Chapter 528: Twelve Fate Palaces

“Amazing! Entering the Fire God’s Palace will surely grant him a great fortune.” After hearing this, many people became very envious.

Although the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom did not necessarily require a heaven-defying treasure, obtaining a great fortune inside the Prime Ominous Grave was a matter of pride. Since the start of time, anyone who obtained great fortunes in this grave would eventually become an invincible existence capable of threatening the nine worlds. Even if they couldn’t become an Immortal Emperor, they would still become a paragon of a world.

While everyone was still extremely jealous of Tian Lunhui’s luck, a shocking piece of news also came out from the Earth Realm: “Di Zuo is mounting an offensive on the Heavenly Cemetery.”

After hearing this, great characters from all the tribes greatly changed their expressions as they exclaimed: “Attacking the Heavenly Cemetery! How bold!”

Another whispered: “Legend states that the Heavenly Cemetery is the end point of the Prime Ominous Grave, and very few have been able to enter since time immemorial. Di Zuo indeed has the style of a young Immortal Emperor, now that he wants to attack the cemetery.”

Even an ancestor from a great power emotionally added: “The Myriad Bones Throne trained such an amazing descendant. This courage and decisiveness when deciding to attack the Heavenly Cemetery… It wouldn’t be strange if he becomes the Immortal Emperor in the future.”

Many were saddened after hearing this, especially the younger generation. Di Zuo was already famous enough, but today, many became shocked when he chose to attack the Heavenly Cemetery.

Geniuses didn’t dare to attack the cemetery, not even imperial descendants like the Titanic Crescent Saint Child or the Ghost Insect Evil Child who had emperor’s weapons. But now, Di Zuo was intending to do so, highlighting his domineering temperament.

“Sir Di Zuo will surely become the Immortal Emperor of this generation!” A ghost excitedly uttered.

This battle that Di Zuo started caused the ghosts to become very lively. Recently, they had been oppressed, especially when Xian Fan fought evenly against Di Zuo. Many of them couldn’t accept this result. But now, Di Zuo’s actions meant that he was confident in himself, further rejuvenating the ghosts’ hope that the future emperor would come from their race.

Outside of the actions taken by the heaven’s proud sons like Tian Lunhui and Di Zuo, powerful lineages like the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom attracted attention very easily even with the slightest movement.

Recently, news about the Immortal Kingdom began to spread. A cultivator in the Wood Realm sent out this message: “The Simple Precious Tree of the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom is going to the deepest parts of the Wood Realm.”

Many great powers became receptive to this news and, overnight, countless people paid attention to every action of the Immortal Kingdom.

An ancestor from a great power tried to analyze the kingdom’s goal: “What are they trying to find? It seems that they don’t care for treasures or divine stones or immortal medicines. However, this doesn’t make sense. They even brought along their precious tree, so they had to come to the grave for something.”

Another sect master who had always paid attention to the Immortal Kingdom murmured: “It seems like they are trying to find a certain something, and now they are off to the Wood Realm. Maybe they are trying to search every corner of the Prime Ominous Grave.”

In fact, as a lineage with two emperors, it would make more sense if they kept to themselves in order to not attract attention. However, the Immortal Kingdom was different; they even brought their Simple Precious Tree. Because of its fanfare, the other emperor’s lineages secretly tailed the Immortal Kingdom.

All of this could be traced back to Immortal Emperor Di Yu. In a very ancient era, there was a rumor where the grave had the method for everlasting life, but no one had ever seen it before.

It was not until Immortal Emperor Di Yu’s generation that there was a hint of such a thing. At a young age, he went into the grave, but no one at that time knew if he had obtained the method or not.

However, many tales explained that his talents were quite terrible, but he still managed to survive through five generations and five Immortal Emperors. Even invincible emperors disappeared, but Immortal Emperor Di Yu lived on just fine.

What was even more suspicious was that Immortal Emperor Di Yu didn’t seal himself inside a Blood Era Stone like the other undyings. He had always lived normally throughout the generations. After many years and witnessing the change of five emperors, he finally embarked on the imperial journey to become an invincible emperor.

Because of this, no matter the method, future generations suspected that he had gotten the method for everlasting life during his youth inside the Prime Ominous Grave.

Nevertheless, the Immortal Kingdom had always denied this claim, but they couldn’t dispel all suspicions.

This time, the Immortal Kingdom even brought along their precious tree and didn’t care for all the treasures inside the five grand realms. Things that others lusted for were ignored by the Immortal Kingdom, making people think that they were searching for something; their strange behavior resulted in many great powers spying on them.

