Chapter 504: Corpseblood Cloud

However, there were neither graves nor underground tombs or even any coffins at that. It was nothing like their imaginations, there was only an endless void.

“This… is the Prime Ominous Grave?” Someone asked with disappointment while standing before this vast nothingness.

“This is all there is?” Another unwilling fella couldn’t help but murmur.

“Maybe this is just the entrance and there are other places here.” A sect master from a great power said: “Come, we’ll go take a look.” With that, he took out a flying ship and flew towards the emptiness.

However, a terrifying event occurred; the moment the ship floated into the air, it seemed to have lost its power and fell into the abyss.

“Ahhh—!” Shrill screams emanated from below. The ship was carrying several hundred experts so the sudden drop left them frightened. Since they were all experts, their first reaction was to fly out of the ship.

However, the result was still the same; they couldn’t fly. At this place, all cultivators lost their ability to fly. In this split second, no matter which spatial techniques they tried or what type of treasure they used, all was for naught. It was like a mortal stepping on air then falling right back down.

These hundred cultivators lost their minds in horror as they yelled out ear-piercing screams in the air. Everyone witnessed these experts fall down into the endless abyss like shooting stars flying to an unknown destination.

After seeing this scene, everyone became startled and some even shouted: “How… could this be?!” There were some cultivators and sects that wanted to fly, but they immediately halted their steps and shuddered in silence.

A royal lord from a powerful country who was completely pale shouted with shaking legs: “Impossible! There were even Heavenly Sovereigns onboard!”

Keep in mind that at a certain level, cultivators could fly up high and soar across the planes — this was common sense. If suddenly, cultivators were not able to fly, then this would be a huge hit to everyone.

“This is a void zone. Even a Virtuous Paragon would fall down and perish.” Inside the ancestral mountain of the throne of bones, an ancient voice came forth.

Shivers encroached upon the listeners. They didn’t know what a void zone was, but if even Virtuous Paragons couldn’t escape death, then they understood how terrifying a void zone must be.

“What… is that over there?” A keen observer pointed at something in the far distance and quickly asked.

After they heard this question, everyone stared at the horizon and noticed groups of gigantic red clouds approaching. These clouds were as red as blood; it was as if blood was flowing out from them. They formed a line, creating the illusion of a river of blood from afar.

In an instant, these blood clouds reached the cliff. When the first cloud touched the stone precipice, it immediately rebounded towards a different direction. The other red clouds also did the same.

“These are the legendary Corpseblood Clouds.” An ethereal voice came from the Simple Precious Tree; no one knew who the speaker was.

Right when one group of red clouds reached the cliff, the Simple Precious Tree instantly flew on top of these clouds with a swish. These clouds suddenly unleashed countless tentacles to devour this tree, but immortal lights from the tree descended to stop these blood tentacles.

Under the watchful gaze of everyone present, the Simple Precious Tree rode these blood clouds to the far distance — towards the unknown.

After seeing the successful attempt, everyone immediately understood what was going on: “So we have to ride these clouds!”

At this time, an old cultivator jumped on top of a nearby red cloud. The red cloud suddenly trembled as countless foggy strings that resembled tentacles rolled around this old cultivator’s body. The unwary cultivator was immediately ensnared.

“Ahhh!” This cultivator immediately turned into a bloody mist without leaving behind even a bone.

After seeing such a terrifying scene, many aghast cultivators realized that it was not so simple; these red clouds were extremely dangerous.

“Buzzz!” The ancestral mountain rode away on a group of Corpseblood Clouds since it easily blocked the danger from these clouds.

The next to follow suit was the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom, the Yin Yang Master, the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground… All the great powers jumped onto the clouds since they had the power to easily block the clouds’ power.

After seeing the great powers’ success, the smaller factions didn’t want to linger behind and also jumped on these clouds.

“We’ll go too!” Some sects and cultivators successfully used their treasures and merit laws to survive the bloody fog. However, those who failed to do so screamed and were turned into bloody vapor.

