Chapter 468: Tian Lunhui

The rate of consumption of Li Qiye’s blood energy and life force was amazing. His hair turned completely white; it was as if he became dozens of years older in just a second.

At this time, his Fate Palace appeared and the Terra’s Root that he had obtained from the islands poured down an endless amount of life essence.

This rich life essence flowed back into the Fate Palace. The four images of life inside the master palace released a huge amount of life force in order to reverse Li Qiye’s aging, making up for his loss of blood energy and life force.

If someone was next to Li Qiye at this moment, they would find that his hair was changing between black and white continuously.

This development was not surprising at all. Even the most brilliant genius capable of defying the heavens would not be able to understand these derivations during their lifetime.

Very few in this world could understand its profound meanings. Even devilish geniuses would suffer from qi deviation after looking at it for a long time. For example, Qiurong Wanxue almost fainted after just several glances.

Meanwhile, Qiurong Wanxue went to a different place. She only wanted to learn one merit law; that alone would be quite satisfactory.

This was the origin of the ghost race’s cultivation. Many merit laws here encompassed multiple ghost merit laws. By just learning one of them, it would be equivalent to understanding a huge section of ghost cultivation and it would surely benefit Qiurong Wanxue’s future dao path.

However, despite her best efforts, she was not able to understand the profundities of a single merit law. At best, she was only able to sense some changes. For example, the faint sensation of sword energy or saber intent of some mountains, or a certain majestic aura…

Just seeing through the profundities of these laws would be more difficult than reaching the heavens for Qiurong Wanxue.

However, she couldn’t be blamed for this. It was not only due to her lacking talents, the merit laws that were thrown away here were the origin of cultivation and the most ancient grand dao of the ghost race.

After millions of years of cultivation and transformations, the many races in the Sacred Nether World were already far from their original grand dao and merit laws.

Though these abandoned laws only seemed to be merit laws, they actually contained an all-encompassing grand dao with unparalleled mysteries — very complex and cumbersome.

However, even unraveling a sliver of the mysteries here would result in boundless benefits. Tracing back to the origin of these merit laws was equivalent to grasping an outline of the ghost race’s grand dao.

This general outline may not be as powerful as an emperor’s law as one would not be able to use it to slay one’s enemy or evil, but once grasped, it would open a path towards the peak in the future.

Only those at the Virtuous Paragon realm would be able to expose themselves to personal dao creation. However, in this place, as long as one had heaven-defying talents and knowledge sufficient to understand these origin merit laws, then one could begin to ponder the mysteries of a Virtuous Paragon long before that point. This was a very amazing matter.

Qiurong Wanxue failed time and time again. Not only was it due to her lacking talents, but also because her knowledge was far from sufficient.

She came from the Snow-shadow Ghost Tribe; a small tribe like this would have a very limited selection of merit laws. Reaching Royal Noble at her age already meant that her talents were very extraordinary. If she came from an emperor’s lineage, then maybe her present cultivation would not be any weaker than the likes of the Titanic Crescent Saint Child. She would also be able to understand a bit of these mysteries. But alas, her knowledge was too little and she couldn’t understand anything. The mountains of treasures before her very eyes were close at hand, but she could only go back empty-handed.

Nevertheless, Qiurong Wanxue was not greedy. She felt no regret despite being in the presence of numerous unlearnable merit laws. This trip to Necropolis was very fruitful to her, and Li Qiye had given her plenty of good fortune. After failing to learn these merit laws, Qiurong Wanxue decisively gave up and searched for a place with signs of life in Li Qiye’s stead.

Although this was an abandoned land, it was vast with hundreds of thousands of miles of land. Finding a place with life in this great expanse was as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.


While Li Qiye was lost in looking at the ants and Qiurong Wanxue was in search for a place with signs of life, someone finally succeeded at crossing the black sea back at the boundary.

The person was Tian Lunhui; he brought along an extremely heaven-defying item and successfully stole a really big ferry from a handler.

He then brought along dozens of young cultivators on this boat and they quickly traveled towards the other shore. The young cultivators were the most promising geniuses of the ghost race, such as the Titanic Crescent Saint Child, the Ghost Insect Evil Child, Golden Child, Ghost Monk, and so on.

