Chapter 495: Kun Peng Versus Phoenix

“Unfortunately, you’re not a real phoenix.” Li Qiye climbed up in high spirits and said with a smile: “You’re truly fierce, but that is not enough to kill me. If this is your divine beast aura, then I’ll show you the style of the king of myriad beasts!”

“Boom!” At this moment, all of Li Qiye’s blood energy appeared and turned into a sea of blood that covered the sky. Primordial energy surrounded his body and suddenly mixed together with his surging blood energy. At this time, he seemed to have opened the primordial chaos, causing it to flood the world.

His Fate Palace opened so his True Fate floated out with its dao foundation. With a long roar, the dao foundation harmonized with the True Fate and a gigantic Kun Peng appeared.

This Kun Peng’s wings blotted out the sky and then opened its mouth to suck in all of the primordial energy. It then flapped its wings, causing the endless primordial force to pour down like a waterfall.

At this point, Li Qiye was no longer there and only a Primordial Kun Peng remained. Li Qiye’s real body, True Fate, and his dao foundation had turned into this gigantic Primordial Kun Peng.

This Primordial Kun Peng directly flew up for thousands of miles in the sky and covered the nine heavens. Its wings blotted out the sun as if the entire Sacred Nether World could not contain its monstrous body.

“A Kun Peng!?” Many people couldn’t help but look up. They all felt that its wings alone could cause the entire earth to collapse.

“This is not a regular Kun Peng.” A great character with deep insight murmured. Seeing the primordial energy descending from the Kun Peng caused others to have the illusion that this Kun Peng was creating a new heaven and earth.

The Fire Phoenix did not retreat in the face of this Kun Peng and made the world know of its roar: “Screech!”

It then flew up into the sky with its wings, leaving behind a blazing trail. In the high firmament, its tail created a gigantic fire tornado that incinerated the entire world. Countless refined flames turned into a fiery storm, engulfing the Primordial Kun Peng.

The Kun Peng retaliated with a shriek and flapped its wings. It was the largest existence of all beasts. Legends of mythical beasts regarded the Kun Peng as the one that had the largest body, something that was capable of swallowing the heaven and earth!

The moment its wings flapped, the nine firmaments shattered. The fiery storm was fanned out by its wings like a tiny spark dying out.

“Buzzz!” The void fragmented as the Kun Peng’s wings assaulted the earth. It then soared downward and instantly hit the Fire Phoenix despite the fiery bird counterattacking with its most powerful blow. After a resounding blast, the Fire Phoenix was blown through layers of clouds in the sky and was sent all the way down towards the ground.

Although the Fire Phoenix was extremely fast, the Primordial Kun Peng was even faster. As the phoenix was still falling, the Kun Peng chased after it with an incalculable speed. Its claws from the high sky grabbed onto the Fire Phoenix.

The phoenix wanted to escape, but it couldn’t avoid the primordial claws.

“Xshh!” A tearing sound resonated throughout the sky. The Fire Phoenix’s wings were forcefully torn apart by the Kun Peng.

In an instant, the Kun Peng succeeded in landing a fatal blow. This scene was truly too brutal and many shuddered at such a sight as if the wings that were torn apart were their very own limbs.

“Boom!” The Fire Phoenix, with its wings torn asunder, fell from up high and heavily slammed into the ground, causing many mountains to collapse.

“Pffb!” Blood sprayed everywhere. The Fire Phoenix disappeared and the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden appeared again in everyone’s eyes. She sprayed out a mouthful of blood as she tried to get up with her bloodied body.

“This won’t do, you alone are not enough to test me.” Li Qiye was in the form of the Kun Peng and floated in the sky like a tyrant, causing others to shiver at his declaration.

Kun Peng’s Six Variants — this law was created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren after observing a Kun Peng. Li Qiye used this technique to turn his dao foundation into a Kun Peng and then refined it with the Worldly Prime Liquid into a Primordial Kun Peng. This would be considered an existence before the creation of the heaven and earth, so if one truly existed, then it would be an invincible being across the eons.

The maiden’s Fire Phoenix was indeed heaven-defying as it was a mythical bird, but even a mythical bird would still have a huge gap when compared to a Primordial Kun Peng.

“Crash!” The phoenix chariot of the maiden came and instantly took her to escape. It had a very fast speed — nearly without equal. However, even a swifter speed could not be as fast as the Primordial Kun Peng.

