Chapter 502: Five Elements Immortal Armor

“They must have entered the Immortals’ Domain.” Li Qiye looked at Xian Fan in the sky and said.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but be taken aback, and even Daoist Bao Gui was astonished as he said: “How does Young Noble know?”

Keep in mind that this matter was highly confidential. Moreover, characters like Daoist Bao Gui knew how to keep a secret, so this matter couldn’t have spread easily.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “It’s no big deal, the Five Elements Immortal Armor on Xian Fan’s body makes it very obvious. This thing had always been hidden in the Immortals’ Domain and no outsider had seen it before. One must go into the deepest parts of the Immortals’ Domain and come out alive; then, they would also be able to get some items, such as this Five Elements Immortal Armor!”

“Young Noble knows about the Immortals’ Domain?” Daoist Bao Gui couldn’t help but ask in amazement: “This… is very secretive, very few outsiders know about it.”

“Others are different, and I’m not included in this group.” Li Qiye smiled and continued: “Future generations assumed that Immortal Emperor Di Yu uncovered a supreme treasure inside the Prime Ominous Grave, but the truth was far from this. The emperor instead obtained an immortal land, the Immortals’ Domain at the mouth of the Immortal Kingdom.”

He then smiled at the old daoist and arched his chin towards Xian Fan who was dealing with Di Zuo, asking: “What does Sect Master know about this person?”

“Very little. Although I participated in the successor’s ceremony that year, I didn’t meet Xian Fan. Very few know about Xian Fan’s background and identity, including the Simple Mountain disciples. I only know that Xian Fan was dubbed the descendant and the kingdom continued to keep Xian Fan’s identity a secret.” The old daoist shook his head and responded.

“A bit Interesting.” Li Qiye then stroked his chin while looking at Xian Fan, who was entirely shrouded by the Five Elements Immortal Armor.

Keep in mind that when a great power chooses their successor, especially an emperor’s lineage, it was to be a grand and formal occasion. The descendants must successfully undergo rigorous assessments.

Xian Fan becoming the descendant yet still being able to keep their identity a secret was a very rare thing amongst the great powers.

“I heard there was a reason why Xian Fan was chosen; rumor has it that Xian Fan was the one who opened the Immortals’ Domain.” Daoist Bao Gui explained: “Outsiders know very little about this Immortals’ Domain. It was mentioned that after Xian Fan opened it and was dubbed the descendant, Xian Fan immediately went into the domain. That was the most recent news about him.”

“Not surprising.” Li Qiye continued to stare at Xian Fan and replied: “Owning the Five Elements Immortal Armor already proves Xian Fan’s extraordinariness. With such talent and strength, it is not strange for this person to rule the Immortal Kingdom in the future.”

“Is that armor really that amazing?” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s not only amazing, its origin can scare people to death. After all, it’s very ancient.” Li Qiye answered: “It is not something one can just wish for. Without training and luck, even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to get it. It is not just an immortal armor.”

“Boom!” Di Zuo suddenly made a move during the standoff between the two. His hand became a heavenly seal that descended. The entire nine heavens and ten earths were trapped as the stars were exhausted and the sun and moon lost their brilliance.

This all-encompassing heavenly seal was like the suppression of an emperor — unstoppable and irreversible. Millions of existences trembled like servants when faced with this emperor’s aura.

Di Zuo’s first move shocked everyone in this battle in the sky. Both young and old were shivering in fear. Di Zuo was indeed different from ordinary people; his first move was so heaven-shaking!

“Thunk—thunk—thunk—” The Five Elements Immortal Armor on Xian Fan’s body shot out numerous spirit lights that instantly turned into a majestic golden wall that spanned to the horizon; even hordes of enemies would be unable to penetrate this defense.

“Boom!” Di Zuo’s star-destroying seal fiercely slammed into this spirit wall, but it couldn’t break through. The wall only shook a bit and didn’t collapse.

People didn’t expect for Xian Fan’s divine armor to be this magical. It wasn’t only a set of armor, it was also a weapon with many mystical forms.

“Let’s go to the outer heavens! Take out your emperor’s weapon, I do not want to have the weapon’s advantage!” Xian Fan uttered with complete confidence, then he rushed to the outer firmament like a flying dragon or a dancing phoenix. His posture made it seem as if he could travel to the moon to pluck the stars in the sky.

With a serious expression, Di Zuo also roared. The Scarletflame Qilin screeched as well. With its burning flames, it instantly stepped into the upper horizon to chase after Xian Fan.

“A battle in the outer heavens?” Many couldn’t help but glance at each other. Wasn’t a battle at this location a really high level fight? Most of the time, only Virtuous Paragons or Immortal Emperors would choose the outer heavens as their battlefield.

The reason was very simple. When such heaven-defying existences fought, no place on earth would be able to withstand their destructive force. Even a sacred ground or divine earth fortified with blessings would not necessarily be able to survive.

