Chapter 513: Divine Dragon Mountain

“That’s the sect master of the Origin Sect!” Lan Yunzhu noticed this Heavenly Sovereign escaping from the cave and startlingly exclaimed.

“Ah!!” The group almost made it outside, but a tentacle suddenly whipped out with lightning speed and dragged all the experts behind the Heavenly Sovereign back inside.

The Heavenly Sovereign couldn’t escape either; another tentacle dragged him back in as well. Right after, the unwilling screams of the sovereign emanated from the cave: “No!!”

This scene caused the cultivators on the plain to stop what they were doing. They no longer dared to go closer to this cave.

“This time, the Origin Sect is finished. More than one thousand experts were annihilated altogether.” A completely pale cultivator explained since he witnessed everything: “I heard that they found a stone scripture inside that cave, so their entire sect rushed in. Who would have thought that all of them would die?”

“Just what kind of monstrosity is inside? Even a Heavenly Sovereign was helpless against it.” A quivering cultivator ran far away from the cave.

“What is inside?” Lan Yunzhu spectated from afar and asked in shock. A tentacle that overpowered even a sovereign — just how terrifying was this?

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “You can meet just about any monster in the Prime Ominous Grave. This place is treacherous, and when met by a supreme monstrosity, even a Virtuous Paragon would be doomed!”

“The grave is horrifying to this extent?” Her heart thumped after hearing his reply.

After seeing the elves in the Secret Realm, Lan Yunzhu felt that the Prime Ominous Grave was not that dangerous. Now, after seeing this scene, she finally realized that they were in the Prime Ominous Grave, known for its grim dangers.

Just how dangerous was this place? It was evident just by looking at the Metal Realm. Here, there weren’t only ferocious Metal-eating Insects, there were also some unnamed creatures. A sect found an old cave and noticed the treasure inside. Suddenly, a mist flew out and, after being enshrouded by it, all the experts suddenly became crazy.

Another expert forcefully pushed over a boulder as big as a peak in an attempt to find an ore vein underneath. However, before he could find anything, green water rushed out and melted all of his flesh, leaving behind mere bones.

There was also a powerful ghost tribe who took note of a divine stone deep in a ravine, but they were chased out by a legion of skeletons. These ghosts were running and fighting at the same time. In the end, they suffered heavy losses; only ten managed to escape with their lives.

In fact, such events happened every minute in the Metal Realm and the grave as a whole. Nevertheless, this still didn’t extinguish the cultivators’ greed for treasures.

The most tempting place in the Metal Realm was the Divine Dragon Mountain. Although the name suggested otherwise, there was not even a snake here, let alone a dragon.

It carried this name because the mountain had the appearance of a dragon soaring into the sky. It was both tall and long like a giant dragon soaring above the nine heavens.

The reason why people rushed here in droves was because this was the place that specialized in giving birth to destiny true stones. Even this was not enough to describe it; to be more exact, this place was covered with destiny stones.

Here, just by crouching down, one could pick up a destiny stone that ranged from one accumulation to nine accumulations. The Existence Destiny Stones were even more numerous; it was as if the mountain was paved with these stones. 1

After this news came out, those in the Metal Realm would go to the Divine Dragon Mountain to test their luck to see if they would be accepted by a Deity Destiny Stone. All cultivators wanted a stone of this level.

“Good news, the descendant of the Southern Ancient School has been accepted by an eight accumulations destiny stone and has taken it away.”

Another senior brother said: “Hahaha, my junior brother also got accepted by a seven accumulations destiny stone. It was right for him, so he took it away.”

An envious person recalled: “I heard the Saint Child of the Azure Bird Sacred Ground got accepted by six pieces of seven accumulations destiny stones at the same time. In the end, he took the Cold Bird destiny stone that was the most fitting for him.”

However, there were also those who took glee in the misfortune of others: “I gotta say, the oldest young noble from the Free Sect is the unluckiest. His talents are no less than any imperial descendant, but he wanted a nine accumulations destiny stone. Unfortunately, after going through all the Grand Form and Deity Destiny Stones, none of them were willing to leave with him.”

