Chapter 485: Battle Begins

A slash cut across the sky like a torrential river; the second brother’s saber slash couldn’t compare to Li Qiye’s attack. The ghost’s saber ray was drowned by this huge river and crushed by the incomparable saber intent.

“Dum—” This saber strike not only destroyed the second brother’s saber ray, it also caused many mountains to collapse, forcing many terrified spectators to back away.

This was the River Traversing Saber, the first variation from the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber that once belonged to the unbeatable Martial God. It originated from a very archaic era. Once it was combined with the Tyrannical Immortal Saber to exert its ultimate potential, it could be lauded as unbeatable.

Li Qiye swung his saber so naturally that it was like the drifting clouds and flowing water. The saber intent traversed the sky with his meticulous technique. One slash alone already caused the second brother at the Little Sovereign realm to no longer be able to bear it.

“Clank!” While the second brother was in danger, the first brother’s huge shield blocked this surging slash. The moment Li Qiye’s attack ended, the third brother made his move. His rope whipped towards Li Qiye’s vulnerable spots with lightning speed like a poisonous serpent hidden in the shadows waiting for a killing blow. The whip was too fast; it intended to viciously pierce Li Qiye’s head.

But who could be faster than Li Qiye?

Li Qiye didn’t bother turning his head and only unleashed a backhand swing. A saber slash akin to limpid autumn waters easily blocked the sneak attack. However, it did not stop there, it cut straight towards the third brother’s chest.

This was the Hateful Water Saber, the second variation of the eight. This saber could cover the sky without leaving behind any openings.

“Clank!” Seeing his third brother about to be cut by the saber, the first brother’s huge shield seemingly came alive and quickly moved before the third brother to block this strike.

At the same time, the second brother’s dual sabers slashed down from the sky, creating a cross from above that quickly encompassed Li Qiye. He thought that it would kill Li Qiye in an instant.

“I have no time to play with you all.” Li Qiye roared. With a “boom,” a red radiance emanated from behind Li Qiye’s head as his Life Wheel appeared. The Yin Yang Sea of Blood created a tidal wave that towered for thousands of meters. A monstrous amount of blood energy poured into the saber in Li Qiye’s hand, creating an incomparably terrifying sea of fire that started to burn the world.

“Clang!” Another saber’s hymn filled the sky. One more circular slash came out as a saber glint suddenly flashed with unparalleled speed. This glint was enough to take down the sun and moon in the sky.

Looping Sky Saber — this was the third variation that was capable of slaying the heaven and earth. Although it was just a sharp, flashing glint, its edge was unstoppable.

“Time to end this!” Li Qiye screamed out while unleashing flames all over the sky. An endless amount of energy turned the ordinary saber into a blood saber. In this soundless second, the saber cut through the first brother’s shield as if it was tofu and continued to his body, splitting it in half and causing blood to spurt.

“Big Brother!” The second brother startlingly exclaimed, but it was also too late for him. “Pluff!” The unstoppable circular slash bisected his waist as well.

The enraged third brother crazily pounced forward as his whip roared like a mad dragon.

“Pluff!” The saber stained with blood was flipped back once more by Li Qiye like a rainbow across the sky. It was still the same Looping Sky Saber variation; under the eruption of his energy, this saber could slay dragons and cut down phoenixes. The whip was severed along with the third brother’s head as his blood shot up high.

In just the blink of an eye, the Winged-continent’s Three Saints all died miserably under Li Qiye’s saber, an ordinary saber made from common steel. This forced everyone’s eyes to open wide in disbelief.

At this point, Li Qiye’s Yin Yang Sea of Blood roared as the bloody tides in the sky soared even higher. It was as if the waves wanted to sweep through the stars that hung in the sky. Within this sea of blood was a floating red sun and moon.

Li Qiye stood there quietly to feel the mysticisms of the sea of blood and felt its surging blood energy pouring into his body. Li Qiye’s physique was powerful enough to withstand this boundless vitality. In the past, his body would not be able to handle this ocean-like blood energy, so he was very much enjoying the current sensation. He immersed himself in this sea of blood and basked in its profoundness.

It was as if Li Qiye was shouldering this sea of blood as he slowly walked towards the entrance and calmly smiled: “Not a bad joint technique, but unfortunately, they didn’t cultivate emperor’s laws.”

