Chapter 494: Coming Of The Phoenix

However, it was impossible. Although the Divine Spark Country was a first rate great power, it couldn’t have Longevity Laws or Merit Laws of Immortal Emperors. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to keep it hidden until now.

After seeing this, everyone realized that her emperor’s law didn’t come from the Divine Spark Country, but rather the Myriad Bones Throne.

Having thought to this point, they became quite agitated. The Myriad Bones Throne greatly invested in this and gave her an emperor’s law even before she officially married into their sect. Passing a merit law to an outsider was not something one person could decide, not even the descendant.

Without a doubt, the Phoenix Maiden had been accepted by the elders of the Myriad Bones Throne. This meant that the throne had extreme trust in and greatly valued the maiden.

Li Qiye looked at the imperial runes hovering around her body and smilingly said: “Interesting, but emperor’s laws are nothing to me. Use your best moves before it is too late.” Having said this, he then activated the Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds.

At this minute, Li Qiye’s thousand hands supported myriad worlds. No matter how vast the world was, he would still be able to lift it.

Everyone had seen this technique before. With this, although he was alone, he was even stronger than one thousand others. Anyone who faced this technique would instantly fall into a disadvantageous situation.

The Phoenix Maiden didn’t dare to take it lightly and quietly shouted as her divine rings opened. Forty-one divine rings clearly hovered around her, giving her an even more sacred appearance.

“A Jewel Sovereign!” Even the older generation was moved after seeing the maiden’s power.

Becoming a Heavenly Sovereign at this young age was difficult even for cultivators who came from great powers. A young Heavenly Sovereign was a genius amongst geniuses.

And now, the Phoenix Maiden had forty-one divine rings. Fifty was the number for the grand change. Once a sovereign had fifty rings, they would be a grand achievement Jewel Sovereign. Although she was still very far from grand achievement with forty-one rings, it was still very heaven-defying.

Even imperial descendants at this age would not necessarily reach the realm of Jewel Sovereign. Even the Saint Child and Evil Child might not be stronger than the maiden.

“Kind of interesting.” Li Qiye chuckled and commented. Li Qiye’s Life Wheel also appeared with the roaring Yin Yang Sea of Blood behind it. Tidal waves of blood soared high into the sky as if it was about to drown out the stars.

People’s legs shivered after seeing Li Qiye’s eruption of power. The sea of blood was too dominating. With such a Longevity Treasure, he would be able to stop any invincible merit law.

The maiden’s expression couldn’t help but change after Li Qiye’s provocation, but she was still unperturbed. She dryly said: “Having an invincible Longevity Treasure does not mean that you yourself is invincible!” With that, her forehead suddenly blazed.

“Tweet!” A phoenix cry rang throughout the nine heavens. A phoenix flew out from her forehead. A monstrous nether energy filled the sky as this immortal phoenix carried an ominous and evil energy.

“A Yin Phoenix!” Many people were startled by the sight of this soaring phoenix. There was a rumor stating that when the maiden was born, a Yin Phoenix accompanied her, but no one had ever seen it.

Now, this Yin Phoenix carried an ominous energy as if it came from the land of the dead, sending chills to all spectators. This thing was very terrifying.

“Buzz!” And this was not the end, a Life Treasure flew out. This was the maiden’s Life Treasure; she used her fiery essence to refine this treasure into the shape of a jade pendant.

She used four Grand Dao Treasure Metals with golden runes to refine it. The moment she took it out, mantras instantly fell down.

The pendant became bright as a phoenix flew out from inside. A series of mantras were pouring down, creating a vast and obscure scene. The moment the mantra reached the Yin Phoenix, its body suddenly caught on fire.

Phoenix cries came out continuously. It was as if the Yin Phoenix was being reborn through fire. In the blink of an eye, a countless amount of fire essence was being burnt. This nether energy Yin Phoenix actually transformed with the help of the pendant.

At this time, there was no Yin Phoenix and no Phoenix Maiden. There was only a phoenix before everyone, a Fire Phoenix that was devouring the refined flames of the nine heavens and ten earths.

The phoenix usually referred to by cultivator was nothing more than a symbol. At best, these birds only carried very little of a real phoenix’s bloodline.

A true phoenix was a mythical beast; it was said that they were the invincible mounts of immortals.