Tian Lunhui’s actions shocked all the young cultivators present. His invincible style and mysterious aura garnered a lot of admiration.

“Tian Lunhui is indeed deserving of being one of the three heroes, someone who is comparable to Sir Di Zuo.” Many were amazed after seeing the faint style of an emperor in Tian Lunhui. No geniuses would deny that he was a reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor. Even the arrogant Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child couldn’t help but be won over by him.

Tian Lunhui’s amazing move made others think about Di Zuo!

“How come Sir Di Zuo still isn’t here yet?” Many young cultivators stuck behind at the ocean thought about Di Zuo. At this moment, they were all waiting for his arrival. Maybe he would be like Tian Lunhui and would bring them across the black sea to the other shore.

However, Di Zuo still didn’t show up. After a long time, new information about Di Zuo suddenly came. He had arrived at Necropolis and suddenly entered an ominous ground. At that place, he came upon a divine beast so he immediately gave chase.

“A Scarletflame Qilin! Sir Di Zuo actually wants to tame a divine beast like a Scarletflame Qilin!” Although it was a shame for Di Zuo to miss out on this lively occasion, this news was still astonishing enough.

Even the older cultivators outside of Necropolis took a deep breath after hearing this. An older sect master said: “Di Zuo is too ambitious. Countless people wanted to tame this qilin in its lair, but all had failed. Even Virtuous Paragons have failed before; Di Zuo is being overconfident this time.”

Nevertheless, the older generation did not dare to sneer and call him arrogant because he possessed the qualifications and skills to act in this manner. Only a heaven’s proud son like Di Zuo would be able to tame a divine beast like the Scarletflame Qilin and make it his mount.

On the other side, Tian Lunhui brought people across the black sea with his boat. Once they landed on the shore, even Tian Lunhui shuddered in amazement.

“A land of epic creations, a dao land!” Tian Lunhui took in the view as his body exuded a mysterious aura. He was like a god with a pair of eyes capable of seeing through the cycle of samsara and Yin and Yang.

The moment the other geniuses landed on the shore, they also felt the hymns of the grand dao and became astonished. Before they could calm down, Tian Lunhui had already disappeared; apparently, he had no intention of going with them.

“Maybe great creations are waiting for us at this place. We’ll go our separate ways!” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child shouted before going on his own.

The ghost geniuses all went on their own after picking different directions. They all wanted their own great creations; maybe they could even find the legendary treasure mountain. They didn’t wish to cross this vast land with anyone since no one wanted to share their treasure with others.

At this time, Qiurong Wanxue was trying to find the land with signs of life that Li Qiye had mentioned. She crossed a mountain range and suddenly felt a mysterious aura coming from very far away. She lifted her head and noticed a shadow in that direction soaring by at an extreme speed. This shadow that left myriad laws in its wake crossed over mountains and rivers like a True God. A mysterious aura shrouded this person that exuded the faint sensation of a young Immortal Emperor.

“Tian Lunhui!” Qiurong Wanxue’s expression greatly changed. Although she had never seen him before, she had heard descriptions of him from others. After feeling his aura, she was sure that it was one of the three heroes — Tian Lunhui.

If some from the younger generation were able to pass the black sea, then Tian Lunhui was definitely one of them.

She shuddered with worry at the thought of Tian Lunhui being on this land. She had to let her Young Noble know, so she turned around and went back.

When she returned, Li Qiye was still lost in his calculations of the ants like a petrified statue. Seeing his hair turning white all of a sudden scared her witless.

“Young Noble, what is wrong?” Qiurong Wanxue assumed that he was suffering qi deviation, so she quickly rushed over to pull on him. However, the moment she got close, a powerful force blew her away.

Fate Palaces appeared above Li Qiye’s head and a life force rushed forth like a spring, turning his hair black again. Then, a bit later, his hair became white before a new wave of life force came by to recover his vitality. This process kept on repeating itself.

Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t get close since Li Qiye was being sheltered by his own power, but she became relieved after seeing his hair turning back to black.