained cautious about the two confronting military forces in the distance and quietly whispered: “How come the Ancestral Flow Master didn’t come here?”

Sentiments might not be able to come here, but the master was a living being. Moreover, the master was in charge of Necropolis! Now, a heaven-shaking war was about to break out at this place, so Qiurong Wanxue was quite perplexed due to the master’s lack of action.

“This is only a small-scale battle, it won’t be able to change anything. Imp broke the previous balance so the fish and the handlers were forced to fight.” Li Qiye replied with a grin.

Qiurong Wanxue took a deep breath and asked: “This is only considered a small-scale battle?”

Anyone would be able to tell that the Fish King and the gigantic shadow were unfathomable existences capable of plucking the moon from the sky. The battle of these two would be able to annihilate the earth. In the face of these existences, even the most powerful youths would be mere ants.

How could this battle possibly be considered “small”?

“What about a large-scale battle?” She had to ask.

“A large-scale battle?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and answered as he gazed at the two armies: “A large-scale battle would pierce the heavens. Once a large-scale battle commences, the Fish King and the ghost shadow would only be part of the insignificant vanguard.”

Qiurong Wanxue jumped after hearing this. She felt that the gigantic shadow and the Fish King were already invincible. Even Heavenly Kings would be powerless before them, yet these existences were only minor characters?

“They… are only minor characters? Then… who would be the existences in control of a large-scale battle?” Qiurong Wanxue emotionally asked.

“Just wait, one day you will witness such a battle. When that day comes, all the tribes in the Sacred Nether World should pray for their safety. It will be a very destructive war!” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied.

Qiurong Wanxue felt a chill in her heart because Li Qiye’s words left her restless.

Li Qiye advanced further above the sea while hugging Qiurong Wanxue. They didn’t make it too far before a young man approached.

This young man looked like a romantic scholar without seeming to be weak. Many divine images were behind the young man as if there were spirits protecting his dao path. Alongside sacred hymns, divine lights shot out from his body as if the gods were teaching him the dao.

“This must be the famous dao friend, Li Qiye?” The young man looked at Li Qiye and clasped his hands together.

Li Qiye took a glimpse at the young man with a poker face. Qiurong Wanxue gently pulled his sleeve and whispered: “He is the Hundred Clans Child!”

The Hundred Clans Child — the prince from the Kingdom of Gods and a famous genius at the western Green River.

Many young cultivators were alarmed at the sight of the two. One of them whispered: “The Hundred Clans Child is trying to recruit more people to his camp.”

“That is Li Qiye, a ferocious newcomer. He killed Mo Lidao and Ye Sha in one breath. It’s no wonder why the Hundred Clans Child is personally recruiting him.”

“What do you want?” Li Qiye looked at the Hundred Clans Child and asked.

The Hundred Clans Child was quite polite and went straight to the point with a smile: “I believe Fellow Daoist Li also wants to reach the other shore and can understand the current situation. Crossing alone is impossible, so how about we all work together to cross the sea?”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye lazily replied. He had no interest in joining an alliance since he had many methods if he wanted to cross.

“Fellow Daoist Li may not know, but we have an alliance that consists of hundreds of young heroes; all of them are famous contemporary experts. Moreover, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child is in charge! As long as we work together, we will definitely be able to reach the shore on the other side.” The Hundred Clans Child persuaded.