The moment this Fire Phoenix appeared, everyone felt that it was a real phoenix since it sent out the extremely ancient atmosphere of a real divine beast.

It seemed to be able to devour the entire world and refine the six dao as if it was the only undefeatable being in existence. Many couldn’t help but shiver with weakened legs at its appearance. Weaker beings had always feared divine beasts; even the ancestors hiding in the shadows became alarmed. Even though they clearly knew that it was not a real phoenix, its divine beast aura was very real and terrorizing.

“Coming Of The Phoenix — a pretty incredible Grand Dao Treasure Metal. Although it is only a four words mantra, it is still very rare. Four words becoming an inseparable one… This treasure metal is more precious than even a nine words treasure metal — truly priceless.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but marvel at the sight.

Grand Dao Treasure Metals contained grand dao runes. The more runes it contained, the more precious it would be. However, if they had runes that became a complete phrase, then this was no longer the case. A single mantra treasure metal was sometimes even more precious than a nine runes treasure metal.

“Coming Of The Phoenix” was the mantra phrase of the Phoenix Maiden’s treasure metal that was refined by her.

Although there were only four words, it was still extremely heaven-defying because the four words became an inseparable one. The power of “Coming Of The Phoenix” was countless times stronger than an ordinary four runeword.

It was as if this refined pendant was specifically tailored to the Phoenix Maiden because it allowed for her Yin Phoenix to instantly be reborn from the flames.

The Yin Phoenix was already very powerful, but after obtaining the mantra from the pendant, it became a legendary Fire Phoenix. The mantra gave it the same divine aura of the legendary bird.

Just think about it, how terrifying was the aura of a divine beast? No one had ever seen one, but they knew that it was an existence comparable to immortals.

No wonder why Li Qiye couldn’t help himself from being amazed at this Fire Phoenix before him. This treasure metal was absolutely priceless!

“Rmmbbbb!” The Fire Phoenix’s claw was coming. Under its wings, the heaven and earth seemingly became small as the stars in the sky were only specks of dust — not enough to reach the apex.

“Go!” Li Qiye didn’t retreat at all against the incoming phoenix’s claw. The Yin Yang Sea of Blood soared and drowned the sky with its bloody ties. In this instant, Li Qiye used the thousand hands to its maximum potential. The hands lifted three thousand worlds while shining brightly. An endless amount of life essence filled the sky as a gigantic hand came to meet this encroaching claw.

“Boom!” However, no matter how heaven-defying Li Qiye’s thousand hands were, they couldn’t stop the legendary divine beast’s aura. This Fire Phoenix was too tyrannical and incredible.

Because of this, Li Qiye was dragged down from the sky by this claw and trampled on the muddy ground.

This tyrannical claw caused everyone to gasp. An ancestor from a great power uttered: “The Myriad Bones Throne intends to train her into becoming an unparalleled queen!”

The prowess of the Phoenix Maiden could not be satisfied by the training potential of the Divine Spark Country. The country definitely couldn’t have a priceless treasure like the “Coming Of The Phoenix”. This had to be given to her by the throne of bones.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye burst out from the rubble, blowing away numerous bits of debris with extreme speed.

“Tweet!” Phoenix cries filled the sky. Although Li Qiye was fast, the Fire Phoenix was even faster.

Li Qiye had just flown up, but the phoenix — with its wings spread — struck him again with an incomparable speed. Li Qiye was blown away once more and spurted out blood.

“How terrifying! Is this an invincible divine beast?” An ancestor exclaimed after seeing the Fire Phoenix’s perfect combination of speed and power. This thing was unbelievable.

“Boom!” Li Qiye heavily slammed into a mountain range and knocked down several peaks while his blood painted the ground red.

Many people drew in cold breaths at such an impactful scene. Now, they finally understood what the divine aura from a divine beast was.

After knocking Li Qiye away with its wings, it hovered around in the sky as if it was staring at its prey while exuding its monstrous divine aura that caused people to shiver.

Everyone knew that this was not a real Fire Phoenix or a real divine beast, but this divine aura was very real. Even a Heavenly Gaze would not be able to tell its fake properties.

“Crash!” Li Qiye climbed up from the collapsed peaks. Although bloodied, his spirit was still lively; he didn’t look like a wounded man at all.