Chapter 48 : Dao Instruction Life Teaching (2)

The only possible explanation – Li Qi Ye cultivated a peerless and incomparable Physique! The weight of this kick left a matchless and profound impression when she thought of Li Qi Ye.

Li Shuang Yan’s mind shook. Within this moment, she couldn’t recover for a long time; within this moment, she thought about many things.

The second day, Li Qi Ye, once again, appeared at the martial hall, sitting high above, in the practice field. The three hundred disciples were gathered; at this moment, the entire martial hall was completely silent.

Right now, one does not know how many disciples were frightened by Li Qi Ye; yesterday, all of them were thrown to the ground by Li Qi Ye, received a good beating. This kind of pain, when they thought of it, couldn’t help but shiver their whole body.[1]

However, the Serpent Punishing Stick was amazing like that; even if they were hit to the point of their skin bursting and flesh broken, there were no damages to the bones and muscles. Not to mention, yesterday, Li Qi Ye pulled his punches on many students; a touch of golden healing paste, there would be no hindrance the next day.

Yesterday, many were scared by Li Qi Ye, so today, when Li Qi Ye’s gaze swept the field, many disciples’ hearts were beating drums, and didn’t dare to look at him in the eyes.

“Very good, there are brothers and sisters with courage, and can complain about me.”

Li Qi Ye smiled and said:

“However, I don’t know if these brothers and sisters who complained about me have the courage to stand up or not?”

At this point, many disciples looked at each other in dismay; seeing Li Qi Ye’s beaming smile, their hearts were all nervous.

“One person commits the crime will be one person accepts the punishment; it was I who complained about you.”

Luo Feng Hua stood up, and loudly said. Even though, currently, Luo Feng Hua could walk, his body had no serious wounds, but his face was covered with medicinal pastes, undermining his angry handsome face.

Li Qi Ye stepped down from his high position, beamingly smiled at Luo Feng Hua, nodding his head and said:

“People that have courage, I have always admired; younger brother Luo is someone I admire without a doubt. However, dare to challenge my authority, will be enlightened about the consequence of challenging my authority. Today, young brother Luo wants to crawl back, or be carried back by other people?”

Finished speaking, he slowly took out his Serpent Punishing stick.

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s smile with the Serpent Punishing stick in his hand, all of the disciples – regardless of whether they were male or females – couldn’t help but greatly sour their expressions.

“Using, using treasure, what kind of skill?”

Luo Feng Hua turned pale, but he was still standing up straight, and loudly said:

“If you have skills, have a real pointer with me with real techniques!”

By now, even a fool could see that the ordinary wooden stick in Li Qi Ye’s hand was a treasure.

“You truly want to have a pointer with me?”

Li Qi Ye stared at Luo Feng Hua in front of him, and smiled.

Currently, the thing Luo Feng Hua was unwilling to see the most was Li Qi Ye’s beaming smile. Looking at Li Qi Ye’s demeanor, his heart became uncertain; however, he gritted his teeth, became determined, and loudly said:

“Thats right, if you are skillful, use real techniques to have a discussion with me; if you are stronger than me, I will have no other words to say.”

“Since younger brother Luo wants to discuss a little bit, then, I will have a discussion with you.”

Li Qi Ye smilingly withdrew his Serpent Punishing stick, then stared at Luo Feng Hua, and said:

“I am the older brother, it wouldn’t be fitting for me to make the first move. You go first.”

Luo Feng Hua saw that Li Qi Ye had withdrew the Serpent Punishing stick; in his mind, he was ecstatic. He took out his sword, and loudly said:

“Good, we shall discuss a little bit.”

The words had just ended, Luo Feng Hua crossed his sword horizontally, immediately put on a careful guard – his first move was a defensive form.

Luo Feng Hua was frightened by Li Qi Ye, so, he was already on the defensive.

“A bit talented.”

Li Qi Ye examined his careful defensive form, and smiled. In the blink of an eye, his Life Wheel appeared, blood energy rotated, and one kick went out.

A “Pop” sound was heard; under one kick, Luo Feng Hua’s defensive formation was not of use. His whole body flew three meters, his sword was broken at once; he lied on the floor, spraying a mouthful of blood.

“Crack crack”, before Luo Feng Hua had fallen on the ground, a broken bone sound was heard – a bone in his chest was broken. And he lied on the ground spewing out blood, his eyes went black and fainted.

Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique! Li Qi Ye’s cultivation was the unbeatable and strongest Physique in the world, one kick ten thousand mountains; one could only imagine how heavy this kick was.

All of the disciples were shocked; within the three hundred disciples, Luo Feng Hua’s cultivation wasn’t the highest, but it could be counted with one’s finger. However, he couldn’t even block one kick from Li Qi Ye, how could this be possible?

“One kick with one tenth of my weight yet still can’t block, and still had the arrogance to challenge me.”

Li Qi Ye slowly put his foot back down, and said.

This one kick, Li Qi Ye had shown mercy; otherwise, this one kick with its true power, Luo Feng Hua would definitely be dead.

On the side, Nan Huai Ren slightly shook his head. Half a year ago, oldest brother had not yet cultivated; even Du Yuan Guang and Xu Hui were dismembered by him. Currently, he had cultivated; Luo Feng Hua, here, was courting his death.

Without Li Qi Ye’s command, Nan Huai Ren woke up Luo Feng Hua, helped him reconnect his broken bone, put on some silver medicinal paste, then carried him back to his place.

