Chapter 497: Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe

“This must be to support Di Zuo; otherwise, the throne’s ancestral mountain would not descend so easily.” Many people gasped at the sight of the mountain.

Another whispered: “Since the Thousand Carp River’s elders came, the Myriad Bones Throne, being the strongest existence in the Nether Border, will not back down either. The two sides must be quite tense right now.”

Li Qiye and Di Zuo being enemies was something that everyone knew about. Di Zuo would absolutely not forgive Li Qiye for defeating the Phoenix Maiden and killing so many ghost cultivators, thus a fight between these two would be unavoidable.

Now, the throne’s intentions were too clear with the appearance of its ancestral mountain. If it was a one-on-one fight, then the throne of bones would not interfere. However, if the Thousand Carp River wanted to play a numbers game, then the throne would not idly sit by.

“Buzzz—” When everyone was still surprised from seeing the ancestral mountain, a buzzing sound suddenly appeared. The sky promptly turned dark and the cultivators who looked up noticed something blocking the sky.

“Oh god, it is the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe, run away!” After seeing the densely packed creatures that blotted out the sky, countless people lost their minds.

“Zziizzxii—” At this moment, countless winged insects came together to form a human-shaped existence the size of a mountain.

The moment all the insects’ bronze wings came together, the bronze giant’s outline became clear to all. Despite it only being an amalgamation of insects, it was difficult to tell that this bronze giant wasn’t a real being.

The giant let out a menacing laughter and said: “Hahaha! No need to be so alarmed. My Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe is here for the Prime Ominous Grave, not to massacre the innocent.”

Having heard this, many people who were fleeing paused, but they quickly resumed their retreat since they got the creeps from looking at the bronze giant from afar.

The Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe was an extremely frightening branch of the ghost race. Anyone would feel a chill when their name was brought up in the Sacred Nether World.

This tribe had existed for a very long time, and some even speculated that this tribe was born before the Desolate Era. Although it had never produced an Immortal Emperor, legends say that an ancestor of this tribe from an archaic era had eaten an existence that rivaled an Immortal Emperor.

And this was not the most terrifying aspect of this insect tribe. Instead, it was their ability to reproduce. As long as the conditions were right, they would immediately reproduce. This meant that the tribe could produce millions of offspring within a very short amount of time!

Therefore, opposing the insect tribe meant opposing a force that could never be killed off completely. The lands that were ravaged by them appeared to have been devoured by locusts since they devoured absolutely anything.

Their bodies were extremely tough and difficult to kill. In other words, the members of this tribe were like cockroaches; one cockroach was tolerable, but one million unkillable cockroaches would be quite terrifying.

There had been a saying in the Sacred Nether World: It is better to offend an emperor’s lineage than to create a feud with the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe!

The arrival of these insects alarmed many people. No one hoped to become the meal of these insects. They would eat just about anything, even the dirt on the ground. Once eaten by these insects, they would not even spare a single bone of your body.

Many people shivered and fled after imagining such a fate.

“So the Bronze-Carapace King didn’t mind the far distance and came from the Misty Field all the way here.” At this time, a scholarly voice appeared. A Yin Yang aura appeared in the sky as several thousand masters rode this energy to approach.

The moment this Yin Yang energy arrived right outside the Prime Ominous Grave, it turned into a huge Yin Yang Symbol, then everyone finally saw a middle-aged man who sat in the middle.

He wore a robe with a Yin Yang pattern while exuding a transcendent scholarly aura. It was easy to tell that he was a dashing man in his earlier years.

Even the Bronze-Carapace King didn’t dare to neglect the proper cordial procedure as he quickly asked: “Ah, so it is the Yin Yang Master, excuse my delayed greeting.”

“Yin Yang Master — the father of Chan Yang and the Yin Yang Gate’s sect master.” People shuddered after hearing the name.

The Yin Yang Gate was a great lineage in the eastern Nether Border established by Immortal Emperor Yin Yang. In contemporary times, when it came to the Yin Yang Gate, one had to talk about two people — the Yin Yang Master and Chan Yang.

Plenty of approbation could be heard regarding the Yin Yang Master since he was the father of Chan Yang.

Just who was Chan Yang? One of the three heroes, someone comparable to Di Zuo! However, the most dreadful part about Chan Yang was that he was chosen by the Ancestral Realm to be their inheritor.

The Ancestral Realm was at the zenith of the Sacred Nether World. It was the origin ground of the ghost race, the holiest and sacred location.