“We need to work together.” Instantly, many smaller factions and vagrant cultivators formed an alliance to ride the drifting blood clouds into the distance.

Li Qiye, as the person who opened the grave, was in no hurry. He only chuckled at the sight of people jumping on these blood clouds.

“Sect Master, you can bring everyone on that group of clouds over there.” Li Qiye then told Daoist Bao Gui.

“What about you guys?” Daoist Bao Gui asked. He understood that Li Qiye must have a reason for picking that particular group of clouds for them.

Li Qiye answered: “Yunzhu and Daoist Heaven Calculating will follow me.” Although he was speaking, his gaze remained on those Corpseblood Clouds. He silently counted the quantity of these drifting clouds.

After seeing that the clouds Li Qiye chose were approaching, Daoist Bao Gui shouted and then rode the gigantic carp along with the elders towards the cluster. The carp easily blocked the bloody fog and it took the river sect’s elders towards the distance.

The other sects and cultivators didn’t dare to compete for this cluster of clouds against an emperor’s lineage like the river sect.

After seeing the river sect’s elders ride the blood clouds far away, Lan Yunzhu asked: “Do we go now?”

“Not yet.” Li Qiye was still gazing at the clouds while counting the number that had passed by.

Not long after, fewer and fewer cultivators remained. Many sects and cultivators successfully rode these clouds off into the distance. The weaker sects also managed to repel the blood clouds after joining forces and rode away in jubilation. They finally made it to the Prime Ominous Grave, and the method to everlasting life awaits them.

As the crowd became thinner, Li Qiye finally picked a group of clouds after waiting for a long time. Seeing the approaching clouds, Li Qiye told the daoist and Lan Yunzhu in a serious tone: “Get ready, you two stop the bloody fog and listen to my commands.”

Daoist Heaven Calculating and Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what was so mysterious about these clouds, but they both took in deep breaths without daring to be careless as they gazed at them.

The clouds moved even closer, then Li Qiye pulled the two of them and shouted: “Jump!” He then dragged the both of them onto the bloody clouds.

The moment they jumped, the bloody fog emerged and countless tentacles soared towards the three. The daoist to the left of Li Qiye raised an old banner; universal laws descended like a phoenix and dragon and stopped these tentacles. On the other hand, Lan Yunzhu to his right only quietly shouted; she didn’t seem to take any action, but the stars surrounding her easily stopped the bloody fog.

As the two of them stopped the offense, Li Qiye calmly stood in the middle. When they made it on top, Li Qiye closed his eyes and silently calculated the trajectory of these clouds.

Lan Yunzhu and the daoist didn’t know what Li Qiye was doing. However, they remained extremely cautious against the nonstop onslaught from the bloody fog.

The three of them rode the Corpseblood Clouds far away and noticed that many clouds were lining up to create a river of blood that flowed towards the vast void.

One didn’t know how long this bloody river was, but once they reached a certain location, these clouds would part and each of them would fly towards a different direction! From here, all the clouds dispersed in their own way like ships on a mighty ocean.

The cultivators that rode these clouds could not alter their course. Even the most invincible beings were helpless in this regard.

After seeing the clear difference in directions for these clouds, Lan Yunzhu and the daoist understood why Li Qiye had to pick a cloud cluster for the Thousand Carp River.

“So these clouds fly to different places.” Daoist Heaven Calculating quietly whispered as the three of them drifted towards an unknown destination.

At this point, there were no other clouds around them. This group of clouds floated in the vast emptiness like a vessel at sea, causing passengers to worry about when a huge wave would come and strike them.

“Of course, they do not fly to the same destination. Each group has their own end, and this end would become the individual’s creation. Whether one gets a good destination to start would depend on whether they picked the right cloud or not.” Li Qiye explained with closed eyes as he was still deducing the trajectory of the drifting clouds.