Chapter 472: Prelude To The Bloody Massacre

“Li, you choose not to enter the welcoming heavens and instead tread into a hostile hell!” The Divine Spark Prince with bloodshot eyes said through gritted teeth.

Li Qiye gave him a lazy look and responded: “Hell? Where is this ‘hell’? You guys dare to think of yourselves as hell? Even if it is hell, I would still slaughter everything and stomp them below my feet.”

“Oh merciful Buddha.” Ghost Monk began to chant. Buddhist hymns appeared as Ghost Monk’s body exuded a nether aura. It was as if dark Buddhas were crawling up from the ground while emitting ominous laughter that caused people to shudder.

Ghost Monk was famous for being merciless in the Sacred Nether World. Many became quite frightened whenever his name was brought up.

“Benefactor Li is too confident. You have come to the wrong place. This is the world of ghosts, and you alone cannot set off a storm.” Ghost Monk said with a shady smile.

“World of ghosts?” Li Qiye raised his brow and retorted: “So what if it is? I will still pierce the sky of this so-called world of ghosts!” Then, he relaxedly walked towards the oasis.

Golden Child, the Divine Spark Prince, Ghost Monk, and the Hundred Clans Child looked at each other. Seven hundred young ghost experts rushed forward to prevent Li Qiye from entering.

The Hundred Clans Child revealed a smile that was not a smile and said: “Fellow Daoist Li, excuse us, but this place belongs to the ghost race. There will be a price if you wish to enter.”

Li Qiye glanced at the young geniuses, then at the several thousand ghost members in the oasis and laughed.

Meanwhile, these ghost cultivators were very excited. They had people from the great powers along with the minor sects. The treasure light from the lake became brighter and brighter, so the treasure might come out very soon. The excited crowd was jubilant and awaited their chance to show off. If they could contribute, then the group of the young geniuses would surely share more treasure with them. Moreover, killing a human like Li Qiye would send a message to the other races’ cultivators, something that they would be very happy to do.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye then looked at Qiurong Wanxue for a moment before finishing his sentence: “Today, I am in a good mood so I will give you guys a chance. Obediently let go of her and I’ll forgive you all.”

“Big tone!” The Divine Spark Prince coldly laughed before saying: “We can do that if you surrender yourself. If you do so, we will let her leave safely.”

“This monk can assure you that we shall do so. Moreover, no one will make it difficult for the Snow-shadow Tribe. But if you don’t cooperate, it would be hard to say. Although the Sacred Nether World is large, there will be no place for that tribe to exist.” Ghost Monk revealed an evil grin.

“This I can promise as well.” Golden Child coldly added. He was a golden skeleton so he spoke without any emotion.

“Fellow Daoist Li should think about this carefully since it does not only affect you. If you want to oppose all the ghosts in this world, then you won’t be the only one dead without a burial; the Snow-shadow Tribe will suffer as a consequence as well! There will be no place for them… That is, if they can escape alive in the first place.” The Hundred Clans Child said with a smile.

Nothing could be better for them than Li Qiye obediently accepting his captivity. At the same time, the other young ghost cultivators were like tigers stalking their prey. In the end, this was a rare chance to make some contributions.

Meanwhile, the young cultivators from the other races were watching with palpitations. The ghost race was being very aggressive right now, and their alliance was too oppressive. These young cultivators believed that Li Qiye had no chances at all and that his death would be the only possible outcome.

If the group of Golden Child chose to work together to suppress Li Qiye and the Snow-shadow Tribe, then many other ghost tribes would join in.

To the ghost race, a human could be killed at any time. In the end, the Snow-shadow Tribe belonged to the ghost race as well, but it was only a small tribe. Who would care about it? Many great powers would be happy to please the Divine Spark Prince so that they could cling onto Di Zuo’s leg.

Li Qiye had been forced into a dead end with nowhere else to go.

It was clear that the alliance wished to kill Li Qiye. No matter how powerful a human like him was, he would not be able to stop four experts by himself.

Moreover, against behemoths like the sects behind them, the Snow-shadow Tribe really had nowhere to go. They could even be annihilated completely.

“It is a dead end.” Cultivators from the other races pitied Li Qiye. His only option was to acquiesce in a docile manner in the face of such a desperate situation.

