Chapter 55 : Heavenly Cauldron (1)

Li Qi Ye’s Dao instruction and his own cultivation were going well in an orderly manner. Another month had quickly passed. This whole time Nan Huai Ren had never appeared, and Protector Mo had not showed up either.

During that time, Nan Huai Ren was an ambassador of another sect, so even with his lack of presence, Li Qi Ye was not surprised. However, as for Protector Mo, it was a bit outside of Li Qi Ye’s expectations.

“Oh, oh, oh, big brother! You stand tall and see far with penetrating insights, and you understand the grand Dao so well! You could teach any mysterious sacred technique!”

Seeing Li Qi Ye, Nan Huai Ren rubbed his palms together, and he smiled cheerfully.

Li Qi Ye glared at him, and he said:

“Since you already stay by my side to handle matters, stop tapping the horse’s butt. If you have gas, just hurry up and fart.”[1]

Nan Huai Ren’s face became red, but his expression was still natural. He was indeed a person that believes long sleeves would help one dance beautifully.[2] He smiled, and he said:

“This younger brother requests for older brother to give my cultivation some pointers.”

Li Qi Ye looked at Nan Huai Ren, then Protector Mo to the side, then calmly said:

“This was Protector Mo’s idea.”

Being figured out by Li Qi Ye, Protector Mo’s face became red. He couldn’t help but to forcefully smile, he said:

“I’m just interested in hearing your wise opinion.”

In reality, during the days of Li Qi Ye’s Dao instruction, Nan Huai Ren was outside of the sect. Protector Mo, on the other hand, was still here and inadvertently heard Li Qi Ye’s Dao instruction. He was startled because an elementary merit law like the Jade Spiral Merit Law, even his master wouldn’t be able to preach with such resonance with the grand Dao. His accidental hearing of Li Qi Ye’s preaching granted him great benefits.

So, this intrigued Protector Mo; right now, from his perspective, Li Qi Ye had a peerless perception regarding Dao instruction. He was afraid that there was no one that could compare to him in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He wanted to be examined like Li Qi Ye as well, just like he did with the disciples at the Cleansing Jade Peak. However, in the end, he was a protector. Because he personally was a person of few words, he did not know how to deal with people; thus, he didn’t know how to ask Li Qi Ye.

This was why, after Nan Huai Ren’s return, he immediately asked Nan Huai Ren to come here for advice.

Nan Huai Ren quickly smoothed things over for his master, smiled “heh heh”, and he said:

“Master said that big brother’s cultivation is high, so your little brother will thick-facedly ask for your advice.”

Li Qi Ye didn’t look at Nan Huai Ren. He glared at Protector Mo, and he coldly said:

“We’re on the same side; if there is a matter, just be frank about it.”

Here, he didn’t have any other words. The rest was up for them to contemplate.

Protector Mo could see his future from these words. The moment they had joined Li Qi Ye, with one sentence to Yu He, Li Qi Ye had propelled their status. Right now, Li Qi Ye was saying this; even if Protector Mo was foolish, he would still be able to understand the implications behind them.

“What you both are practicing is the minor Emperor merit law ‘Purple Red Cloud’ right?”

Li Qi Ye looked at the master and disciple, as he said this.

“This is correct.”

Protector Mo repeatedly nodded his head, and he said:

“I presently have climbed to the Heaven’s Primal rank, but reaching the heaven’s will Primal God seems to be a bit too strenuous.”[3]

As a protector of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Protector Mo’s aptitude, within the protectors, wasn’t the highest; however, he unendingly cultivated without break, so his cultivation had ascended to the Heaven’s Primal rank.

“A minor merit law, in the end, is still minor; in order to cultivate the heaven’s will Primal God, it is completely true that this isn’t such an easy matter.”

Heaven Primal rank was a boundary for cultivators. Once they have reached this rank, to take an extra step, it was harder than grabbing the sky. At this rank, it was not just dependent on one’s aptitude and talents, but it also depended on one’s merit law, Heavenly Magnificent Treasures, and etcetera…

Li Qi Ye spoke:

“Purple Red Cloud is a minor merit law originating from the main Emperor merit law ‘Purple Yang Ten Sun’ of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Reaching the Heaven’s Primal rank, if one also cultivates the Purple Yang Ten Sun, it would be akin to a dragon coming together with a tiger, water and fire combining strengths, and their cultivation will increase!”

“If the sect still has the Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law, would I be like this?”

Protector Mo dejectedly laughed, and he then gently sighed.

“Big brother, there is something you aren’t aware of; I heard from my great master that our Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law, in the sect, is flawed with incompletion and it is not completed to formidability. No one simply dared to just cultivate it. My great master switched to a different Virtuous Paragon merit law once he reached the Heaven’s Primal rank that year, just to reach a higher level.”

Nan Huai Ren busily said.

Having heard this, Li Qi Ye was in contemplation. The Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law was created by Immortal Min Ren, and it was extremely powerful. Right now, this Emperor merit law was even lost by the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

In reality, Li Qi Ye could, once again, find the memory of the Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law – this was not a difficult matter. He didn’t even need to see the Purple Yang Ten Sun incompleted manual as just the minor Emperor merit law Purple Red Cloud was enough in order to regain his memory.

However, in the current moment, Li Qi Ye had a different plan. He didn’t have the capability right now to give the master and desciple the entire Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law.

“The Purple Yang Ten Sun Law.”