“They are both young Immortal Emperors, so they immediately picked the outer heavens for their battle. Quite domineering.” Some people couldn’t help but murmur.

This was not without logic since if Di Zuo took out his emperor’s weapon, it would have a transcendent power capable of shattering the mountains and seas. Picking the outer heavens for their showdown was quite reasonable.

Di Zuo and Xian Fan then rushed into the sky while many predecessors chased right after them.

“Come, we’ll go watch.” This was a battle between geniuses so it was very tempting to become spectators. The descendants and geniuses from the great powers also chased right after them. Those with a lower cultivation couldn’t do so since traveling to the outer heavens was not easy. Only those with a great cultivation could reach space, or else they would have to have some amazing treasures.

“Should we go watch too?” Lan Yunzhu asked Li Qiye. A battle between geniuses was definitely brilliant and one would benefit from observing the fight.

Li Qiye shook his head, showing zero interest. He then said: “There is nothing to see. No matter how heaven-defying Di Zuo may be, he won’t be able to kill that person. Even with an Immortal Emperor True Treasure in his grasp, it still wouldn’t break through the defense of the Five Elements Immortal Armor.”

“The armor is that powerful?” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but emotionally ask. In the eyes of all cultivators, Immortal Emperor True Treasures were unbeatable.

“It’s not just that the armor is amazing. By coming back alive from the Immortals’ Domain and even bringing back the armor, this Xian Fan is definitely no lesser than Di Zuo.”

Lan Yunzhu became a lot more serious after hearing this. A genius like her also wanted to challenge the three heroes, so now with the addition of Xian Fan, she had one more opponent to be wary of.

When Li Qiye intended to go back to his quarters, a daoist holding an old banner suddenly popped out of nowhere. This daoist was young, but he carried an experienced demeanor and had a mysterious smile on his face. The daoist smiled then spoke to Li Qiye: “Hehe, Boss, I finally found you.”

“Are you a member of the Heart-ghost Tribe? This is quite a rare sight in the contemporary times.” Lan Yunzhu was surprised to see the daoist appearing out of nowhere.

The Heart-ghost Tribe was a mysterious ghost tribe in the Sacred Nether World. They excelled in calculations and reading the future. Legend states that they were punished by the heavens, so their members lived in reclusion ever since.

This daoist was Daoist Heaven Calculating, the one who Li Qiye met right outside of the lost mythical island, the one that had calculated Li Qiye’s fate.

Although Lan Yunzhu revealed his origin, the daoist was not surprised. He only smiled and said: “Fairy Lan is indeed worthy of being the river sect’s descendant; your vision is as bright as a torch — quite impeccable.”

“Alright, stop sucking up. Have you calculated it?” Li Qiye spoke to the daoist.

Having heard this, the daoist became serious and looked around before carefully taking out a piece of yellow paper. He then handed it over to Li Qiye and replied: “I didn’t let you down, the result of the calculations is written here.”

Li Qiye looked at the piece of yellow paper then back at the daoist before asking: “Are you sure? There are absolutely no mistakes?”

“Absolutely zero mistakes, this little one guarantees it with his life!” The daoist then solemnly continued: “Boss, in order to calculate this for you, this little one had to defy the heavens and almost became ashes from the punishment!”

Lan Yunzhu was quite curious about what this Heart-ghost member calculated for Li Qiye. Judging from their solemn expressions, it must be something very serious. Unfortunately, Lan Yunzhu couldn’t see the contents of the paper before Li Qiye put it away.

After putting the piece of yellow paper away, Li Qiye told the daoist: “Very good. Since you have done me a favor, I shall give you a creation. Follow me into the Prime Ominous Grave, your fortune is waiting inside.”

The daoist immediately became joyous and he smilingly said: “This little one knew that Boss was an auspicious man. Meeting Boss is my fortune.”

Lan Yunzhu could only shake her head while thinking that this fella really knew how to flatter others. She didn’t know that Daoist Heaven Calculating once read Li Qiye’s palms and was scared out of his wits as if he had seen a ghost.

“We’ll open the Prime Ominous Grave right now.” Li Qiye told Daoist Bao Gui: “The exact fortunes found inside will be up to your own luck.”

“Get ready, we’re going into the Prime Ominous Grave now!” Having heard this, Daoist Bao Gui immediately gave the command with excitement.

And it wasn’t only him, even the elders couldn’t contain their eagerness. The Prime Ominous Grave was something coveted by many since time immemorial.

They didn’t expect to have the chance to enter the grave in this lifetime. For as long as one could remember, those who were lucky enough to see the opening of the grave already enjoyed a great fortune.

Outside of the grave, while many cultivators regretted not being able to go to the outer heavens to watch the battle between Di Zuo and Xian Fan, someone noticed that the Thousand Carp River was preparing to leave. The elders followed Li Qiye towards the large monument of the Prime Ominous Grave.