Chapter 484: Solo Against All

“Naive fool, still blustering after killing my little brother…” The Phoenix Maiden’s cold eyes were full of murderous intent; she was no different from a maddened queen.

“You mean that useless prince? It could only be described as him choosing death; he dared to conspire with others against me. I was already merciful enough for not taking it out on your Divine Spark Country.”

“Today will be your funeral. I will offer your head at my little brother’s funeral to appease his soul in the heavens!” The Phoenix Maiden spoke with a cold expression.

Li Qiye was too lazy to talk any longer, so he said: “Then stop wasting time. Just get on with it and see who will become the ultimate winner. Do you want to go first, or do you want to let these hired thugs come at me?”

The Phoenix Maiden coldly glared at him and then spoke emotionlessly: “Heroes, from now on, the reward will be doubled. Capture Li Qiye alive — three Virtuous Ancestor’s Longevity Blood drops; Li Qiye’s head — one King Medicine pill and a bottle of one million year old Longevity Blood; any of his limbs — one precious scroll and one Virtuous Paragon True Treasure…”

“What!? Three drops of Longevity Blood from Virtuous Ancestors?” An uproar erupted after this declaration. Someone else exclaimed: “One bottle of one million year old Longevity Blood!”

One drop of Longevity Blood for ten thousand years, one drop of Longevity Blood from ten thousand drops of blood — this was a phrase that described how precious a cultivator’s Longevity Blood was. A Virtuous Ancestor’s blood was even more precious since they were the highest existences amongst Virtuous Paragons. Some people said that Virtuous Ancestors were the closest to Immortal Emperors; they were at the pinnacle of their realm. Some even said that their power was very close to emperors.

So how could three drops of Longevity Blood not cause people to palpitate? Grand characters at the end of their lifespans lost their composure after hearing this reward.

A few undyings that were hiding in the shadows wanted to take a shot. Their lifespans had withered, but maybe these three blood drops would allow them to live for a few more years.

However, these undyings had lived for a very long time. They were not in a rush to take action and only continued observing to see Li Qiye’s true power.

A few of them were very wary of him. After all, he was still the Guardian of the river sect. They weren’t sure whether the river sect would protect him if they attacked Li Qiye.

The Phoenix Maiden’s new conditions caused the spectating experts to no longer be able to bear it. The ghost experts who already wanted to kill Li Qiye became even more agitated.

In just a few moments, countless glowing eyes were glaring at him. At this time, he was a piece of fat meat that everyone wanted a bite of!

Cultivators eyed Li Qiye like hungry wolves, but no one wanted to make the first move. Li Qiye had a certain level of notoriety after killing Golden Child’s group, so no one wanted to be the first person to eat crabs. Many just wanted to take advantage of the situation, so they waited by the side. 1

“What? No one wants to take action?” Li Qiye looked at the group with a beaming smile before stepping towards the ghost race.

The atmosphere became tense. Everyone wanted to give it a shot. Many ghost experts gripped their weapons tightly. The moment someone bound Li Qiye, all of them would immediately deal a fatal blow.

In the end, the young were still too energetic and impulsive. Eventually, a young ghost cultivator lost his patience and jumped out of the crowd.

This person was shrouded by clouds since it was his means of transportation. He jumped out and shouted while leering at Li Qiye: “Human Brat, do you want this to be easy or difficult?”

Li Qiye laughed at the first young ghost cultivator to challenge him and nonchalantly asked: “Are you very confident in yourself?”

“Of course! In my eyes, subduing a human ant like you is an easy task!” With great self-confidence, he slowly took out a net. This net was meshed together like the stars in the sky.

“It’s Bai Longfei.” A ghost expert recognized this young man and said with surprise.

“The Sandstar Net.” Li Qiye was also surprised to see the treasure net in the young ghost‘s hand.

The young man confidently chuckled: “You do know your stuff, Human Brat. My specialty lies with capturing others. Once in my sight, no one will be able to escape even if they grow a pair of wings. No one is faster than me in this world.”

A human expert watching from afar raised his voice to warn Li Qiye: “Watch out for his Sandstar Net! He is also a minor completion Soaring Dragon Physique, so he has an incredible speed. His net is very difficult to avoid once cast.”

So Bai Longfei was a natural born Soaring Dragon Physique, a king physique. One should be aware that it was one of the two king physiques under the Soaring Immortal branch; the physiques under this branch were extremely fast. Bai Longfei was born with this physique and now, it had reached minor completion. Even a Little Sovereign would not be able to catch him.