“You want to escape? It’s too late!” The Kun Peng chased after the carriage and caught it with its sharp claws.

“Enough with your arrogance!” The maiden rushed out from the carriage and channeled all of her merit laws. Endless divine flames like those from a fire phoenix rushed before the Kun Peng’s chest.

“Boom!” She was quite impressive, but the Kun Peng simply flapped its wings, making her seem like a kite with its string cut as she fell down from the sky. The Kun Peng soared right after her and caught her in its claws.

“Not good, it is over for the maiden!” The crowd exclaimed after seeing the gravely wounded maiden falling into Li Qiye’s hands.

In his Kun Peng form, Li Qiye looked at her in his claws, but his expression suddenly soured because it was not the maiden in his grasp but a wooden puppet!

“Fake!” He immediately understood what was going on and quickly flapped his wings to give chase to the chariot.

“Whoosh whoosh!” The phoenix chariot was destroyed by the sharp claw, but there were no signs of the maiden being inside. There was a small gateway in the carriage, so when she entered the chariot she must have escaped to a different location. The maiden who rushed out to fight was only a scapegoat!

Since she had escaped through the dao gateway long ago, Li Qiye couldn’t give chase even if he wanted to since he didn’t know her destination.

“So it is only a puppet. It seems that the maiden was well prepared from the beginning.” Everyone immediately understood after seeing this scene.

The maiden had already prepared for the worst case scenario and had a plan for escape. Her calculations were ingenious and flawless. Even in the face of defeat, she managed to escape safely.

“Truly a wonderful woman. Planning out all possibilities and having everything completely under her control. Such cleverness is admirable.” Although she was defeated and fled this battle, her performance today garnered respect and admiration. Although she came with a menacing momentum and no one expected her to lose today, she still revealed the style worthy of a queen by demonstrating her wisdom. It could be said that although she had lost, this was still a glorious defeat.

This woman had made many people exclaim in admiration with reverence. It was no wonder why Di Zuo chose her. After today’s battle, anyone would feel like she was the perfect match for him.

The Primordial Kun Peng disappeared and Li Qiye appeared before the crowd. He hovered in the sky while gazing down below.

At this minute, his presence alone was enough to suffocate people; there was no need to speak. Li Qiye’s imperious attitude right now was not a posture for show and instead was a confident bearing!

“Anyone else want to fight?” Li Qiye’s cold gaze not only swept through the battlefield, he also glanced at those who were standing far on the horizon, watching the fight.

At this point, the world stood still in silence as a response to Li Qiye’s arrogant provocation; no one dared to come out.

The ghost geniuses lowered their proud heads before Li Qiye’s cold-as-ice glare. Imperial descendants such as the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child didn’t dare to meet the challenge. Without emperor’s weapons, they had no chance of victory even if they worked together.

Tian Lunhui hid in the void and emitted a mysterious breath. No one could see his expression or tell what he was thinking.

Great characters from the previous generation didn’t want to mess with this calamity. Today, Li Qiye killed off tens of thousands of enemies alone with a monstrous momentum, so who would want to bring about their own destruction?

No one was willing to come out to challenge Li Qiye at this moment. Even the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden had already fled in defeat. Only the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World had the ability to challenge Li Qiye now.

“Then we’ll end this here today.” Li Qiye slowly spoke: “Of course, I welcome anyone who is dissatisfied with me to come at me any time! However, it is best to prepare your own coffins beforehand.”

This overbearing sentence didn’t put anyone in his eyes, he simply stood above the world. However, no one dared to defy Li Qiye at this moment since he had proven himself worthy to act in such a cavalier manner!

“Damn… He really is too brilliant!” After Li Qiye left and everyone regained their composure, the first to cheer was the Snow-shadow Tribe. Instantly, a storm of applause and cheers exploded everywhere in the tribe.

The army of the Phoenix Maiden had entrapped them for some time, so the entire tribe was scared out of their minds. They had all felt that they would not be able to escape this time and might have to suffer genocide.

Even after Li Qiye undertook the battle, they didn’t carry a lot of hope. After all, the maiden had the ability to bully the world, not to mention the tens of thousands of enemies before them. In their eyes, even if Li Qiye had three heads and six arms, he still wouldn’t be able to defeat the maiden.