Chapter 474: Extinguishing

However, Li Qiye didn’t need three minutes. No, he didn’t even require three seconds. With just one foot, the entire formation shattered instantly; this scene was too impressive.

Breaking a formation without any finesse, techniques, or even any thoughts at all. He used absolute power to destroy it in the most direct, simple, and brutal manner. This was also the most difficult way to break a formation since it required a power dozens of times greater than the formation.

However, this requirement was nothing before the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. It had an endless supply of blood energy from the nine celestials and Fate Palaces, allowing the physique to utilize its peak state.

Such a method was an art of brutality. Direct, simple, and it intimidated the hearts of spectators.

At this moment, time stood still. The Divine Spark Prince was like a fish out of water, being held up high by Li Qiye as his eyes turned white.

This moment was a frozen painting, a scene that would be engraved in the minds of many people for the rest of their lives.

The Divine Spark Prince struggled to break free, but he couldn’t move due to Li Qiye’s firm grip on his neck. His eyes became even more white as he was about to suffocate.

However, he mustered his last ounce of strength to take in one more breath of air. His heart sank from fear as piss dripped down his pants. This was his first time so closely facing his own mortality, the first time feeling that his life was in the grasp of someone else.

“You… can’t do this to me!!!” The Divine Spark Prince struggled to utter: “Brother… My brother-in-law is Sir Di Zuo… You cannot… do this to me… If you harm… even a hair on my head… my brother-in-law will not forgive you. There will be… nowhere you can hide!”

At this moment of life and death, the Divine Spark Prince mentioned his backing. Perhaps only his brother-in-law’s prestige would be able to save him.

Everyone held their breath. Although it was quite shameful to bring out one’s backing to scare someone, to the prince, Di Zuo was his only hope at this moment.

Di Zuo’s fame was like thunder next to one’s ear. This was one of the three heroes who originated from the Myriad Bones Throne, someone with magnificent halos around them. Di Zuo’s name was filled with a mysterious force that caused all listeners to grow quite wary.

In the Sacred Nether World, no great power or individual would not give him face. Even the powerful descendants would not dare to offend such a character.

Di Zuo was like the rising sun; he had a bright future as the most promising candidate for becoming an Immortal Emperor of the Sacred Nether World in the future. And even if he didn’t become an emperor, he would surely be able to form a country or obtain a divine bestowment while reaching the highest apex.

Anyone, no matter who they were, was willing to befriend such a promising young talent.

The Divine Spark Prince was his little brother-in-law, so no matter how trashy he was, many people would show him some face out of respect for Di Zuo.

Everyone was curious to see what Li Qiye would do. If he killed the prince, then he would surely stand in opposition to Di Zuo.

“Your brother-in-law?” Li Qiye smirked and asked: “Di Zuo, ah? The descendant of the Myriad Bones Throne?”

The Divine Spark Prince quickly grabbed onto this grass straw capable of saving his life: “Yes! Di Zuo is my brother-in-law, an unbeatable young Immortal Emperor!”

“Oh? A young Immortal Emperor, how wonderful.” Li Qiye admired with a smile.

“Be… smart then and let me go!” The Divine Spark Prince thought Li Qiye was afraid of his brother-in-law’s fame, so he was emboldened and made a threat despite his current situation: “Now… If you let go of me now… I will ask my brother-in-law to spare you. If he takes action, he would kill you in three moves!”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter after hearing the prince’s threat. Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Divine Spark Prince oh Divine Spark Prince, you really are a straw bag. Worshiping your brother-in-law as an Immortal Emperor… Your brother-in-law, Di Zuo? To be frank, your father doesn’t know who he is. He is nothing in my eyes!

“So what if he is a young Immortal Emperor? Even a real Immortal Emperor would not be able to scare your father, so Di Zuo ain’t shit!”

Everyone gasped in disbelief. Very few people in the entire Sacred Nether World would dare to say these words. Even the most devilish genius would not carelessly say so.

But now, this human boy was arrogant to the point of not putting Di Zuo in his sight. Such arrogance and this domineering style were very rare in this world.