His Sandstar Net was refined from numerous stars in the vast galaxy. The moment the net is cast, it would be the same as an inescapable snare. Bai Longfei’s speed in conjunction with the net allowed him to easily capture people alive, so despite his weaker cultivation compared to the other geniuses, he was still quite feared.

“It is not too late to give up to lessen the suffering.” Bai Longfei said with a smile: “Otherwise, once I take action, you won’t even have the chance to react.”

While speaking, Bai Longfei kept on changing his position. Four shadows appeared around Li Qiye. Each shadow left behind a long fleeting image. No one knew which was the real and fakes of Bai Longfei.

“Such a swift speed. It is a shame that Bai Longfei didn’t come from an emperor’s lineage. This is indeed a waste for this great physique.” A Heavenly Sovereign from the previous generation clicked his tongue after witnessing Bai Longfei’s speed that was even faster than a Little Sovereign’s.

Li Qiye stood still without batting an eye. He only lightly said: “Hurry up and attack, I don’t have time to listen to your drivel.”

“Idiot, accept your capture!” The shadows of Bai Longfei all shouted. The real one was still indiscernible. In the blink of an eye, Bai Longfei threw out the Sandstar Net at an incredible speed as it aimed to trap Li Qiye with its inescapable property.

This great speed shocked many. No wonder why people said that Bai Longfei could even capture a Little Sovereign. His speed was not exaggerated at all.

“Bang, crack!” The snapping sounds of bones breaking appeared as Bai Longfei’s corpse was flung into the sky. Li Qiye had moved behind the real Bai Longfei and shattered his head with one slap.

Bai Longfei didn’t see anything at all even at the moment of his demise. He naturally couldn’t see how Li Qiye appeared behind him despite his great speed.

“You were only displaying your slight skill before a true expert.” Li Qiye didn’t even bother to look at his corpse and said. Bai Longfei’s speed was no different than a snail’s in Li Qiye’s eyes.

Li Qiye didn’t even need to use the Soaring Immortal Physique against Bai Longfei; the Kung Peng’s Six Variants alone was far faster than Bai Longfei.

Many people shuddered after seeing how Li Qiye easily slayed Bai Longfei with one slap. It was apparent that he was much faster than Bai Longfei.

Li Qiye walked closer to the tribe’s entrance and was stopped by three middle-aged men.

One wielded a large shield, another a pair of sabers, and the last one had a long robe wrapped around his arm. A total of eight divine rings emanated from each of their bodies. Without a doubt, they were all just a step away from grand achievement Little Sovereign.

“The Winged-continent’s Three Saints!” The hearts of many people shuddered after seeing the three middle-aged men.

The three saints were far stronger than ordinary Little Sovereigns. They reached the Heavenly Sovereign realm during the Difficult Dao Era. Alas, they were born in the wrong era and spent their golden age in the midst of this arduous time. Otherwise, they would have already reached Heavenly King or Virtuous Paragon.

Moreover, the three of them were blood siblings and they had grown up together. They cultivated the dao alongside each other in the form of a combination technique. They were completely in sync with their thoughts.

When facing their enemies, whether it was only one person or an army, the three of them always fought together. The oldest brother had the shield for defense, the second brother had two sabers for offense, and the third brother’s rope was for sneak attacks. The three were perfect together, and very few people could defeat their joint attacks. Even Grand Sovereigns had died at their hands.

“Junior, what will you do now?” The oldest brother with the shield gravely spoke with the appearance of an unbreakable mountain.

Li Qiye slowly unsheathed the saber by his waist. This was just an ordinary iron saber. He then poured his blood energy inside and it emitted a crimson light as if it was a treasure saber. This time, Li Qiye had both a sword and a saber ready. He wanted to train himself, thus he avoided using the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique along with the Soaring Immortal Physique. Otherwise, this battle wouldn’t even be considered a challenge to him.

Li Qiye pointed with his saber and lightly said: “Come, don’t waste words.” Having said that, a saber’s hymn appeared. The ordinary saber under the channeling of his blood energy seemed to have its own spirituality.

“Mad fool!” The second brother roared then attacked with his dual sabers instantly. The saber slashes came suddenly and continuously like a flood. This Little Sovereign’s attacks flooded the sky, creating a terrifying scenery. The saber slash could easily split the earth and mountains in half.

“Are you not embarrassed by showing off such a meager level of saber mastery?” Li Qiye smiled. “Zheng!” He raised his saber to the sky. In this instant, the ordinary saber in Li Qiye’s hand seemed to have turned into a Flood Dragon.



  1. First to eat crabs is an idiom describing a daredevil. Since crabs are ugly, who wanted to be the first to eat?