Chapter 523: Dangers In The Wood Realm

Lan Yunzhu became quiet after hearing this. It was just like what Li Qiye had said, she had never been in a minor sect. She entered the river sect at a young age under Venerable Yang’s lead, and her master was the sect master. A genius like her didn’t know the struggles of a weak sect.

Although this place was full of spirit medicines, Li Qiye didn’t slow down his pace. He brought Lan Yunzhu deeper into the realm.

And he was not the only one who didn’t stop; any cultivator that was a bit stronger or was from a bigger sect wouldn’t pause. Although this place had a lot of medicines, they were very ordinary. Anyone with a bit of strength would not waste their time here.

This was especially true for the great powers who came here for the King Medicines and Sacred Trees. How could they allow time to be wasted on these ordinary grasses?

As Li Qiye went further inside, the grasses became rarer and more precious. At a certain depth, the truly rare spirit medicines began to appear.

“That is a Crimsonblood Fruit!” Lan Yunzhu happily uttered after seeing a red fruit growing on a lush and verdant tree by a creek.

She wanted to go closer, but this creek suddenly turned into a whirlpool.

“Splash!” White skeletons emerged from this whirlpool, warning Lan Yunzhu to not come any closer.

Li Qiye pulled her away and said: “Don’t waste time here, there are too many spirit medicines of this level.”

Lan Yunzhu wryly laughed and wondered: “Are there a lot of these here?” In the outside world, the Crimsonblood Fruit was very rare. Even the river sect’s treasury only had a few of them.

However, it was just like what Li Qiye had said. After they crossed several mountains, they saw Crimsonblood Fruits everywhere in the creeks.

Lan Yunzhu, who was following right behind him, was dazzled after seeing how many spirit medicines there were in this part of the woods: “White Phoenix Tree, Raging Flame Vine, Five Transformations Dragon Rouge, 800,000 year old Pure Dan Grass…”

The spirit medicines here were all extraordinary and precious. However, wanting to pick these medicines was not easy. They either had insect kings and cruel beasts protecting them, or they would be growing in deadly locations.

“Why don’t we pick some of them?” She was very tempted when she saw so many spirit medicines. She had absolute confidence that she would be able to easily pick a bunch of them.

“Wait a bit longer, then you will truly see what is called an alchemy garden.” Li Qiye replied and smiled: “There are even more precious things, so why waste time here?”

Sure enough, as they continued forward, they saw even more spirit medicines that couldn’t be described with just the word “precious.” These were all priceless medicines.

“That is a one million year old Scarlet Soaring Dragon Tree!” Lan Yunzhu looked at a treasure tree and exclaimed in shock. The entire tree was scarlet and it emitted waves of fluttering lights. She was someone who knew her stuff, so she spoke: “If one trains here, they will be reinforced by a dragon essence.”

However, as she came closer, she heard the sounds of bones clanking together as many skeletons crawled up from below the tree. Looking at the color of these bones, one wouldn’t be able to tell how long ago they had died.

“Don’t compete with the dead. Even after death, they will forever want to seize this treasure tree.” Li Qiye cheerfully said before dragging her away.

The value of these herbs only rose as they went deeper inside. Many experts and great powers present wanted these medicines.

“Where are you running to?!” On top of a mountain, a formidable Heavenly King with surging blood energy and an emperor’s aura was chasing a King Medicine root.

“That Heavenly King comes from the Zhan Clan. Legend states that after producing an Immortal Emperor, the clan then lived in seclusion for a very long time.” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but say after seeing this chase.

This Heavenly King had clearly brought an emperor’s weapon. Although many lusted after this King Medicine root, after seeing this Heavenly King take action, all the other Heavenly Sovereigns could only watch on the sidelines no matter how heaven-defying they might be. A Heavenly King was terrifying enough, not to mention the fact that he brought along an emperor’s weapon. Nobody wanted to offend such an expert!

The King Medicine being chased after by the Heavenly King was a 3,000,000 year old Violetblood King Ginseng. This ginseng root ran for its life at a scary speed while the Heavenly King panted as he gave chase.

This king ginseng knew that the enemy had an emperor’s weapon, a weapon that it couldn’t mess with, so it fled at an extreme speed deeper into the Wood Realm.