Resisting the ghost race was futile in this scenario. If Li Qiye gave up, then maybe he would be able to save Qiurong Wanxue and the Snow-shadow Tribe.

Many people shuddered; the ghost race was so aggressive! Today, the victim was Li Qiye, but tomorrow, it could be them instead. However, they were helpless and couldn’t do anything. Outside of the southern Distant Cloud, the Sacred Nether World belonged to ghosts.

“So I have no other choice except to surrender?” Li Qiye chuckled and asked.

“Whether it is for yourself or for Chief Qiurong, Fellow Daoist Li’s best option is to surrender now. We’ll give you a peaceful passing if you give up willingly.” The Hundred Clans Child smirked.

“Human Ant, give up!” The young ghost cultivators in the oasis all shouted.

“Show no mercy if he dares to resist!”

“Yes! Anyone who opposes our ghost race shall die without a burial! Massacre their entire clan!” Many young ghost cultivators clamored after being infected by this atmosphere.

They all felt that Li Qiye was a fish on a chopping block while they held the knife. With an unspeakably cruel pressure, they looked at Li Qiye struggle before his inevitable death.

The Divine Spark Prince felt a thrill of pleasure seeing the cornered Li Qiye: “Li, it is not too late. Come over here and prostrate before me for forgiveness. Beg me for mercy.” With such a powerful alliance, the prince was completely confident about being able to capture Li Qiye.

With a blanched expression, Qiurong Wanxue hastily shook her head and urged: “Young Noble, don’t!” Although she tried to escape, the Hundred Clans Child blocked her retreat.

Li Qiye had a wide smile as he looked at everyone while slowly declaring: “Today, my mood was pretty good. Unfortunately, some people are blind.” Li Qiye was speaking the truth. After exerting numerous efforts, he finally understood the ultimate mystery of those ants and gained a general understanding of that particular grand dao. He then obtained a new perspective on its framework.

Such an unparalleled harvest caused him to be in a great mood, but these young geniuses who didn’t know life from death ruined it.

“Threatening me?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes. He then swept his gaze over all the ghosts and declared with a smile: “If you guys like threats, then I will give you two options. You can scram while your father is still in a good mood. Otherwise, I’ll kill all of you and dye this land red!”

His sudden bold declaration caused all the young cultivators to look at each other while the ghost cultivators glared at him.

“Fool!” The Divine Spark Prince madly laughed and said: “You’re still being so bombastic before your death! Fellow ghosts, let us slash this human ant into pieces, let him know, let all the races in this world know that anyone who opposes our ghost race will not have a good end!”

“Accept your death, fool!” The ghost cultivators were enraged. After the prince’s command, the group was in high spirits and let out their battle cries. They relentlessly took out their treasures and unleashed them towards Li Qiye. They were glad to tear him to pieces, anticipating the pleasure of this massacre.

“Watch out!” Qiurong Wanxue’s expression greatly changed as she urgently shouted.

“Clank!” Li Qiye conveniently took a sword from a cultivator standing outside of the oasis as a black brilliance covered the sky. This terrifying black sword was like an ocean drowning out the world, like a gigantic evil tree piercing the sky.

“Boom!” This black fiend-like brilliance suppressed all the weapons flying towards Li Qiye. Countless sword beams pierced through hundreds of ghost experts and nailed them to the ground. With strange hisses, these black lights sucked the blood out of the ghost experts like vampires.

The Earth Sword of the Trinity Swords — extremely Yin and extremely evil. The appearance of this sword was akin to releasing thousands of devils from hell. Anyone who witnessed this sword would feel a chill spread down their spine.

“Ahh!” Miserable screams came one after another. With just one sword, hundreds of ghost experts became dried corpses.

This scene frightened many spectators. The Divine Spark Prince’s expression became ugly as he cried: “Kill this little animal!”

“Die!” The young ghost experts in the oasis cried out in unison. Their crimson eyes displayed their bloodlust as a force more than one thousand strong aimed for Li Qiye.

Among them, many were Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints. The combined attack of so many would be earth-shattering.

“No more restraint.” Li Qiye smiled and said before swinging another horizontal Earth slash at them.