A legend stated that in a very distant era, the Ancestral Realm led the ghost race to glory. Many ghosts believed that there wouldn’t be any ghost tribes today if it wasn’t for the Ancestral Realm. For millions of years, most ghost Immortal Emperors more or less had something to do with the Ancestral Realm.

For example, Immortal Emperor Yi Shi, Immortal Emperor Er Shi, Immortal Emperor Yin Yang, and Immortal Emperor Chong Huang… All of them were inextricably linked to the realm. 1

Although the Ancestral Realm was all the way up in the clouds and rarely inquired of mundane matters, it still had a transcendent status in the Sacred Nether World. During special circumstances, it could rally the ghost race in the world, and even emperor’s lineages, such as the Myriad Bones Throne, were very wary of the Ancestral Realm.

Chan Yang was the Yin Yang Master’s son and also the descendant of the Yin Yang Gate. At a very young age, Chan Yang was already very well known. Later on, an ancestor from the Ancestral Realm descended and chose him as their inheritor. Prior to this, countless ghost tribes presented their most gifted and excellent disciples for this ancestor, but the Ancestral Realm didn’t care for these geniuses. Afterward, the ancestor even went to the Myriad Bones Throne and the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom along with other reclusive clans, but he couldn’t find a successor. Even Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui were not picked.

Once the ancestor saw Chan Yang in his reclusive cultivation session, he immediately picked him and brought him back to the Ancestral Realm.

This news had caused a sensation at that time. Being the descendant of the Ancestral Realm was a very shocking matter because even if the person couldn’t become an Immortal Emperor in the future, being the master of the Ancestral Realm meant that he would be the highest existence in the Sacred Nether World, an uncrowned king of all ghosts.

All the ghost tribes understood the significance behind this matter. Becoming the Ancestral Realm’s descendant signaled a lifetime of glory and granted the ability to order the rest of the world.

Such a throne was coveted by countless geniuses.

Because of this, the Yin Yang Gate became a kite that met the right course of wind. Overnight, the Yin Yang Gate’s status in the Sacred Nether World became slightly higher than the Myriad Bones Throne.

As his father, the Yin Yang Master naturally took pride in having a son like Chan Yang.

Nevertheless, he was not someone who became famous just because of his son. During his youth, he was already a brilliant genius renowned across the plains. At the age of twenty, he had become an Ancient Saint. This was during the Difficult Dao Era, so becoming an Ancient Saint at that age was an incredibly shocking feat. Someone even said that if the Yin Yang Master had not been born during the Difficult Dao Era, then he would have had the chance to strive for becoming an Immortal Emperor.

Later on, the master forcefully began his tribulation during the Difficult Dao Era, so he was wounded and his cultivation stopped. If it wasn’t for this, then even with his current age and majestic blood energy, maybe he would still have the chance to compete for the Heaven’s Will with the younger generation.

The arrival of the Yin Yang Master caused a huge commotion. Since even an existence like the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe had to be courteous towards the master, other sects obviously came to greet him as well.

A group of sect masters began to converse with him: “May I ask when Chan Yang will return?”

Many people in the Sacred Nether World had always been attentive to Chan Yang’s situation, even more so than Di Zuo’s.

Di Zuo had a bright future with a high chance of becoming an Immortal Emperor. The Myriad Bones Throne, a sect with three emperors, was also a terrifying lineage.

However, Chan Yang was different. As the descendant of the Ancestral Realm, even if he didn’t become an Immortal Emperor in the future, he would still be a supreme existence that ruled the Ancestral Realm.

One must keep in mind that the Ancestral Realm represented the entire ghost race and could order the world. The throne of bones really couldn’t compare to the Ancestral Realm, the origin of the ghost race, despite its prestigious status.

Because of this, even more ghosts valued Chan Yang higher than Di Zuo. After all, it was not certain if Di Zuo would become an emperor while Chan Yang’s grasp over the Ancestral Realm was already written in the stars!

The Yin Yang Master smiled in response and said: “My son can’t return right now from the Ancestral Realm. His Immortal Physique made some progress after just having surpassed his minor tribulation. Right now, he is in isolated cultivation in order to reach grand completion.”

“Minor completion Immortal Physique!” The group gasped after hearing the master’s answer.

The world all knew of Chan Yang’s talents. He surely cultivated unparalleled techniques and merit laws as the Ancestral Realm’s descendant; his treatment would be no worse than that from any emperor’s lineage. So now, after finding out that his Immortal Physique was at minor completion, how could people not be moved?


  1. Yi Shi = First Era, Er Shi = Second Era, Yin Yang = Yin Yang of course, Chong Huang = Insect King.