Chapter 462: Titanic Crescent Saint Child

The Nether Insect King became horrified. It let out a squeak before turning around to flee. It was very scared of this fiery phoenix created by the amalgamation of refined worldly flames.

Li Qiye’s Myriad Heavenly Cauldron was the number one cauldron in this world since it had devoured countless refined flames. Its fire was the purest of its kind, something that was capable of refining all things.

The Nether Insect King was not afraid of the flames from ordinary cauldrons, but the flames of this phoenix were its nemesis. If it was engulfed by these flames, then its destruction would be assured. An existence like the Nether Insect King was extremely nutritious for the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron!

The Ghost Insect Evil Child quickly caught up to the insect and shouted: “Return!” The insect then crawled back and hid in the Evil Child’s forehead, not daring to show itself again.

After losing its goal, the fiery phoenix then flew back to the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron.

Everyone gasped because they knew that this insect was very fierce. Normally, it would not be scared of the heaven or earth, but just now, it lost its mind in fear as if it had met its maker and immediately fled. How could people not become astonished at such a scene? The source of terror, the Nether Insect King, actually ran away!

Many cultivators then realized that the little cauldron in Li Qiye’s hand was an amazing treasure.

“Do you think you are invincible with just a little furnace?” The Evil Child coldly spoke.

The Evil Child, as the master of the insect, had always basked in the fear of others running away the instant they saw it. He didn’t expect for the insect to flee so quickly and make him, the master, lose all face.

“If you have some skill, then come try it. If not, then get the hell out of my presence. Do not waste my time.” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the Evil Child as he slowly spoke these words.

Everyone looked at each other and felt that this brat was too arrogant and forceful. How many people would dare to enrage a descendant of an emperor’s lineage like the Evil Child?

Qiurong Wanxue’s heart jumped as she secretly worried for Li Qiye since the Evil Child was a famous genius in the Sacred Nether World.

The Evil Child had an unsightly expression on his face at the moment. Outside of invincible existences like Di Zuo, who amongst the younger generation would dare to challenge his prestige?

His glare became sharp as ghastly energy surged all over the sky: “This thing doesn’t know life from death!” The Evil Child, at this time, looked like an evil ghost from hell, especially with the worm wiggling around in his forehead.

“Careful!” Qiurong Wanxue quickly warned Li Qiye.

“Amitabha, amitabha…” However, right when the Evil Child was about to attack, a buddhist chant could be heard.

A monk showed up next to Li Qiye and cheerfully smiled at the Evil Child: “Ghost Insect, you want to fight? Now, now, we’ll play for a few moves. I heard that you once proclaimed that, outside of the three heroes, you were number one amongst the descendants of the emperor’s lineages. Today, this monk will verify your claim of being number one!”

This monk was the henpecked Monk Dazhi; he came here out of nowhere!

Earlier, people already thought that Li Qiye was being too arrogant for provoking the Evil Child, but now, a monk climbed out of nowhere and also attacked him. What was going on today? Will there be even more people who will come out to stomp on a genius’s foot?

“Jian Xuan!” The Evil Child’s expression sank as he coldly declared: “You have no business here!”

Monk Dazhi shaved his head completely bald so no one recognized him, but they shuddered after hearing the name “Jian Xuan.”

“Jian Xuan? The Nether Crossing Swamp’s descendant, the genius of the northern Misty Field!” Those who knew who the monk was were very excited to watch the entertaining development.

Both the Evil Child and the Saint Child were famous descendants from emperor’s lineages, but so was Jian Xuan. The Nether Crossing Swamp that was built by Immortal Emperor Ming Du was not weaker than the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground or the Insect King Imperial Lineage!

However, compared to these two descendants, Jian Xuan was not as famous or bombastic as the other two. However, in the Sacred Nether World, no one dared to view him with disdain, especially the young geniuses at the northern Misty Field. Ten years ago, a message came out from the Nether Crossing Swamp indicating that it wished to name Jian Xuan as the official successor. Unfortunately, Jian Xuan didn’t want to bear this responsibility and fled.

The Ghost Insect Evil Child and the Titanic Crescent Saint Child were only descendants without an official position, but Jian Xuan could have bore the responsibility ten years ago, demonstrating that he gained the approval from the swamp’s elders. This was indicative of his brilliance.

Monk Dazhi placed his palms together and began to chant: “Amitabha, this farce originally had nothing to do with me, but I’m afraid that you will die an early death in the hands of Brother Li. If this happens, how could I help you verify your bold claim?”

