Chapter 493: Phoenix Maiden To Battle

A person who used a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure at a lower realm would only be able to create a proportional force. However, even another Virtuous Paragon would not be able to use someone else’s life treasure to a hundred percent of its true potential, let alone unleash its ultimate and strongest blow.

This was an impossible matter. To cultivators, their own weapons were always the most powerful.

But now, this invincible attack’s extreme brilliance stunned everyone. Such a thing had never happened before.

An old undying who was hiding behind the curtains of night shuddered in fear after seeing this scene: “What… is that… merit law?”

This attack was too heaven-defying and too terrifying.

Even the Ghost Insect Evil Child and the Titanic Crescent Saint Child who hailed from emperor’s lineages held their breaths. Not to mention emperor’s laws, they had even cultivated Heaven’s Will Secret Laws. However, no matter how powerful these secret laws were, they still couldn’t unleash such a brilliant and ultimate strike like this.

Tian Lunhui also lost his colors. He hailed from the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and was called the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor, so how could he not have seen invincible techniques and emperor’s laws? However, Li Qiye’s attack was something he had never seen before. He who was always calm in the face of all diversities couldn’t help but become lost in bewilderment as well.

Sitting high above in her chariot, the Phoenix Maiden stood up at once in amazement.

This invincible blow was both awe-inspiring and shudder-inducing. Many suddenly became aware of something terrifying — Li Qiye’s potential was not just close to the three heroes, he had already caught up!

At this point, many drew in cold breaths while the human cultivators exploded with cheers of excitement.

Some old men hiding in the darkness gazed at Li Qiye and wondered: “What is this secret technique?” To them, that strike from earlier was too dangerous. Even the ancestors of great powers felt a sense of danger!

Resplendent Break was a very ancient technique with an untraceable origin. When Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was young, this technique helped him create many illustrious military exploits. It wasn’t until after he carried the Heaven’s Will that he seldom used this technique.

The years were long and Immortal Emperor Fei Yang — back in the Desolate Expansion Era — did not pass down this technique so future generations didn’t know what it was.

“We need emperor’s weapons!” The Saint Child and Evil Child looked at each other simultaneously and spoke. They instantly came to the same conclusion, that they had to ask their sects for emperor’s weapons. Whether it was a Life or True Treasure didn’t matter, but it was better if it was a True Treasure!

They realized that they could not oppose Li Qiye without an emperor’s weapon, so this had become a necessity!

And it wasn’t just these two, even Tian Lunhui tilted his head in contemplation. Perhaps Tian Lunhui was just like these two and needed an emperor’s weapon to suppress Li Qiye!

Weapons, no matter how powerful, would break after being used with Resplendent Break, outside of emperor’s weapons. The truth was that even Immortal Emperor Life Treasures would be harmed and would need a very long time to recover its emperor’s power.

Only an Immortal Emperor True Treasure would be unaffected. Of course, with regular and repeated usage, even these would be damaged.

Li Qiye chuckled after massacring the Eighteen Beasts with a single move, then he slowly headed towards the sky where the Phoenix Maiden was. Meanwhile, the maiden only coldly glared at Li Qiye without showing any fear.

Li Qiye trod on the sky then gazed at the maiden and smilingly said: “Well… Now I can test you.”

At this point, the scene froze since everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths with extreme tension. Prior to this, no one had thought that the situation would develop to such a point.

It could even be said that with the maiden’s words, all the heroes in this world would come to her aid, so killing a human junior was easy. But now, Li Qiye easily killed tens of thousands and had finally reached her. Her situation was quite precarious at this moment.

She stepped down from her chariot while maintaining the grace of a queen and then coldly said: “I have to admit that you are quite formidable. However, with one wrong move, you will lose the entire board. My husband will rule this world and nothing can change this or block his path towards becoming an Immortal Emperor!” If anyone else said these words, they would be considered madmen, but the Phoenix Maiden could say them because Di Zuo was indeed the person with the highest chance of reaching the peak in the Sacred Nether World.

