Chapter 518: All The Destiny Stones Competed For A Master

Li Qiye looked at Lan Yunzhu, who was overflowing with excitement, and said with a smile while waving his hand: “Ladies first. If I go first, you won’t be convinced and will say that I am a bully.”

“What an ego!” Lan Yunzhu gave him an angry look. She then walked up towards the middle of the mountain and channeled the blood energy within her body. In an instant, this energy showed itself like flowing water.

“What is Fairy Lan trying to do?” A curious spectator asked after seeing her flowing blood energy.

“They’re trying to sense the destiny stones.” A cultivator from the previous generation explained: “The two of them are competing to see who would get accepted by more stones.”

“Hahaha, I bet for Fairy Lan’s victory. Her dual saint talents are famous.” Another cultivator said right away.

Another one added: “I also bet on Fairy Lan. There’s nothing more to say about her talents. Although she rarely takes action, in my eyes, she is a genius that can reach the top.”

Girls, especially kingdom-toppling beauties like Lan Yunzhu, were always welcomed — this goes without saying. Although it was just a friendly competition, the young cultivators was more biased towards Fairy Lan.

With her blood energy being emitted, Lan Yunzhu began to walk up the mountain. It didn’t take long for a series of thumps to appear. Several dozen five accumulations stones began to jump.

“Thump—” She moved on and another dozen six accumulations stones jumped up as well.

However, she didn’t halt her steps. Even a few seven accumulations stones showed her their adoration by jumping.

“86 five accumulations stones, 18 six accumulations stones, 9 seven accumulations stones…” As she moved up, a fun-loving person began to count.

Continuing upward, thumping sounds rang out nonstop. Some eight accumulations stones jumped a little as well. Although it was not too clear, this still showed that they had accepted Lan Yunzhu.

“5 eight accumulations destiny stones!” A person shockingly said after counting: “Worthy of having dual saint talents. She is not necessarily any weaker than the three heroes. It is too bad that she’s battled far less than them.”

An admiring genius said: “Amazing! She was accepted by 5 eight accumulations stones.”

At this point, Lan Yunzhu turned around and charmingly smiled: “Uncle, do I need to go further? I want to challenge some nine accumulations stones for their acceptance. It is not too late for you to accept defeat, I won’t let you lose too badly.”

The provocative look from a beauty was truly alluring.

Li Qiye laughed while looking at her sweet and playful side. He then shook his head and replied: “Girl, I’m not trying to pop your bubble, but your level is truly far below my own.”

Li Qiye then began his ascent and was met with a lot of enthusiastic gazes.

“Li Qiye is going. Get ready and look to see if he will be accepted by more stones, or will Fairy Lan become the victor.” A person prepared to count to see how many stones Li Qiye would get.

A ghost member remained unconvinced and said: “Hmph! In my opinion, Li Qiye won’t…” However, his words were cut short.

“Thump thump thump!” The sound of stones jumping sounded out alongside an unbelievable scene, causing everyone to become dumbfounded.

Even those who had weathered countless storms and seen numerous miracles couldn’t believe their own eyes.

“Thump thump thump!” Stones started to crash into each other. When Li Qiye walked by, all the stones jumped up. What was even more unbelievable was that they didn’t only jump, they also started to roll after Li Qiye.

“Clank clank clank!” The higher up he went, the more stones followed right after him. They scrambled after him as if they were afraid that they would lose sight of him and competed with each other to be the closest to him.

This scene stunned everyone on the mountain as their eyes opened wide and their jaws dropped to the ground.

Lan Yunzhu had mentally prepared herself beforehand, but she still couldn’t prevent her mouth from opening. She couldn’t believe this frightening sight.

“This… this… this… is preposterous…” A ghost king murmured in a daze. Even a ghost king like him couldn’t regain his composure.

A person murmured in a foolish state: “I’ve heard that destiny stones have the ability to run around, but who has ever seen them do so?”

This was common knowledge, but not many had actually seen it with their own eyes until this day. And it wasn’t just one stone, it was a whole bunch. Countless destiny stones on the mountain were moving, causing all the spectators to stand there while looking silly.

A cultivator thought that he was in a dream and told his friend who was standing by his side: “Hey… pinch me to see if this is reality.” Shortly after, a scream resounded as he almost lost a piece of flesh from the harsh pinch. Now, he was certain that it wasn’t a dream.

“Thump thump thump!” Li Qiye was now next to Lan Yunzhu along with a group of destiny stones right behind him. No matter where he went, all the destiny stones followed right behind him.

“This, this can’t be real.” Lan Yunzhu stuttered as Li Qiye approached. She then uttered: “Are you kidding me…?”

Li Qiye smiled at her and leisurely spoke: “Who do you think won this bet?”

Lan Yunzhu became dejected and softly sighed: “You… Even my destiny stones are following you.” She had no choice but to be convinced.

“Then let us go to see if that arrogant stone will accept me or not.” Li Qiye smilingly responded before continuing his trek.

“Thump thump thump…” Li Qiye continued to go up the mountain. Not only did eight accumulations stones chase after him, but even nine accumulations stones followed him, prompting a scream: “Even nine accumulations stones are following Li Qiye! Is there no justice in this world? All the stones are accepting him and only him! How will we nobodies live from now on?”

At this time, countless people shared the same sentiment and helplessness. They couldn’t stop these destiny stones from choosing Li Qiye.

“He is almost at the peak, he wants to give that stone a try!” A cultivator shouted while watching Li Qiye’s climb.

“Oh god, so amazing! Maybe he is about to take that stone away!” All the cultivators were aghast while the ghost cultivators were even more nervous.

At this moment, even the human cultivators couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of Li Qiye. A bunch of destiny stones following him was really unfair. They were waiting for him to become frustrated in front of that stone.

Li Qiye was too devilish, and this spectacular scene overshadowed even Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui. At this time, even his stern supporters, the human cultivators, were secretly jealous of him.

He had now reached the peak. All the stones that were jumping right after him fell to the ground and didn’t dare to continue further. It seemed as if all of them were afraid of the peak, the territory of that stone. Even nine accumulations stones were no exceptions.

However, they didn’t want to leave since they all wanted to be picked by Li Qiye. Many of them chose to lay there, waiting. If Li Qiye didn’t get chosen by that stone, then maybe they had a chance of being selected by him.

“It is so exasperating to compare oneself to him.” Lan Yunzhu wryly smiled: “I suppose everyone has their own fate. Others wish to be chosen by destiny stones while destiny stones wish to be chosen by Li Qiye.”

“F*ck!” A human royal lord from the previous generation cursed: “This brat is too heaven-defying. If I ever have a daughter, I would marry her to him right away!”

A cultivator next to the royal lord quipped: “Brother, you can also see how devilish he is. Even if you have a daughter, you can only wait for him to choose instead of your daughter choosing him.”

“I’m still okay with waiting for him to pick my daughter.” The royal lord couldn’t help but murmur.

When Li Qiye was next to the stone, everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths and quietly watch the scene. The entire mountain became silent as no one dared to make a sound, lest they miss out on this shocking event.