“That was only a joke from Brother Ghost Insect so Brother Jian Xuan doesn’t need to take it so seriously.” The voice of a short person came along.

His humble stature was made up by his powerful momentum so no one dared to underestimate him. This short person was the Titanic Crescent Saint Child.

Even more people gathered as they looked around at each other in anticipation. The sudden gathering of three emperor’s lineage descendants truly made for a festive occasion.

Li Qiye, who was the one who started this storm, was suddenly forgotten.

“Is that so?” Monk Dazhi smiled and continued: “Although I have no interest in competing for first place, if someone pats their chest proudly and proclaims to be number one, then I would like to test them.”

“Brother Jian Xuan, stop messing around.” The Saint Child quickly mediated: “Who in the Sacred Nether World doesn’t know about your unparalleled talents?”

Li Qiye glanced at them and couldn’t be bothered to join in. He then hugged Qiurong Wanxue and turned around to leave.

The Ghost Insect Evil Child blocked his path in a combative manner and dryly said: “Want to leave? It’s not so easy!”

Today, Li Qiye had caused him to lose quite a bit of face, so how could he spare this human ant?

“If you want to come, then come. Don’t continuously blabber like a girl!”

“Amitabha, amitabha. Brother Li, why the need to kill a chicken with a butcher’s blade meant for an ox? Just let me go.”

The Evil Child became enraged due to Jian Xuan’s continuous belligerence towards him, so he exclaimed: “Jian Xuan, you wish to oppose me!?”

“So what if I do? Ghost Insect, do you think that I am afraid of you?” Monk Dazhi paid it no mind and smilingly replied.

The Evil Child glared at the monk with an ugly expression. The monk was right, they were both arrogant descendants from emperor’s lineages. Neither of them had a reason to be afraid of each other.

“Brother Jian Xuan, there is no need for this…” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child continued to smooth things over: “Why the need for infighting between us members of the ghost race just because of a human? People would laugh at us if they found out about such a thing. Brother Jian Xuan, why are you interfering for a mere human?”

“I didn’t say that I was acting on behalf of the ghost race.” Monk Dazhi shook his head and continued: “Today, if Ghost Insect wants to fight, then I’ll happily entertain him to the very end. So what if I’m annoying him? If he doesn’t like it, then get his ass over here!”

Monk Dazhi’s words were very domineering. He was nothing like one who was following the buddhist faith, but he indeed was a fake anyway.

Many young cultivators and geniuses were watching on the sidelines. Monk Dazhi was indeed quite blusterous, but he had the qualifications to act this way.

The Evil Child nearly vomited blood from anger as he angrily exclaimed: “Jian Xuan, you think that I am afraid of you? The two of you can come together, I’ll deal with you both!”

“The two of us together? You aren’t good enough. You and you, both of you come together.” Li Qiye looked at them and slowly spoke as he pointed at the Evil Child and the Saint Child.

“Such audacity!” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child retorted with a cold tone: “This place isn’t somewhere for a human boy like you to show off!” The Saint Child had already wanted to take care of Li Qiye after hearing from the Hundred Clans Child that he might have a method to cross to the other side.

“Too much nonsense.” The moment these words came out from his mouth, Li Qiye stomped forward with one foot. This foot that covered the sky resembled a divine mountain breaking the wind to attack.

The Saint Child’s expression sank. He shifted his body like a water snake to dodge Li Qiye’s foot at an unbelievable angle.

“Die!” The Evil Child swiftly attacked with a force that carried a ghastly energy as vast as the sweeping ocean.

“Amitabha, amitabha.” After chanting, the monk seemingly turned into a Vajrapani. His buddhist beads swung up into the air like a heaven-shouldering pillar that easily stopped the Evil Child.

After escaping from Li Qiye’s foot, the Saint Child told Monk Dazhi: “Brother Jian Xuan, you and I are both from the northern Misty Field and live in peaceful harmony. Today, you chose to protect this human ant so don’t blame me and Brother Ghost Insect for working together. After we defeat Brother Jian Xuan, we’ll deal with this human ant all the same!”

Both of them were quite wary of Monk Dazhi. One person wanted to kill Li Qiye to wash his humiliation away while the other wanted to capture Li Qiye alive. Nevertheless, Monk Dazhi’s involvement was problematic.

“Working together?” Li Qiye remained still while Monk Dazhi reacted in a grand manner. He laughed loudly and declared: “Both of you can come together!”

“Buzz!” Having said that, a surging emperor’s power erupted right behind him as if there was an emperor in that spot.