“You—!” The Divine Spark Prince was aghast. With an extremely pale complexion, he screamed: “You… my brother-in-law…!”

“Okay, I’m tired of listening to these words. I’ll send you off now.” Li Qiye’s fingers pinched together after he spoke with a smile, creating the sound of bones breaking. The Divine Spark Prince died without a chance to scream as his eyes were still wide open.

Li Qiye threw his corpse down to the ground as if it was a piece of trash. The prince didn’t believe that Li Qiye would actually kill him, that his brother-in-law’s fame was not enough to scare a human junior. Of course, this was back when he was still alive.

The area became so silent that one could hear the sound of a needle hitting the floor. The Divine Spark Prince’s body was lying there quietly with his eyes still full of disbelief.

So shocking! Li Qiye actually crushed his throat in front of everyone!

This was a declaration of war to Di Zuo! No matter how benevolent Di Zuo might be, he would not spare someone who killed his little brother-in-law in front of so many!

The daggers had been drawn between Di Zuo and Li Qiye, and only at death would this feud end. Many shivered at this thought; after Di Zuo’s last decorated battle, no one dared to provoke or challenge him anymore.

But now, a human boy was doing something no one ever dared to imagine before.

Li Qiye turned around and looked at the young ghost cultivators in the oasis, saying: “Anyone else have something to say about me?” Li Qiye smirked and said in a relaxed manner: “Please, I am a good listener who welcomes all advice.”

The remaining ghost cultivators were scared out of their minds. Geniuses like the group of Golden Child were mere ants before Li QIye, not to mention them.

Not long ago, they viewed him as an ant, but now they were the ants before him. How could they have any comments at all? Especially about Li Qiye.

“Earlier, I think I heard about someone saying that they wanted to destroy the Snow-shadow Tribe? Sorry, but those interested can send out a message for me. I don’t care what your tribe is. The Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe, the Zen Ghost Tribe, whatever. If someone dares to destroy the Snow-shadow Tribe, then I will massacre all of them, even the Myriad Bones Throne! My reasoning is very simple, those who dare to touch the people under my protection, your father will destroy them!”

Everyone glanced at each other while trying to make sense of such aggressive words. Throughout the ages, no one had dared to say that they would destroy the Myriad Bones Throne, let alone a crazy human boy.

However, no one would dare to voice their dissatisfaction towards Li Qiye. In the end, the example of the four geniuses was still very fresh and unforgettable in their minds.

“Since no one has any comments about me, disperse. I trust that you guys will happily welcome me in?” Li Qiye asked with a broad smile.

The ghost cultivators in the oasis suddenly rushed outside like bees from their hive. When the trees topple, the monkeys scatter. They didn’t want to stay at this place, they only wanted to get as far away from this monster as possible.

Li Qiye brought Qiurong Wanxue to the lake while no one dared to stop him. Even if a treasure was about to come out, these ghost cultivators wouldn’t want to stay. Their life was more valuable than treasures.

The cultivators from the other races saw Li Qiye walking towards the lake as the light became increasingly brighter. Some courageous souls trailed behind him into the oasis.

They didn’t dare to contest for the treasure against Li Qiye, but they had an irrepressible curiosity and simply wanted to see what kind of treasure was coming out.

Qiurong Wanxue and Li Qiye drew closer to the lake where the light was very bright. When standing next to the lake, one would notice a bright brilliance that illuminated the entire oasis.

“Is it about to come out?” Many people probed on the sideline and eagerly asked: “What kind of treasure is it?”

Qiurong Wanxue didn’t think so because the lake became brighter as Li Qiye got closer. Once Li Qiye was next to the lake, the light became blinding.

This made her realize that there was no treasure, the light was being emitted because of Li Qiye.

Although the light in this small lake was blinding, the surface was calm. It didn’t seem like a treasure was about to come into being.

As if he knew her conjecture, Li Qiye smiled and said: “Yes, it is not a treasure or anything of that sort, it is because of this.” Li Qiye took out an item that looked like a talisman. However, it was not a talisman, it was more like a piece of paper. It had runes that couldn’t be read by Qiurong Wanxue. It seemed very old as if it had endured many years.