Chapter 461: Ghost Insect Evil Child

At this time, many young cultivators formed alliances in order to work together to overcome the present predicament. Two of the biggest alliances were led by the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child.

This was not strange at all. The Saint Child came from the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground while the Evil Child came from the Insect King Imperial Lineage — both of these were emperor’s lineages. The Saint Child and the Evil Child were the most exceptional and famous amongst the young generation, so naturally, they took the mantle of leadership.

Because of their status and position, geniuses like the Hundred Clans Child and Ghost Monk happily joined their alliances.

Li Qiye gained a lot of fame after killing Mo Lidao and Ye Sha so the Hundred Clans Child’s camp would be glad to have him become a member.

“Thanks, but I prefer to be alone.” Li Qiye smiled then shook his head, rejecting the offer.

The Hundred Clans Child did not give up: “Fellow Daoist Li, as the proverb says, the bigger the crowd, the mightier they become. I’m afraid no one alone will be able to surpass this difficult trial. Our alliance has an expert, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child, so why don’t you cooperate with us? Everyone will take care of each other and we shall reap the benefits from it.”

“This so-called ‘difficult trial’ only applies to other people, it is not a problem for me.” Li Qiye lazily replied, seemingly lacking all interest.

After hearing this, the Hundred Clans Child’s eyes narrowed as a glimmer flashed across his pupils. He then asked: “So Fellow Daoist Li has a way to cross this ocean? Could you reveal a thing or two?”

“Why do I have to tell you?” Li Qiye leered at him and continued: “You guys can go your own way and I shall go on mine without any entanglement.”

Li Qiye’s arrogant attitude annoyed the Hundred Clans Child. His country was ancient and powerful within the Sacred Nether World; although it was not equal to an emperor’s lineage, it was only inferior by a slight margin.

As its descendant and prince, his status was high and mighty. Today, he came to recruit Li Qiye because he had heard of Li Qiye’s powerful cultivation. Otherwise, how could an ordinary human get into his sight?

He didn’t expect Li Qiye to give him no face — way too arrogant. He then replied in a deep tone: “Fellow Daoist Li, one has to rely on friends once they go outside; if you have a good method, then please do share. You will also benefit in the future by doing so.”

“Too wordy…” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “I shall do as I please. Stop blabbering, my patience is limited!”

The Hundred Clans Child’s expression sank; this was far more than simple displeasure.

“So you are Li Qiye!?” Suddenly, an aggressive and arrogant voice came.

A group led by a young man came closer. Many nearby cultivators quickly parted since they didn’t want to mess with these people.

Anyone who saw the young man leading the group would jump in fear. He wore a black robe and was as thin as a bamboo tree; it was as if a gust of wind could blow him over.

However, this was not the reason to be horrified. There was a cyst-like protrusion on the young man’s forehead — extremely disgusting. And something that resembled a bug was moving inside.

There was indeed a worm inside this cyst-like protrusion and sometimes, it would stick its head out. It had a ferocious and nausea-inducing appearance. Anyone who looked at it would get an unbearably creepy sensation.

The arrival of this young man grossed everyone out as they took a step back.

“Ghost Insect Evil Child!” The young cultivators all changed their expressions while the girls turned pale.

In both the western Green River and the whole Sacred Nether World, the Evil Child was the young genius that others feared the most.

He hailed from the Insect King Imperial Lineage, a very ancient inheritance that was established before the Emperors Era. It was far older than many great powers in the Sacred Nether World.

It was created by Immortal Emperor Chong Huang. Since the start of time, the emperor that scared the souls out of people the most was Immortal Emperor Tian Tu, and the one that was the most creepy was Immortal Emperor Chong Huang. 1

Immortal Emperor Chong Huang came from the Insect King Ghost Tribe. This was not a large tribe, but its disciples were the most sinister and terrifying.

Members of this tribe were born with a Nether Insect King situated in the protrusion on their foreheads.

This insect was an extremely powerful creature that would grow alongside its master. The more powerful the master becomes, the more powerful the insect would be. Legend says that once this insect breaks out from the protrusion and becomes its own existence, it would become a terrorizing existence — a true insect king!

Even the young ones were still very terrifying. People said that being bitten by one was a fate worse than death. The body of someone who gets bitten would begin to decay. The person would suffer from an agonizing pain for dozens of days to dozens of years before ultimately dying a slow death.