Li Qi Ye smiled with a determined expression, and he said:

“I’m willing to bet, within just one year, that you both will be able to practice a completed Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. As for you guys…”

Pausing here, Li Qi Ye looked at the disciple and master, and he smilingly said:

“As for the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law, there is no complaints here. Before, I had already observed your vital situations. Protector Mo’s Dao foundation is solid, and little brother Ren is a little shallow. Continue to practice this law; once the foundation becomes fortified, then you will practice the Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. This would be like doing less, yet you reaping greater benefits.”

Li Qi Ye’s words made the master and disciple indefinitely shocked. Those words were with extreme confidence; they couldn’t understand the reason for his confidence in stating that, within one year, they could cultivate the completed Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. One had to know that the current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect essentially did not have a complete Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law!

If this was a different person, they definitely would say that these words were crazy, and only meant to console them. However, having seen Li Qi Ye’s frightening demonic demonstration, Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren didn’t doubt Li Qi Ye. The only thing that was surprising to them was how Li Qi Ye will obtain the complete Purple Yang Ten Sun Merit Law.

Li Qi Ye, to the anxious master and disciple, said:

“Even though Protector Mo has reached a bottleneck, there is a method to break this bottleneck. When you are practicing the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law, in the morning, absorb the sun, in the late afternoon, extract the essence in the clouds. Extreme Yang Vital Flame from the sun and the afternoon vital essence combined together with the world natural energy, and then turn them into Longevity Blood. This is a different shortcut for the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law; both of you could do this practice.”

The merit laws of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were either left behind by him or created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren. There was no one who was more familiar with them than him. Even if he couldn’t find his memories of the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law, he would still know the essentials of this merit law.

“We will try a little bit.”

The master and disciple pair agreed to Li Qi Ye’s suggestion.

Sure enough, not even in a few days, even though Protector Mo didn’t come, Nan Huai Ren excitedly jumped up and down; he happily told Li Qi Ye:

“Big brother, this matter was too mysterious! I followed your instruction on how to practice this merit law. It was truly doing less while reaping more benefits. One day of practice was more than my normal five or six days of cultivation. Big brother, how did you come up with this method? You don’t practice the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law.”

Such a result left Nan Huai Ren with disbelief. In reality, his master also felt that it was impossible. This result left them in amazement. Li Qi Ye was only pointed out one or two sentences, but those words gave them a road that they had never heard of before.

“I was only picking my finger to calculate.”[4]

Li Qi Ye said with ease.

Nan Huai Ren, of course, didn’t believe the picking of fingers calculation. This matter was essentially impossible. Even his grand master, Elder Sun, didn’t know this method; why was it that Li Qi Ye knew such specific details? However, if Li Qi Ye didn’t want to reveal any more, then Nan Huai Ren wouldn’t dare to inquire further. Being with Li Qi Ye for this long, he slowly began to understand Li Qi Ye’s temperament.

Li Qi Ye pointed out some advice for the master and disciple; he didn’t think that not even a month had passed and Protector Mo had already recommended someone else to come to Li Qi Ye for Dao instruction. This person was the master of Protector Mo, and he was also known as Elder Sun, one of the Six Elders. His cultivation was enough to be bestowed the title of Named Hero!

If one was to say that an elder of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, a big character with the qualification to be a Named Hero, was asking a third generation disciple for pointers, this matter was essentially inconceivable.

In fact, recently, Elder Sun’s cultivation had a problem. Protector Mo, as his disciple, naturally had to help his master, so the first thing that came up in his mind was Li Qi Ye.

Of course, Elder Sun thought that his disciple’s idea was too outrageous. If it was before, Elder Sun would have scolded Protector Mo right away; however, today, Protector Mo’s status was different. Elder Sun, as the master, had been more protective and caring for his disciple.

Protector Mo brought up the pointers from Li Qi Ye regarding the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law to Elder Sun. Elder Sun tried it once and he saw its effectiveness, surprising him. In the end, under the nagging of Protector Mo, Elder Sun eventually put away his pride, and went to the Lonely Peak to let Li Qi Ye look at him a little bit.[5]

Even with the arrival of an elder, Li Qi Ye was still nonchalant. Elder Sun wasn’t happy about it, but he could still endure. Currently, even the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, princess of the Old Ox country, was very attentive of Li Qi Ye; he, as an elder, couldn’t afford to put on too much air.

Li Qi Ye examined the Life Wheel, Fate Palace, and Physique of Elder Sun, and he then said:

“Elder’s Dao foundation can be considered solid; however, that year, during the Purified Rebirth rank, you were too eager for success, and you left behind defects on your Dao foundation. When you were at the Heaven’s Primal rank, you swapped from the Purple Red Cloud Merit Law to a different Virtuous Paragon merit law; this isn’t a big problem. Even though the two merit laws combining is not extremely perfect, but, at the point of Life Reduction and Fate Calamity, it will not be fatal.”

Li Qi Ye’s words, once they got out, shook Elder Sun. At first, he didn’t think too highly of Li Qi Ye, but, right now, Li Qi Ye diagnosed him like a doctor treating a sick horse.

[1] Tapping the horse’s butt means flattering words. Gas and fart means to just spit it out
[2] Long sleeves help one dance beautifully, meaning he believes in material things/benefits, and will say/do most things for them
[3] Heaven’s Primal has multiple levels in it as well, and Primal God is one of them. As for the heaven’s will here, it is more of a general comment, not the proper Heaven’s Will that could only be obtained by one Immortal Emperor
[4] Fortune tellers/wise masters in China have this action where they look at their fingers and do a variety of symbols and gestures to predict a matter
[5] Li Qi Ye’s peak is named Lonely Peak