Chapter 515: Searching For Destiny Stones

Another senior happily added: “Indeed! Hu Zi will surely reach the Heavenly Sovereign realm ten years from now.”

Destiny stones with four or more accumulations would pick their masters. The choosing process had no rigid conditions or special standards. Normally, cultivators with greater talents would be accepted by more stones, but this was only what usually happened and not an absolute rule.

These stones had their own consciousness, especially those with four or more accumulations. They knew which masters would allow them to shine.

Seeing his disciple’s hesitation on choosing a stone, the master advised him: “Hu Zi, pick the spring one. Although this stone only has five accumulations, with the spring inside, it fits very well with your fate law.”

Any wise cultivator, especially a master, would not advise their disciples to pick the stones with the most heavenly accumulations over a more suitable one. The latter was the only way for a cultivator to actually unleash their full potential.

After hearing his master’s words, the young cultivator picked the one with the spring accumulation. After he chose this stone, although the other two stones also accepted him, they no longer jumped and went back to their original spot.

Cultivators could only have one true fate treasure, so they could only pick one destiny stone. Even if they were chosen by several stones, they could only pick one and couldn’t bring the others with them.

For those who already had a true fate weapon, if they did not give up their previous true fate weapon, then the newly chosen destiny stone would fly away; it would not stay with its master.

Of course, this situation was only for Grand Form and Deity level stones, Existence Stones didn’t have this restriction.

The treasury of great powers only had Existence level stones. If cultivators wanted a better one, they would have to go out and look on their own!

Thus, the mountain became very busy. Even those who already had a true fate weapon came to find a better or more suitable stone.

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu, on the other hand, stayed at the bottom section of the mountain. Usually, people would rush towards the upper ridges, but Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu decided to stay at the base. Here, they were picking from a group of stones, garnering askance gazes.

The general consensus was that the stones at the lower areas were not worth the time; all of them contained less than four accumulations. Moreover, they were also guarded by insects.

“Hahaha, is this Li fella afraid of being humiliated? He doesn’t dare to go to the ridges out of fear that no stones would accept his crappy innate talents. People would laugh at him so he is staying at the base.” A young ghost cultivator who was hostile to Li Qiye couldn’t help but sarcastically utter.

“Oh? So you are a genius then?” A human expert struck back instantly: “Does a genius like you have any great battle records? Although Young Noble Li, our human race’s pride, doesn’t have any heaven-defying innate talents, he can slay ghost geniuses like dogs. Tens of thousands of ghosts were annihilated by the young noble’s bare hands.”

“You!” The ghost cultivator angrily glared at this human expert.

However, the human expert came from a great power, thus he fiercely gazed right back at the ghost without apprehension.

“Sup? Not convinced? Then go have a shot at Young Noble Li. Just like you said, our Young Noble Li’s innate talents aren’t that great, so a ghost genius like you should be able to beat him within three to five moves, right? Please go and challenge our young noble.” The human expert sneered.

Even though he was reddened with rage, the young cultivator gave up in the end. Although ghost cultivators hated Li Qiye and humans were only ants in his eyes, he didn’t have the courage to challenge Li Qiye. Li Qiye could slay even Heavenly Sovereigns, let alone someone like him.

Although other people didn’t sneer at Li Qiye like this ghost cultivator, the majority wondered why he was staying down at the base for so long.

“What are they trying to do?” Smart cultivators, even those from the ghost race, didn’t dare to hold Li Qiye in disdain. Moreover, a genius like Lan Yunzhu was also with him. Both of them were no fools.

“Maybe they are just trying to find a suitable stone rather than one with a large amount of accumulations. Remember that back in the Ancient Ming Era, Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan’s Marching Battle Spear was refined from a one accumulation destiny stone. Just think about some more; that year, the emperor had a battle for every single step he took and still proudly smiled over the nine heavens. With his spear, he killed till myriad worlds lost their colors. Countless Immortal Emperor True Treasures and invincible weapons were overshadowed in the presence of his spear.”

“That makes sense, and this applies to the truly devilish geniuses.” Not all cultivators agreed with the theory that was just stated. An older cultivator stroked his chin and commented: “Personally, I think the more accumulations, the better. I crave for a nine accumulations stone. Just think about it, the power of a Deity Destiny Stone! It would be as if the gods themselves descended.”

Another great character did not support this view and countered: “Not necessarily. Even if you have a nine accumulations stone with one Deity dao, do you think you have the ability to control this Deity dao? You do not cultivate emperor’s laws, so you will have difficulty in trying to control this Deity accumulation. In other words, a Deity accumulation, in your hands, is no different than trash.”

“No way. Without trying, how would you know that I can’t control a Deity accumulation?” The old cultivator was not convinced.

In just a moment, these two cultivators quarreled.

In fact, the theories about Destiny True Stones had always been debated. There were both proponents and opponents to the idea of there being only the most suitable stone, no strongest one.

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu searched at the base of the mountain for a very long time. He couldn’t find a suitable one for Lan Yunzhu, but he made several stones jump for him.

Li Qiye noticed a destiny stone that looked just like a piece of jade. He crouched down and picked it up: “This one isn’t bad.”

“Buzzz!” The moment he picked it up, a Metal-eating Insect crawled out of the ground and flew towards Li Qiye at an extreme speed. However, Li Qiye was even faster. Before the insect could strike him, it had already been pinched between his two fingers.

“Crack!” The insect was crushed.

“What physique do you cultivate?” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but ask after seeing how Li Qiye easily disposed the insect.

Others might not know, but Lan Yunzhu was certain that Li Qiye cultivated an Immortal Physique. However, his physique gave her a very strange feeling and she couldn’t tell which one it was.

Even in her wildest dreams, she wouldn’t expect for Li Qiye to cultivate two Immortal Physiques. This matter was absolutely impossible.

“Well… You will find out later.” Li Qiye cheerfully replied and put away the chosen destiny stone.

Lan Yunzhu noticed that he picked some very unique stones as if he knew what he wanted to do: “Do you feel like these stones can reach dao fusion?”

“Not necessarily for me.” Li Qiye shook his head in response: “I might not be suitable for dao fusion, but the chance is great with the right person. Maybe then, I can create a miracle.”

Lan Yunzhu didn’t say anything. Dao fusion accumulation was merely a theory in the eyes of many people; the majority of cultivators had never even heard of it before.

After almost scouring the entire base of the mountain, the two were still unable to find a suitable stone for Lan Yunzhu.

“Since it has come to this, we’ll go up the mountain and look there.” Li Qiye lifted his head to look at the mountain and narrowed his eyes to say: “Use the Cyclical River of Fate for your dao foundation. As far as I know, there is a destiny stone very suitable for your circumstances. It definitely exists, but I’m not sure if it is still there or not.”

After hearing this, Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and said: “What?! You knew that there was a suitable stone for me on the mountain yet you didn’t say it and instead made me foolishly look with you here?”

Li Qiye looked at her fierce appearance and responded with a grin: “Girl, pay attention to your demeanor. You are a fairy of the river sect, someone famous for your beauty and your elegant, virtuous, and transcendent manners. Don’t you feel like your reputation will be ruined with such a scary appearance?”

“You—” Lan Yunzhu almost vomited blood from his teasing. She gritted her teeth to say: “Damn you, one day I’ll properly take care of you!”

Li Qiye didn’t care for her threat and leisurely said: “I am only doing this for your sake and maybe to save you some face. It is best to find a suitable stone down here because if we go up there and that stone doesn’t accept you, it would be very embarrassing. Everyone knows that you are a genius — a fairy, so if you get rejected by a stone, wouldn’t that ruin your reputation completely?”