Chapter 530: Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng

After looking at the nest, Lan Yunzhu suddenly realized that the primordial energy that surrounded the mountain did not originate from the peak itself, but rather the wooden nest.

“We are finally inside.” Li Qiye looked at the gigantic nest and slowly spoke: “Allow me to uncover this mysterious veil.”

He took a deep breath as the two of them climbed the mountain. It took a while before the two finally made it up to the top.

At this second, the two stood by a cliff with primordial air surrounding them. They looked up to see the nest still exuding this energy as dense as a sea of clouds.

They found that this wooden nest was gigantic. When standing at the very top and looking down, one would feel that this nest was endless, as if it was its own world and all the mountains and rivers in existence could fit inside.

It was built by many extremely tough, blackened, and dried tree branches. Lan Yunzhu felt as if she had seen this type of wood before. After remembering, she realized that she really had seen it before, back at the Thousand Islands. Back then, Li Qiye had taken out this type of wood. Of course, it was the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key that Lan Yunzhu was thinking about!

Lan Yunzhu struggled to get through the mass of primordial chaos. There, she saw something.

“Look, what is that over there?” In the middle of the nest was a wooden pavilion. Because of the primordial energy, even Lan Yunzhu with her Heavenly Gaze couldn’t see the pavilion in its entirety. It was huge and held a touch of majesty. Her gaze could faintly see that there was something inside the pavilion.

The primordial chaos around the wooden nest was like powerful waves. If one considered the nest as a primal sea, then below it should be the vortex where this energy was pouring out of.

One couldn’t tell whether this energy was coming from the bottom of the nest or the wooden pavilion, but one thing was certain: the bottom of the nest must have something amazing or a heaven-shocking secret.

“See that? The phoenix you met earlier is over there.” Li Qiye had his eyes fixated on the wooden nest. He then pointed at the outermost corner.

Lan Yunzhu quickly turned around and saw a little phoenix right outside of the pavilion. It emitted five different divine colors that turned into its long tail feathers.

It was picking up and dropping branches to fix what seemed to be its nest.

“That’s the one!” Lan Yunzhu exclaimed after seeing the phoenix. She had the luck to meet such a great fortune, but she had given it up so she didn’t expect to see it again right now.

Lan Yunzhu asked after seeing the phoenix fixing the wooden nest: “Is this its nest?”

“No, this isn’t, it is only settling in this place right now. However, it was able to become something this amazing because of it being able to stay at this place.” Li Qiye looked at the phoenix and added: “Moreover, it isn’t a phoenix.”

“It’s not a phoenix?” Lan Yunzhu asked with surprise: “Then is it the transformation of an immortal medicine?”

Li Qiye was still gazing at the phoenix as he said: “No, it isn’t an immortal medicine either.” He shook his head then continued: “It is a True Immortal Medicine, a real one. Even an Immortal Emperor might not have the fortune to see one; of course, they crave for it as well.”

“What?! A True Immortal Medicine?” Lan Yunzhu exclaimed in shock. This name was so awe-inducing even an Alchemy Emperor would be dumbfounded.

Any cultivator or alchemist in this world coveted immortal medicines. To them, they were priceless and unique treasures in this world. Immortal Emperors needed immortal medicines as well.

However, the immortal medicines referred to by these cultivators and alchemists were not real immortal medicines. To them, rare or five million year old King Medicines would be called immortal medicines.

Knowledgeable alchemists knew that these things were real immortal medicines, so they called real ones True Immortal Medicines to distinguish them from the ones more commonly talked about by the rest of the world.

“There are actually True Immortal Medicines in this world?” Lan Yunzhu thought to herself. Was the phoenix before her actually one of them?

Although ancient sages and remarkable alchemists believed in the existence of True Immortal Medicines, no one had seen them before. Later on, even alchemists with great achievements began to doubt this notion. They felt like True Immortal Medicines were only the fantasies of those who walked before them.

If they were real, then even Immortal Emperors would crave for them. They were wonderful panaceas capable of prolonging the life of existences like Immortal Emperors.