The three saints’ joint technique was indeed amazing, but their merit laws were far from sufficient. If only they could have cultivated an emperor’s merit law, then they would have been formidable and could kill Grand Sovereigns like dogs.

At this point, the hearts of many spectators sank. Li Qiye easily killed the three saints — this was too heaven-defying. They stared at the roaring sea of blood right behind him. They became quite enamored with greed as they salivated since they understood how great this Longevity Treasure was.

A lord of a big country couldn’t help but speak with envy: “Maybe this… is a Longevity Treasure of the Immortal Emperor level. Such a tyrannical blood energy capable of turning ordinary steel into a divine saber able to easily cut through the three saints’ treasures… Just how strong is this blood energy? It has to be of the Immortal Emperor level!”

After hearing this, not only was this lord’s eyes reddened with jealousy, many covetous glimmers shot out from people’s gazes. How great would it be to have an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure? Even the most ordinary technique, once strengthened with the blood energy of an Immortal Emperor, could tear apart the sky and split the ocean asunder.

Such a Longevity Treasure would always be full of temptation. Even more people wanted to kill Li Qiye. It was no longer just for the Phoenix Maiden’s bounty, Li Qiye’s Longevity Treasure was even more beneficial than the rewards.

“Oh merciful Buddha.” Eight old men that were seemingly around the age of seventy stood out at this time. Although they appeared quite elderly, their vitality was surprisingly exuberant, similar to a young man’s. Moreover, despite their ghastly aura, there were bright waves of light right behind them as if they were Nether Buddhas.

The eight old men formed a straight line. The hands of the person behind them would be placed on their shoulders. In a second, it was as if all eight of them had become one.

“The Zen Ghost Eight Buddhas!” Many spectating cultivators from afar were alarmed after seeing these eight old ghosts. These were frightening characters of the elder level from the Zen Ghost Tribe.

At this point, the eight men opened up their divine rings. Each of them had ten divine rings, so they were all Grand Sovereigns.

Although there were eight of them, after taking on this linear formation, everyone would think that it was just one person.

“Interesting, a big tribe is indeed a big tribe after all.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes towards the eight monks and said: “This is the legendary Myriad One Physique!” Li Qiye slowly put away his saber.

“Bang!” Li Qiye’s Fate Palace emerged and a Kun Peng instantly jumped out. In this split second, a gigantic Kun Peng covered the sky as it poured down a primordial waterfall.

“An Emperor’s Law…!” Feeling the emperor’s aura, someone quietly murmured.

Li Qiye’s Kun Peng had turned into a primordial Kun Peng, so no one recognized what kind of emperor’s law this was.

With the sea of blood on his back and the Kun Peng floating above him, each of Li Qiye’s steps could create an entirely new world. With a pressing momentum, he uttered: “Let me taste the Myriad One Physique!”

“This brat is too bold. Wanting to fight bare-handed against eight Grand Sovereigns, does he really think that he is invincible?”

“Open!” Li Qiye went forward with a bullying momentum as his two hands slammed down like two giant cudgels. Right now, Li Qiye was not using any techniques or variations; he wasn’t using his immortal physiques either, only the Kun Peng’s Earth Transformation.

The Earth Transformation’s heaviness was like the immensity of the earth as it came pressing down with infinite power. Li Qiye’s hands heavily slammed down on the old man at the front of the eight monks formation like two mountains.

“Boom!” After a deafening explosion, the old man’s two hands easily blocked this dominating emperor’s law.

While the man in front easily deterred Li Qiye’s attack, the seven in the line behind him attacked Li Qiye like a long whip.

They came very suddenly with a speed countless times faster than Bai Longfei’s. Moreover, this whip-like strike could break a mountain range or sink the earth.

Li Qiye shifted his body, creating an afterimage as he used the Dark Space Transformation; the spatial barrier was no longer a hindrance. Li Qiye appeared in the middle of the eight buddhas. One must beat a snake by the head, so Li Qiye wanted to strike the weak spot of the eight by severing their connection.

“Pluff!” Suddenly, the eight instantly attacked Li Qiye as if they were a scorpion’s tail. The speed was too fast and Li Qiye couldn’t dodge in time.

“Bang!” Li Qiye was blown away while spurting out a mouthful of blood. “Boom!” He then slammed heavily into the ground, creating a huge pit.

“Nice!” The ghost experts instantly cheered after seeing the eight monks easily defeat Li Qiye, and they became excited at the sight of spilt blood.