Tian Lunhui didn’t refute her claim. Even the ancestors hiding in the shadows didn’t think that this declaration was mere boasting. Everyone in the Sacred Nether World all agreed that Di Zuo was indeed the most promising.

“Lose?” Li Qiye laughed and continued: “If I do face defeat one day, it will absolutely not be because of your husband. Moreover, the path towards becoming an Immortal Emperor is boundless; wait until your husband becomes a real Immortal Emperor, then you can boast. However, I’m afraid that won’t happen. With me here, who else can become an Immortal Emperor? The Heaven’s Will belongs to me alone, and the same could be said for the throne!”

The Phoenix Maiden’s rhetoric was bold enough, but Li Qiye’s declaration was even more domineering. Although others felt that he was a bit outrageous with his hubris, they had to admit one thing — after his battle record today, Li Qiye indeed qualified to vie for the throne.

“Quite bold.” The Phoenix Maiden sneered and retorted: “I want to see just how strong you are. Use your best moves, I’m ready to deal with all of them!”

The Phoenix Maiden’s strong attitude surprised many people.

Li Qiye killing so many people and using Resplendent Break had alarmed many people. They agreed that the Phoenix Maiden was powerful, but they also knew that she wouldn’t be able to kill Li Qiye. She would not be able to reverse the situation unless she had an overwhelmingly powerful killing move.

After this battle, everyone knew that geniuses and descendants from the emperor’s lineages, like the Titanic Crescent Saint Child, would not be able to compete with Li Qiye without emperor’s weapons.

Thus, the maiden choosing to fight without retreating was a source of surprise.

“Truly a heroine.” Li Qiye smiled and said after hearing the maiden’s decision to accept his challenge: “You want to test and learn more about me? Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you will be let down since I won’t use any killing moves, my bare hands will be enough.” Li Qiye then stretched his arms after saying this.

Li Qiye’s answer woke many people up from their ignorance. Many admired her even more.

Li Qiye was very heaven-defying, but the maiden chose to fight him not out of impulse; it was to purposely test him.

Since the beginning, he was fighting without any weapons. Even though he had used amazing merit laws, others still felt that he was only training and did not show his real potential.

Especially when he unleashed Resplendent Break, everyone understood that he was hiding a lot of means, and this made them shudder.

Now, the maiden boldly meeting him was to test his limits in order to pave a straight path for her husband.

Since this has come this far, there was no chance for reconciliation between the two of them. One side must die. At this time, no one knew much about Li Qiye. Although Di Zuo was considered invincible, he didn’t have the advantage in this situation. The Phoenix Maiden wanted to fight this battle for her husband and to investigate Li Qiye in his stead.

“One should marry a woman like the Phoenix Maiden!” Many people emotionally thought this in their minds. Whether she was unbeatable or not was up to debate, but one had to admit that she was a virtuous and intelligent wife.

She didn’t only act as a strategist for him, she would also wipe out his opposition, greatly contributing to his emperor’s path.

“Di Zuo and the maiden really are the perfect couple.” At this point, countless spectators were envious of Di Zuo.

A sect master from the previous generation couldn’t help but sigh: “Wonderful, truly worthy of being Di Zuo’s fiancee. Both her wisdom and courage are worthy of him.”

Today, after seeing her means, everyone found that she indeed had the style of a queen.

Everyone was looking at her and secretly speculated how this battle would end.

“It’s pointless to say any more, make your move!” The Phoenix Maiden coldly declared.

“Om—” At this moment, blood energy exuded from her body as her Life Wheel appeared brightly behind her body like a divine phoenix spreading its wings. At this moment, she exuded an emperor’s power as imperial dao runes circulated around her figure.

Everyone was surprised to see the emperor’s power around her. One person shouted: “How could this be? It’s an emperor’s law!”

Although it was unknown whether this was a Merit Law or Longevity Law, it was definitely an emperor’s law. The exact law and which emperor it belonged to was also unknown.