Many of the available medicines were useless for emperors, so they needed immortal medicines if they wanted to prolong their lifespan, and True Immortal Medicines were the best items to do so!

Li Qiye nodded while staring at the phoenix ahead, saying: “Yes, one of them is before you. Its name is the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng, a very rare True Immortal Medicine.”

“Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng…” Lan Yunzhu looked at it and couldn’t see how it resembled a ginseng at all.

Li Qiye understood what she was thinking and shook his head to say: “Your current cultivation cannot see its true form. Unless you are able to suppress it, it won’t take on its true appearance.”

“Is it possible for me to obtain this fortune? Can we catch it?” Lan Yunzhu asked while looking at the phoenix. She was quite tempted, and this was understandable. A True Immortal Medicine would cause even an Immortal Emperor to palpitate, let alone her.

“No.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Unless you were fated for it, it won’t follow you. If you have a heaven-defying method, then maybe you would be able to take one or two ginseng roots from its body, but even this is very difficult.”

“I’ll give it a shot!” As a heaven’s proud daughter, Lan Yunzhu — of course — had some arrogance in her. She took a deep breath and channelled her blood energy while stepping closer towards the wooden nest.

“Bang!” She only took one step inside, but she was suddenly bounced back. The rolling primordial chaos protected the nest.

“So strong.” Lan Yunzhu exclaimed. However, as the descendant of an emperor’s lineage, her gaze became serious as she declared: “I don’t believe that I can’t get past this!”

She wanted to take out a heaven-defying treasure but was stopped by Li Qiye. He shook his head and said: “Don’t mess around, this place is not as simple as you think.”

Li Qiye looked at the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng in the shape of a phoenix and shouted: “How about we make a deal?”

The ginseng coldly glanced at him before ignoring him. It went on with its business of gathering wooden branches while carrying an extremely arrogant posture.

“It really is arrogant.” Lan Yunzhu wanted to laugh after seeing the phoenix’s attitude.

The phoenix had looked at Li Qiye as if it was a high above existence looking down at an ant.

“A True Immortal Medicine is indeed powerful.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, it shouldn’t have provoked me.” With that, he took out a treasure.

“Boom!” The Tetra-war Bronze Chariot appeared before Li Qiye, then he told Lan Yunzhu: “Get on. We will enter from the edge of the nest. If it doesn’t agree to the transaction, then I will teach it a lesson so that it will know who it is dealing with.”

Lan Yunzhu sympathized with the phoenix; it had provoked someone it shouldn’t have.

“Bang—bang—bang—bang!” The four divine beasts on the chariot activated. The true dragon, divine phoenix, qilin, and white tiger stood by Li Qiye’s side as the chariot powerfully pushed away the primordial chaos.

Li Qiye quickly rode on this chaotic energy towards the edge of the nest and, in just a second, the chariot had reached the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng’s place.

At this point, the phoenix unleashed a roar capable of tearing apart the nine heavens; this loud thunder-like roar was accompanied by an alarming force. However, Li Qiye sat on the chariot with the four divine beasts accompanying him, so he was unperturbed. He looked at the phoenix and slowly uttered: “I will use one drop of Myriad Star Water to trade for five of your old ginseng roots!” He then carefully took out a drop of star water.

At this moment, he had a very little amount remaining, so he greatly treasured them and wouldn’t use this water unless he had no other choice. However, trading one drop of star water for five old ginseng roots from this phoenix was a great deal.

The eyes of the ginseng in the form of a phoenix lit up after seeing the star water drop. It sent out its divine intent to speak: “One bottle of Myriad Star Water to trade for five old roots.”

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “You know that is impossible. If I had a bottle of star water, then I could trade for a complete True Immortal Medicine. This encounter was guided by fate and is a big opportunity. One drop of star water is enough.”

However, the phoenix sat there without moving and didn’t bother to look at Li Qiye. This was also understandable since one drop of star water was not worth five of its old roots.

In fact, one drop of star water for one old ginseng root was already a terrible deal. If Li Qiye used one drop to trade for a young root, then the phoenix would definitely agree. One for five old roots? Forget it! The phoenix would not take part in such a horrible transaction.