Chapter 463: A Few Secrets Of The Nether Crossing Swamp

There wasn’t a need for pointless chatter or posturing, the emperor’s power swept by like the arrival of an Immortal Emperor as all nine heavens and ten earths prostrated before its might. The gigantic shadow and the sky-devouring fish also glanced towards this direction.

Some shocked cultivators couldn’t help but retreat while uttering: “An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!”

“An Emperor’s weapon!” Both the Evil Child and the Saint Child lost their cool.

“So? As imperial descendants, don’t tell me that you two didn’t bring at least one or two emperor’s weapons. It would be quite shameful if you guys didn’t have even one Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. Are your elders that stingy?”

Monk Dazhi’s words were so vile that it caused the Ghost Insect Evil Child and the Titanic Crescent Saint Child to turn ashen. All three were imperial descendants, so it was difficult to tell who would win in a one-on-one encounter.

However, since the monk brought along an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, the other two could only swallow their anger no matter how powerful they were. All three had similar levels of power, but the appearance of the emperor’s weapon changed everything; the victor was instantly decided!

Even if both of them joined forces, it wouldn’t change the outcome versus Monk Dazhi with his weapon. Although they had heaven-defying emperor laws, they also didn’t want to take such a risk. Once struck by the emperor’s weapon, even their powerful bodies would disintegrate.

Many people became speechless after hearing the monk. An item like an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure was definitely not ordinary; even an emperor’s lineage would normally only have one or two of them, so how could a young person such as him run rampant while wielding one of them?

“How heroic is it to win using an emperor’s weapon?” The Evil Child sarcastically retorted. He could not stop an emperor’s weapon unless he cultivated an Immortal Physique.

Monk Dazhi leered at the Evil Child and said: “So what if I am using an immortal weapon to bully you? Not convinced? Then come and bite me! You can’t even take out an emperor’s weapon yet you are shamelessly calling yourself an imperial descendant!”

This fake monk put on a young master act, one without any of the grace befitting a member of the monastery.

After being provoked by the monk, the Evil Child and the Saint Child quivered from anger. They came to Necropolis in a rush so although they asked to borrow Immortal Emperor Life Treasures from their sects, the elders had not yet approved their requests.

Monk Dazhi was different. He could have already accepted the Nether Crossing Swamp’s leadership so he naturally had the right to control the Immortal Emperor Life Treasures.

“Very well, Jian Xuan, just you wait!” The Evil Child couldn’t bear this frustration and threatened: “Don’t think that only your Nether Crossing Swamp has Immortal Emperor Life Treasures!”

“Then I’ll wait. Do you think I am afraid of a half-insect half-ghost monster like you?” Monk Dazhi leered at him and retorted.

The Evil Child left in exasperation. Although he really wanted to fight, a direct confrontation without an emperor’s weapon would be akin to throwing an egg at a boulder.

After the Evil Child left, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child looked at Li Qiye before coldly telling Monk Dazhi: “Brother Jian Xuan, you can protect him for now, but not forever.”

The Saint Child wanted to obtain Li Qiye’s method of traversing the sea, but he didn’t expect for Monk Dazhi to interfere and ruin his business.

Monk Dazhi laughed and coldly stared at the Saint Child: “Titanic Crescent, you think too highly of yourself; do you actually consider yourself to be invincible amongst the younger generation? Brother Li needing my protection? Haha, I only took action because I dislike you two and your arrogant conduct. Or could it be that you think you are the strongest genius in the northern Misty Field?”

The Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Nether Crossing Swamp were both emperor’s lineages in the Misty Field, and these two were their strongest descendants. The two sects would inevitably have some conflicts due to this. However, because Monk Dazhi rarely showed himself, the Saint Child proclaimed himself to be number one amongst the younger generation.

This time, the monk purposely used a provocative stance against those two in order to dispel their arrogant behaviors.

The Saint Child only snorted in the face of such taunts and turned around to leave.

The other young cultivators didn’t dare to discuss this matter. Geniuses like Golden Child and the Hundred Clans Child also restrained themselves from commenting. This was a conflict between emperor’s lineages. Although their sects were strong, they were still far from being comparable with emperor’s lineages. Both the Saint Child and the monk were not people they wished to offend.

The crowd dispersed and went on with their own business. Monk Dazhi clasped his hands together and spoke to Li Qiye with a smile: “Amitabha, amitabha. Benefactor Li, it seems that we are often brought together by fate.”

“Oh? No longer hiding from your old lady?” Li Qiye snappily asked.

