Chapter 470: Learning The Dao At The Other Shore

In just a short period of time, no mountains or river were left unturned. Even the valleys and ravines were filled with at least one or two cultivators trying to ponder the dao of this amazing land.

However, this place involved the grand dao’s outline, so although each scenery indeed contained a merit law, the dao found inside was far from simple. That supreme existence in the past didn’t just randomly throw down merit laws all over this place. He combined countless merit laws as experiments. Each mountain and river connected with the heaven and earth, so forget about reversing the trace to understand the origin, even understanding what was on the surface was fraught with difficulty.

Despite their observations, the young cultivators here had very few results. They were sure that these landscapes contained an amazing merit law; they could feel the sword energy and saber intent inside, but understanding and tracing the mystic grand dao all the way back to the origin was harder than reaching the heavens.

However, many did not give up. They then chose different mountains and rivers, hoping that they would eventually understand a merit law, but no matter how many times they changed their setting, all was for naught.

Occasionally, there would be a few geniuses who were slightly successful, but it would just be a glimpse of the surface. Nevertheless, they still greatly benefitted and became lost in their research.

Other youths without any success had to admire them: “Geniuses are indeed geniuses. People who come from emperor’s lineages are a different breed.”

This was because, at this time, the Saint Child and the Evil Child had achieved some success. As they were observing a mountain and a river, universal laws reached out with divine properties emanating everywhere as if they were breaking out from a cocoon. Strands of dao runes appeared before their eyes and dao seals appeared on their bodies.

After seeing their success, many young geniuses couldn’t help but admire them.

After understanding a thing or two, the two of them became ecstatic. Other cultivators didn’t know what they were seeing, but they clearly knew what it was. This was not a simple merit law, and whether it was of the emperor level or not was no longer important because this was the general outline of the ghost race’s cultivation! They could then derive it much further, resulting in even greater benefits.

“Buzz!” While many were envious of these two, a series of immortal lights suddenly shot to the sky at a different location.

“What is going on?” Many people curiously ran towards that direction. There, they found a huge valley overwhelmed with immortal lights along with a faint shadow — Tian Lunhui.

Tian Lunhui was encompassed by immortal lights as thick divine laws coiled around his body. It was as if a treasure had opened at this valley, and dragons and phoenixes flew everywhere with dancing qilins and a black tortoise raising the ocean.

Images of True Gods came out one after another, chanting mantras that preached the dao. Tian Lunhui sat in a meditative pose inside the immortal lights to listen to the dao lecture as amazing phenomena appeared all around him.

These creatures were not real and instead were formed from the grand dao universal laws. However, the profoundness of the dao being studied by Tian Lunhui was real.

A youth noticed this and murmured: “Incredible! He is studying the real mysteries of the grand dao.”

Tian Lunhui’s dao research created much more dazzling images compared to the Evil Child and the Saint Child. Many cultivators both admired and were envious of Tian Lunhui’s amazing harvest.

“One of the three heroes…” A person gently sighed. No one could hold their head up high before someone like Tian Lunhui regardless of how great their talents were or their degree of arrogance.

A few of them stayed behind to see if they could obtain something from Tian Lunhui’s lights, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t observe its mysteries.

Although every location in this land was a merit law filled with the profound grand dao, very few were able to understand anything. Even just reaching the most superficial layer was already a great harvest.

After trying out many different places, some of the young cultivators gave up. They had no choice since not everyone was like the Saint Child and the Evil Child, let alone Tian Lunhui.

After not gaining anything from dao observations, they began to shift their focus. Before this, people had heard about a treasure. It might even be the treasure of Necropolis that had never been found before. And so, this group decided to find treasures, instead, while searching every inch of the land.

Some looked towards the sky because the moment they got here, they immediately noticed the kingdom.

Some tried to reach the sky, but no matter how they tried or what treasures they used, they all automatically fell down after reaching a certain height.

“There must be a way to reach the sky!” An unrelenting person exclaimed.

Some speculated that the kingdom in the sky was the fabled treasure. The treasure mountain could even be there.

In an instant, countless people went searching to find clues of how to reach the kingdom in the sky.

“There is a place that is different from all the others. This place has life!” Hard work paid off after all. A person finally found a clue in the far east.

Ever since they set foot on this land, they found that this place was weirder than even Necropolis. It was without any life and all were formed from universal laws. Now, they were ecstatic after discovering signs of life.

“Could this be the entrance to the treasure?” Many young ones rushed to this land with life.

Qiurong Wanxue had blended into the crowd in her disguise. After hearing about this, she also ran there.

She found that there was already a big crowd after she arrived.

This land of life was a small oasis that had a small lake surrounded by growing trees and lush grass. There were some ruins around it as if a palace had collapsed at this location.

Everyone had spent a lot of time on this land and they all got a sense of relief after reaching this oasis.

All the renowned geniuses had come, including Golden Child, the Hundred Clans Child, and others. They gave up on learning merit laws and wanted to find the fabled treasures. After hearing about the discovery of a land with life, they all quickly rushed here.

Qiurong Wanxue knew that this oasis was extremely important, so after entering, she carefully searched every part of the oasis in order to find out what was so special about it.

However, after a meticulous search, she didn’t find anything unique about this place at all. In fact, not only her, but all the other cultivators also focused on finding something and only discovered that this oasis was very ordinary.

When she wanted to take an even closer look, a commotion suddenly began at the oasis. It turned out that some ghost race geniuses were chasing cultivators from the other races away: “Members of the ghost race can stay behind. Other people, leave at once!”

“Why!?” A young cultivator of a different race indignantly protested.

Someone with keen eyes noticed the faint light of a treasure coming from the lake. It seemed as if an artifact was about to come out.

This non-ghost race cultivator quickly shouted: “A treasure is coming out!”

“Members of the ghost race can stay. Other people, leave. Now!” This light became brighter and brighter, so more ghost race experts tried to drive the other races away.

“This place does not belong to your ghost race!” A human cultivator angrily exclaimed.

Before he could finish his sentence, a monk had already thrown him outside while chanting: “Oh merciful Buddha. If anyone else wishes to stay here, then it will no longer just be a simple throw!”

“Ghost Monk!” Another cultivator from a different race said with shock.

“Ghost Monk, don’t push us too far!” A human expert said with gravity.

“What are you going to do then?”” A sneer came about. A golden skeleton walked out as a series of rattles from his bones rubbing together came forth.

“Golden Child!” The young cultivators who were being chased away quickly became demoralized.

He was not the only one present; the Hundred Clans Child and the Divine Spark Prince were also here. It could be said that the majority of the ghost experts had all gathered at this place.

The Divine Spark Prince leered at the human expert and coldly sneered: “A human ant dares to create noise here? Are you tired of living!?”

The human cultivator had an ugly expression. Although it was hard to swallow this humiliation from the prince, he had no other choice.

The other races also felt very dissatisfied and angry, but this situation was overwhelmingly disadvantageous, so they had to restrain their anger.

At this moment, anyone would understand that these ghost geniuses wanted to claim the oasis for themselves. It would be impossible for others who wanted a part of this treasure to stay.

Although they were very unwilling, there was nothing they could do. Their opposition’s strength was very apparent here.