A cultivator curiously added: “Yeah, that is quite strange. The oldest young noble is brilliant and no weaker than a genius like the Titanic Crescent Saint Child. It seems that he had been cursed or something this time; not a single good destiny stone was willing to go with him.”

In the Metal Realm, this mountain was a hot topic and every second, someone would talk about the events that happened here. Many cultivators and sects from the other realms also quickly ran to the Metal Realm to try their luck after hearing about the Divine Dragon Mountain.

However, the Divine Dragon Mountain was a source of both happiness and insanity. Some people were accepted by the Great Form and Deity Destiny Stones, but there were others who searched the entire mountain and didn’t get accepted by any of them!

Li Qiye’s goal was also this mountain, so he took Lan Yunzhu there. Lan Yunzhu looked at the scene and uttered in disbelief: “No way!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “This is only possible in the Prime Ominous Grave.”

In fact, it wasn’t just Lan Yunzhu, anyone else who came to this mountain would have the same shocked expression where they couldn’t believe their own eyes. This was simply impossible!

Li Qiye had seen this expression countless times. Everyone who came here would be frightened by this miracle!

The shape of this majestic soaring dragon mountain was not the reason why people were startled. It was because there were destiny stones all over the place; it was as if the mountain itself was built from these little stones.

Here, destiny stones were as common as pebbles, causing others to be dazzled. Countless people wished that they could move this entire mountain back to their home.

On this huge mountain, all types of destiny stones could be found. One accumulation stones that looked like crystals were everywhere. One could see a stone with the dao of a carp turning into a dragon. Another two accumulations stone had a Yang fire melting a metal. There was also a three accumulations stone with burning fire; multi-colored soft essences were being melted inside… Then, there were the eight accumulations destiny stones that combined itself with the grand dao while emitting golden and brilliant auspicious images. Meanwhile, the nine accumulations destiny stones resembled bones of beasts and had divine runes from a mythical beast, a Gluttonous Dragon.” 2

This treasure trove of destiny stones sent all spectators into a daze. No one could refrain from palpitating while looking at so many destiny stones. Each of them exuded a different colored light, giving the mountain an appearance of a multi-colored dragon soaring up high into the sky.

“How is this possible?” Lan Yunzhu asked in disbelief: “This many destiny stones would drive the entire world crazy.”

Remember, destiny stones were very rare, especially those with four accumulations or more. Grand Form and Deity Destiny Stones that couldn’t be bought with wealth were even more rare.

Normally, even if someone found a vein with destiny stones inside, at most there would only be a few dozen stones, and this would have already been considered a miraculous amount.

Now, the number of stones in front of them were too numerous to count, so how could people not be driven crazy?

Li Qiye pointed at the dragon mountain and said: “The majority of stones from this hillside and beyond are stones with four or more accumulations. If you want to find Grand Form and Deity stones, then your best bet is to go to the middle of the ridge.”

“What about stones of the supreme level that you mentioned before?” Lan Yunzhu looked at Li Qiye and asked: “Uncle, since there are so many destiny stones here, do you want to try to find a few dao fusion destiny stones?”

“That would depend on luck.” Li Qiye answered with a smile: “If you want to find some, then I’ll go with you. Any stones with four accumulations or less can be taken as you please, but if you actually find a dao fusion stone with four or more, then it would all be for naught if it doesn’t accept you.”

“I know, Uncle.” Lan Yunzhu smiled and gave him a charming glance: “And so, Uncle, I will hand the responsibility over to you. You have to find a destiny stone that accepts me, one that is the most suitable for me, and it is best if it is also a dao fusion stone.”

Anyone could grab Existence Destiny Stones as they pleased if they were fortunate enough to see some. However, as for stones of the Grand Form and Deity level — four accumulations or more… Without the acceptance of these stones, it would be useless even if the person really liked the stone since they couldn’t bring them along! Not even by force!


  1. Existence destiny stone = 1-3 accumulations. 
  2. Another draconic divine beast and son of the Dragon King.