“Buzz!” On a different hill, a Demonic Sacred Tree exuded a terrifying divine radiance. Under the Demonic Sacred Tree were several hundred experts that all came from the same sect. They gathered together and tried their best to uproot this sacred tree.

“Clank!” Countless divine lights from this tree combined together to form a monstrous sword formation to cut into the experts of this sect.

Seeing that this sacred tree knew how to form a sword array, the sect master exclaimed in horror: “Retreat!”

But it was all too late as a rain of blood poured down from the sky. Terrible screams resounded as these several hundred experts were minced by this powerful sword formation.

“So strong!” Lan Yunzhu became shocked after witnessing the strength of the sacred tree’s sword array. She had a keen eyesight capable of seeing through this heaven-defying sword array.

“Don’t be fooled by the Wood Realm’s appearance.” Li Qiye smiled and explained: “Outsiders say that this place is safe, and indeed it is safer than the other places, but the King Medicines and Sacred Trees in this realm should not be easily provoked. Although there are no poisonous creatures or insect kings guarding them, they are plenty powerful by themselves.”

Lan Yunzhu also recognized this. The King Medicines and Sacred Trees in the Wood Realm were different from the divine stones and treasure metals back in the Metal Realm. The metals and stones didn’t have the power to fight back, but these medicine existences were different. They were very powerful, even more so than a Heavenly King.

“At this place, there are King Medicines and Sacred Trees even more powerful than Virtuous Paragons. One requires luck to be able to see them.” Li Qiye reminded Lan Yunzhu.

As they trod deeper inside, even more King Medicines and Sacred Trees showed up as well as holy springs and wells. Later on, there were trees who knew how to fly and walking grasses as well as herbs that knew how to transform.

The more she saw, the more speechless Lan Yunzhu became. Eventually, the two arrived under a cliff with an old well next to it. Li Qiye looked at it and found that there was a moon floating inside.

“Is this the legendary Immortal Moon Well?” Lan Yunzhu only watched from the distance because there was a person sitting cross-legged above the well — an old man. This old man wore armor with a sword box on his thighs. Although the box was closed, the terrifying sword energy shooting out of it made it clear just how horrifying the sword inside must be.

Lan Yunzhu looked at the old man and felt a chill before asking: “Is he dead?”

“Yes. He is this generation’s wellkeeper.” Li Qiye happily explained: “It is not difficult to obtain this well, one just has to defeat him. But sometimes, after defeating its keeper, they would no longer be able to leave because they would turn into a corpse and become the next generation’s keeper.”

Seeing this scene made Lan Yunzhu shudder. A Virtuous Paragon had inexplicably died here to become its keeper. This place was too bizarre.

As they continued to explore deeper and deeper, the thick forests and mountains became more dangerous. The sacred medicines now had fierce beasts and insects guarding them, and even the mountain paths became more arduous.

The insects and beasts wouldn’t attack someone for no reason, but the dangerous high peaks and hills were unpredictable. One wouldn’t be able to discern safe spots from dangerous spots.

“Ahh!” Screams sounded out. Lan Yunzhu noticed a large clan with more than one thousand experts falling into a deep ravine. However, what took their lives was not the fall but a group of black clouds that descended from the sky like a bunch of devils returning to their ravine nest. In just a moment, more screams resounded from within the ravine.

After the black clouds disappeared, Lan Yunzhu only saw skeletal remains. More than one thousand experts had all become mere bones.

“The White River Tribe is a great clan from the ghost race. They have more than ten Heavenly Sovereigns!” She exclaimed after seeing this scene.

More than one thousand experts and ten Heavenly Sovereigns had turned into skeletons in just a minute without being able to put up a fight. This matter was way too creepy.

However, thanks to Li Qiye, he brought her along and dodged all the dangers as if there was a god protecting them. It was as if Li Qiye knew this place very well; he knew all of its dangerous locations along with the methods to evade them.

Lan Yunzhu followed him and noticed that, at times, he would take the longer path instead of a straight incline towards the deeper parts of the Wood Realm. Because of his meticulous path, they managed to cleverly avoid many dangers.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but ask with doubt after seeing this: “Have you been to the Prime Ominous Grave before?” He seemed to have come here before, and his familiarity with the place indicated it hadn’t just been once.

Li Qiye smirked and remarked: “Did your patriarch not leave behind a map? For example, the dangerous spots inside the Wood Realm?”