“It seems like, I still should use the Serpent Punishing stick to discipline you guys well, ah; basically not as dangerous.”

Li Qi Ye once again took out the Serpent Punishing stick and randomly pointed at another disciple, and he said:

“You, come out; have any skills, use all of them here.”

“Old-Older brother, I-I-I didn’t complain about you, I, I swear to the heaven, I absolutely didn’t complain.”

Li Qi Ye nodded seriously, and said:

“I know you didn’t complain, but, the content of the second lesson, is still my beating you guys again. Of course, you all could try to run, but, if you get caught by me, I will beat you ten times harder than I did yesterday. It is best that you guys believe my words, otherwise, the consequences will be serious.”

The disciple had no other choice; he hesitantly stepped up, and said while trembling:

“Older brother, please show mercy.”

“Want me to show mercy, not as good as putting in your own effort! One blow at full power, the initiative is in your hands.”

Li Qi Ye smiled with his eyes closed. Finished speaking, a strike immediately came.

Without any other choice, the disciple had to fight.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

This disciple couldn’t handle more than two techniques against Li Qi Ye’s hands. Immediately taken to the ground by the Serpent Punishing stick, Li Qi Ye was free to beat him up until he was in unbearable pain, but at least it was better compared to yesterday, there was no visible blood.

“You, you, you…”

Li Qi Ye pointed a few times, and he said:

“All of you come.”

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Many techniques came out; the three hundred disciples were, once again, beaten to the ground by Li Qi Ye. Many painful howls rang; whether real or fake, at least, this type of pain was straight to the bone marrow. At least today, Li Qi Ye didn’t mercilessly beat them up; there was no blood, but, this type of pain was still torturous.

“Little kids cannot be caught!”

Li Qi Ye shook his head and lamented quietly, then turned around and left.

The third day, Li Qi Ye appeared one more time. The three hundred disciples were summoned to the field. What was outside of Li Qi Ye’s expectations was that Luo Feng Hua, who had a broken chest bone from yesterday, also came.

After being beaten twice, currently, to all three hundred disciples, meeting Li Qi Ye was like meeting a ghost; their hearts trembled, the taste of the Serpent Punishing stick would be a nightmare for a long time to them.

This was understandable for them. That year, when Immortal Emperor Min Ren was still young, the undefeated generals, who had followed Immortal Emperor Min Ren to fight in the nine heavens and ten earths; they, at a young age, also didn’t forget the taste of the Serpent Punishing stick for a long time! Even after receiving the Heaven’s Will and becoming an Immortal Emperor, when he thought back about this period, he was also filled with all kinds of emotions.

“Third class’ content is still to beat you!”

Li Qi Ye stepped down, and once again, beamingly smiled.

When Li Qi Ye’s words came out, the disciples couldn’t help but shiver. They had already been beaten twice, then again; this frightened them to the point of their legs giving up.

“Who is first?”

Li Qi Ye smiled, and gazed at the three hundred disciples here; as his eyes swept around, many students were shivering, and couldn’t help but take a step back.


In the end, the first to step up was Luo Feng Hua again. Luo Feng Hua stood up, and loudly said:

“I will come!”

Finished speaking, he took out a large shield.

Luo Feng Hua, on the other hand, was smart. Today, he especially brought a large shield, hoping that it could deflect the Serpent Punishing stick in the hand of Li Qi Ye.

“Some courage, and even a little bit clever.”

Li Qi Ye nodded his head, and smiled.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

In the end, Luo Feng Hua couldn’t escape his fate of being beaten. If the Serpent Punishing stick could be stopped by a large shield, then it was not worthy of being taken out from the Demon Forest by Li Qi Ye.

At this moment, Li Qi Ye had beaten Luo Feng Hua badly, making him stained with fresh blood – beaten him until he couldn’t stand up from the ground, groaning in pain.

Witnessing Li Qi Ye’s merciless action, the rest of the disciples’ expressions greatly changed; however, they didn’t dare to say anything.

“Clever indeed, but, you used it in the wrong place. One point of intelligence, becomes wisdom; next you will want to use your brain even more. This meal, I fiercely beat you so that you will use more of your brain.”

Li Qi Ye comfortably said.

This day, all of the disciples were beaten by Li Qi Ye again. This time, Li Qi Ye was much more merciless than yesterday; many disciples saw blood, lying on the floor, and not being able to stand up.

On the fourth day, Li Qi Ye casually said:

“The fourth day, it is still as before: beating you. Who will be the first one?

This time, all of the disciples’ faces quickly changed. They quickly took steps back one after another, no one wanted to be the first to come out; even Luo Feng Hua, who was courageous yesterday, didn’t dare to come out.

“I-I, I will go.”

In the end, an eighteen year old teenager stood up; this young boy appeared to be honest, but his body was still very strong.

“What is your name?”

Li Qi Ye glanced at this young boy, he had an impression of him. Each time he had beaten them, all of the other disciples wanted to escape and flee, but this disciple was tenacious. Every time, he tried to face the beatings head on, and, each time he fell to the ground, he desperately tried to stand up; his mentality wasn’t bad, leaving Li Qi Ye with a not-so-shallow impression.

This disciple scratched his head, and politely said:

“Respectful older brother, my name is Zhang Yu.”

“Why be the first one to come out?”

Li Qi Ye smiled and asked.

“Wh-when older brother is happy, you beat us anyway; when you are unhappy, you will still beat us. Older brother just want to beat us; since we can’t run, wh-why not be the first.”

Zhang Yu stuttered while speaking.