During the spying process, a person had a bold thought: “Maybe Immortal Emperor Di Yu only got half of the method in the past. Maybe the other half is still inside the Prime Ominous Grave. This is why the Immortal Kingdom carried along the precious tree this time, to find the other half!”

This speculation was quite outrageous, but many great powers couldn’t stop themselves from thinking about this possibility. This was why even more eyes became fixated on the Immortal Kingdom.

If there really was another half of the everlasting life method, then a terrifying war would erupt. Even monstrous existences like the throne of bones and the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom would join in.

Not to mention weaker cultivators, even Immortal Emperors would be tempted by true immortality.


Li Qiye sat for a very long time in the medicine field before slowly opening his eyes and issuing a roar. After this cry, the eleven Fate Palaces withdrew.

At this time, Lan Yunzhu was next to him. She cheerfully said: “Congratulations, you have finally opened eleven palaces.”

Li Qiye smiled and responded: “It is a thing of the past now. The twelfth palace will be the next challenge.”

This sentence sounded very arrogant. Everyone assumed that having twelve palaces was an impossibility. Anyone who heard of someone talking about opening the twelfth palace would laugh their teeth off and think that that person was either insane or incurably full of themselves.

However, Lan Yunzhu knew that this would not be an issue for Li Qiye. She trusted that he would be able to open the twelfth.

Lan Yunzhu emotionally spoke: “Legend states that no more than three people had eleven palaces, this miracle across the eons. Eleven opened palaces… Any type of genius would be trivial before this.”

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “Here is where you are incorrect. The truth is that, since the start of time, there were at least five people who had eleven palaces. The most famous are Immortal Emperor Gu Chun and Immortal Emperor Fei.” 1

Lan Yunzhu was not surprised at all to hear these names: “The first Immortal Emperor and the legendary Immortal Emperor Fei!”

Immortal Emperor Gu Chun came from the Charming Spirit Race and was the first existence to be called “Immortal Emperor” in the nine worlds. It could be said that Immortal Emperor Gu Chun created a new age during the Desolate Era and was considered the most powerful existence.

Meanwhile, Immortal Emperor Fei created a legend, the Soaring Immortal Sect. Since time immemorial, this sect continued to shine its radiance over the nine worlds.

“Okay, Uncle, your arrogance can reach even the sky. Eleven palaces may be nothing new to you, but wait until you open the twelfth. Then, you can enjoy being called number one across the ages.” Lan Yunzhu continued with a smile: “If you open the twelfth palace, then you will be the first since time immemorial to achieve twelve palaces.”

She was happy for him and his achievements.

“You are mistaken again. The title of being the first across all ages has already been taken by someone.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “Even if I successfully accomplish this, I wouldn’t be the first to have twelve.”

Lan Yunzhu replied in disbelief: “Who was it? Impossible… Someone opening the twelfth palace in this world is but a legend, a legend that had never been proven before. This is because everyone knows that whoever opens the twelfth would become an Immortal Emperor! However, no one has heard of an Immortal Emperor with twelve Fate Palaces!”

Li Qiye slowly uttered a name: “Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng!” 2

Lan Yunzhu had nothing to say after hearing this name. If there was someone in this world to be the first to obtain twelve palaces, then Lan Yunzhu wouldn’t be able to think of a second person outside of Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, the first emperor of the human race. This name was like a spell that echoed across eternity, illuminating the nine worlds.

Since time immemorial, only Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was fitting of the two words “Jiao Heng.” He was undefeated his whole life and swept through all of his enemies in the nine heavens and ten earths. He was the only emperor who remained unbeaten even till now.

Although, after a cultivator becomes an Immortal Emperor, it would be very difficult for them to lose. Claiming that Immortal Emperors were invincible was not just mere words, but many Immortal Emperors did not have smooth sailings at a young age, and there were no emperors who were always victorious during their years of growth.

However, throughout the eons, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng alone remained unbeaten throughout his life. When he was young, the emperor powerfully pushed through all of his foes no matter how powerful they were. No one had ever managed to stop his steps!


  1. Gu Chun = Ancient Purity, Fei = Soar; so Soaring Immortal Emperor and Ancient Purity Immortal Emperor. 
  2. Jiao = Proud/Arrogance/Overbearing, Heng = Sweeping/Dominating. The combination would result in being imperious or insufferably arrogant, but I would say that in the contextual sense, it is not talking about his arrogance and more about the qualification he had achieved to have such arrogance, if that makes any sense. It is a very powerful title, Proud Dominating Immortal Emperor is what I would probably use.