Each time the monk appeared, he would ruin Li Qiye’s fun so Li Qiye was very annoyed with him.

“Ahh…” The monk wryly laughed and scratched his bald head.

Li Qiye laughed after seeing the monk like this, then he hugged Qiurong Wanxue and kept going to the front.

The monk quickly followed right behind them while looking at the grand scene ahead — the confrontation between the gigantic black shadow and the sky-devouring Fish King.

“What does Benefactor Li think about these existences?” He curiously asked Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the monk as he replied: “Fake Monk, you want me to talk? Your patriarch should have left behind a few words.”

“I’m just casually asking.” The monk forced a chuckle. He indeed knew quite a few things. Immortal Emperor Ming Du of the swamp came from Necropolis, so he naturally knew more about it than outsiders.

Monk Dazhi didn’t know whether his patriarch came from Necropolis or not, but there had been rumors along these lines. The Nether Crossing Swamp had records about Necropolis’ secrets that other emperor’s lineages weren’t privy to.

He intentionally wanted to test Li Qiye. Since Li Qiye was able to see through the Soaring Remembrance Village, he should definitely know some other things as well.

“Fake Monk, what do you want to know? If it is within my knowledge, then I can tell you about a few things.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

The monk’s eyes quickly lit up as he cheerfully responded with a smile: “My sect has some secret records stating that this place had a great creation, an extremely amazing one for our ghost race. This creation… After obtaining it, it wouldn’t be difficult to become an Immortal Emperor!”

Qiurong Wanxue’s expression greatly changed after hearing this. Wouldn’t be difficult to become an Immortal Emperor? What kind of heaven-defying and invincible creation was this? It would drive anyone crazy!

“A grand creation for shouldering the Heaven’s Will…” Li Qiye became serious and continued: “There truly is such a creation. I can tell you about this. Also, your swamp has a few things that could help you grab this creation.”

“Really?” Monk Dazhi’s eyes brightened once more. He was like a scrooge who stumbled upon a gold bar. He rubbed his palms together and smilingly pleaded: “Just what is this creation? Please tell me, Benefactor Li.”

Li Qiye leisurely looked at the monk and answered: “Since you are a ghost, maybe you could actually obtain this creation. However, I have to tell you the bad news as well. This creation is not necessarily good and it might bring about bad fortune to your life!”

The monk was aghast as he stared at Li Qiye and asked: “How does Benefactor Li know!?”

“So you have seen the secret writings of your patriarch. Fake Monk, you know quite a few things, don’t you?” Li Qiye looked at him and responded with his own question.

The monk took a deep breath. This was a secret of the swamp, but very few sect members knew about it. He spoke his quivering thoughts: “The patriarch’s writings indeed talked about this. He warned us about obtaining this creation since it might bring about a sect-destroying disaster!”

When he read his patriarch’s secret writings before, he didn’t understand why Immortal Emperor Ming Du specifically warned his descendants. Just what was it that caused their patriarch to be so wary like this?

The monk couldn’t help but eagerly ask: “What is Benefactor Li’s opinion about this?”

“Opinion?” Li Qiye said with leisure: “If you want to live longer, then stay far away from it. Otherwise, if you somehow got a hold of it, then the swamp would suffer a calamity unless your patriarch comes back to life.”

The monk’s heart thumped after hearing this. He didn’t think that Li Qiye was only scaring him because the patriarch’s writings specifically warned them about this.

“Do you still want the creation?” Li Qiye lightly inquired.

“Amitabha, amitabha.” Monk Dazhi shook his head and continued with an accepting smile: “My talents reach the sky itself; even if I don’t have that creation, I can still reach the peak and shoulder the Heaven’s Will. This generation’s true prince shall be me!”

Despite such boastful words, one had to admit that Monk Dazhi was extremely outstanding. Otherwise, he would not have become the inheritor of the Nether Crossing Swamp.

Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue went to the battlefield between the two armies. He then smiled at the monk and asked: “Monk, can you cross the black sea before us?”

The monk quickly shook his head as fast as a beating drum and replied: “Hahaha, Benefactor Li thinks too highly of me. Do you not see that no one here can do it? What can this skilless monk do when so many others have failed?”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye looked at him with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile and calmly continued: “If I remember correctly, your patriarch, Immortal Emperor Ming Du, left behind a treasure boat that could cross all oceans in this world. That boat should be able to cross Nightsea and the black sea ahead without any problems!”

The moments these words came out, the monk became completely shocked.