This was why most people didn’t want to mess with the Insect King tribal members; these Nether Insect Kings were too dreadful! No matter how powerful one was, being bitten was often synonymous with death.

The Ghost Insect Evil Child was not only the main descendant, he was also the heir to the throne.

As a descendant of an emperor’s lineage, his cultivation was not stronger than the Titanic Crescent Saint Child’s, but his notoriety was greater than the Saint Child’s.

If one was asked to say who was more terrifying between the Saint Child and the Evil Child, then the majority of the Sacred Nether inhabitants would pick the Evil Child.

Offending the Saint Child would end in a quick death, but offending the Evil Child would result in a fate worse than death. The torture may even last for dozens of years.

This was why his appearance shocked many people completely, especially when the little worm inside the cyst would sometimes climb out. Qiurong Wanxue, who was standing by Li Qiye, also felt that it was unbearable.

Despite the Evil Child’s aggressive momentum, Li Qiye only looked at him and answered frivolously: “So what if I am?”

“That’s good.” The Evil Child glared at Li Qiye and said: “Quickly prostrate and bow your head to apologize to Brother Divine Spark!”

At this time, the Divine Spark Prince was standing next to the Evil Child since he had joined his camp. Golden Child was standing next to him as well.

The Evil Child was an imperial descendant so, in theory, a character like the Divine Spark King was a nobody. However, who was it to blame that the prince had such a wonderful big sister? The Evil Child would have to be somewhat mindful of the Phoenix Maiden since she was Sir Di Zuo’s fiancee.

Not long ago, the prince felt humiliated after being slapped by Li Qiye, so he quickly got the Evil Child’s backing by joining his alliance.

Many spectators gazed at Li Qiye with sympathy. They felt that opposing the Evil Child would result in an unwanted and terrible fate. They couldn’t help but shiver at such a thought.

A young cultivator shook his head and said: “This little human killed Mo Lidao and slayed Ye Sha. He could be considered the next generation’s monster, but it is unfortunate that he has to meet the Evil Child today.” Everyone could already imagine Li Qiye’s inevitably miserable outcome.

With the backing of the Evil Child, the Divine Spark Prince’s courage soared as he arrogantly sneered at Li Qiye: “Human Ant, quickly prostrate before me. If I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll only break your four limbs and destroy your cultivation while sparing your dog life—”

However, before the prince could finish, Li Qiye had already slapped him.

“Ahh!” The prince screamed out. He spat out some blood along with some loose teeth.

“Where is this wild dog’s barking coming from? So annoying.” Li Qiye slowly wiped his hand with a handkerchief as if it was stained by something dirty.

Everyone was fazed by this blatant provocation — slapping the prince right in front of the Evil Child. This palm did not only slap the prince’s face, but also the Evil Child’s.

The Divine Spark Prince was not a weakling, but he didn’t have the strength to meet Li Qiye’s palm, so he was blown away.

The Ghost Insect Evil Child’s face greatly changed. He went out of his way to stand out for the prince, but this human junior still dared to slap the prince; this was giving him zero face.

With a dark expression as his eyes gave an awe-inspiring glare, the evil child uttered: “Human Ant, how do you want to die?” Meanwhile, the insect inside his forehead was still squirming around.

“Brother Ghost Insect, cut off his limbs first!” The prince shouted: “Then let the Nether Insect King bite him; let him experience a fate worse than death, let him scream for a hundred years—”

“Noisy.” Li Qiye swung his hand. The prince was well-prepared this time, but he still couldn’t evade the blow.

“Bang!” He was slapped flying really far away once more as his blood splattered everywhere.

“You dare!?” The Evil Child’s expression became fierce as he shouted: “Human Ant, I’ll make you wish for death!”

“Whoosh!” The protrusion broke apart as the insect flew out and tried to bite Li Qiye at lightning speed.

“A Nether Insect King!” Many people screamed and swiftly ran away in fear. No one wanted to experience the terrible fate of being bitten by this insect.

“Watch out!” Qiurong Wanxue quickly warned him as her complexion paled.

“What hole did this bug come out from?” However, Li Qiye was as calm as ever. He flipped his right palm and suddenly, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron appeared in his hand. “Boom!” Refined flames from the heaven and earth suddenly soared to the sky. With the cry of a phoenix, this flame turned into a phoenix as it pecked at the Nether Insect King.



  1. Immortal Emperor Tian Tu = Heavenly Massacre — this is an Ancient Ming Emperor. Chong Huang = Insect King, so Insect King Immortal Emperor.