Chapter 550: Fighting Against The World

The Saint Child’s well-spoken and righteous rhetoric was quite moving. His appearance of protecting the ghost tribe above all else stirred many ghost cultivators, especially the younger ones.

“We shall support the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and Ghost Insect Evil Child! If it is for the benefit of the ghost race, so what if we die!?” A ghost cultivator immediately shouted: “We will not let the human race’s plan succeed!”

A royal lord fueled the fire: “Yes! We of the ghost race cannot bow down before the wicked!”

Another sect master knew just what to say: “We of the ghost race only keep our word with honorable people, there is no need to do so against a brute! This deal is also part of Li Qiye’s evil plan. Because it is harmful to the ghost race, it should be voided!”

“Yes! Following the agreement with this brute will only hurt the ghost race.” In just a short moment, countless ghosts agreed with this sentiment and rapidly spoke: “If the deal is a conspiracy against the ghost race, then it is immediately void!”

Of course, many great powers happily agreed with this new development. Who would be willing to let go of the great fortune inside the pond? This was even more true for the imperial lineages; they were certain of their ability to seize it, especially the Insect King Lineage. A clamor broke out as the agreement between the Saint Child and Evil Child with Li Qiye was voided. Because of this, the sacred ground and insect lineage were the largest beneficiaries.

Lan Yunzhu only sighed after seeing this. The Phoenix Maiden’s plan finally succeeded.

However, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn. To him, the bet was only for fun. If the ghost race wished to bring its face closer, then he would happily slap them a couple times. He simply didn’t care whether he was facing the entire ghost race or not.

In fact, opposing an entire race was a path each Immortal Emperor must take. For example, if a human genius wished to become an Immortal Emperor, at the very last minute of the competition, the other races would risk their lives to stop them. The other races would exert all of their strength to back up their own geniuses so that their race could have an Immortal Emperor.

If one wasn’t determined to face the entire world, then don’t even dream about becoming an Immortal Emperor! An emperor candidate not only needed talents and a strong dao heart, they also required the courage to face the rest of the world.

One trod the path towards the grand dao alone; becoming an Immortal Emperor was already a heaven-defying thing, and this required great courage. Facing the world was a crucial element before ascension.

Li Qiye only laughed to see the ghost race so stirred up. He looked at them and said: “Very well, I actually like the feeling of being called the evil schemer against your ghost race. I am waiting here for all of you ghosts to come! If one hundred thousand of you come, then I’ll slay one hundred thousand; if one million comes, then I’ll end one million. Come now, I want to see the true strength of your ghost race!”

He roared against the ghosts: “I want to trample on your corpses as I walk further along the path of invincibility! Come! Even if your Virtuous Paragons show up, I’ll still massacre them!”

Lan Yunzhu forced a smile at Li Qiye’s domineering roar. She was already used to his aggressiveness and him not putting anyone in his sight.

The ghost cultivators that were criticizing Li Qiye suddenly became silent and their eyes opened wide. The royal lords and sect masters who were urging on the crowd didn’t know what to do. This response was different from their expectations.

Under the pressure from the entire ghost race, anyone else would have chosen to acquiesce or compromise then walk away.

There were hundreds of great powers from the ghost race here and also many emperor’s lineages, especially the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Insect King Lineage that wanted to kill Li Qiye!

In this situation, even an expert from the previous generation wouldn’t want a direct confrontation and offend the ghost race, let alone a young person. By doing so, they would no longer have a place to stay in this world.

However, Li Qiye didn’t concede or compromise and, of course, he didn’t run away. He shouted at the entire ghost race and declared his wish to massacre them all. This aggressive and tyrannical attitude left the ghosts dumbfounded. Even great characters like royal lords and sect masters didn’t know what to do.

Declaring such a thing before so many ghost powers… Such a person was either crazy or unbeatable in this world. However, Li Qiye was not insane and definitely not invincible either.

Tian Lunhui, who was standing in the distance, took a deep breath and murmured: “He’s fighting against the world!” His eyes focused as a dreadful sensation appeared in his heart. He asked himself whether he had this type of courage or not. Would he be able to scream and declare his challenge against the rest of the world?

Talents, comprehension, dao heart, courage… All of these were essential for becoming an Immortal Emperor. However, more often than not, courage was more important than anything else. Without courage, there was no chance to have a dao heart. Without courage, although talents and comprehension might allow one to become an expert, they couldn’t raise one to the apex!

Ever since the long archaic ages, which emperor didn’t kill millions? Which emperor didn’t experience countless bloody battles in the nine worlds?

At this minute, Tian Lunhui was quivering with anxiety. He began to question his determination and courage, and whether he would retreat and compromise against a stronger enemy than himself.

At this step, the strength of the enemy was no longer important, the fear that was the devil of the heart would become one’s biggest foe for the rest of their lives.

The truth was that the majority of Immortal Emperors had lost at least once in their lives. At a young age, they faltered in the face of stronger enemies.

However, this was not a matter worthy of embarrassment. A challenge was only a challenge if it was difficult. The only humiliation was to not have the courage to face the challenge.

“Fight against the world!” Tian Lunhui’s eyes carried a serious gleam: “Do I dare to do so?” A supreme genius like Tian Lunhui was having an introspective moment.

On the other side, it was a scene of silence. Li Qiye’s declaration was followed by snorts and jeers. The ancestors of the great powers were unhappy with Li Qiye’s arrogant declaration, so some of them suddenly wanted to kill him.

“Such big tone! There’s no need for the ancestors to kill you, we are enough!” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child said as he scowled.

With glaring eyes, the Saint Child’s blood energy filled the sky as the earth shook back and forth. The energy around his body seemed to be a Flood Dragon.

The big boil on the Ghost Insect Evil Child squirmed as he spoke with a dark glare: “Li Qiye, you think too highly of yourself! We are enough to kill you!”

“With only two losers like you?” Li Qiye looked at the two and sneered.

However, the strange part was that the Saint Child and Evil Child did not become angry. The Saint Child coldly smiled and replied: “Li Qiye, having superb comprehension doesn’t represent everything. Even if you can reach the end of the pond, it doesn’t mean that you are invincible!”

“Li, it is not too late to surrender to our ghost race!” The Evil Child added with a snort. His blood energy drowned out the sky. The Nether King Insect inside the protrusion on his forehead was excitedly squirming like a blood-thirsty monster.

The Titanic Crescent Saint Child looked just fine, but the Evil Child caused people to shiver due to the insect on his forehead.

The two of them surrounded Li Qiye, one in front and one in the back to cut off his path of retreat. Their soaring blood energies were issuing howls of tigers and wolves, instilling fear into all spectators.

The two lost to Li Qiye in the pond contest, but no one underestimated their strength because they were imperial descendants. They were stronger than the majority of big characters from the great powers.

With a sharp glare, the Saint Child declared: “Cooperate and let us take you in. We of the ghost race are benevolent and will give you a fair trial!” Despite saying this, his eyes still gave off a frightening and murderous sensation.

“You massacred our ghost race, yet we are still giving you a way out — this is the most generous and merciful offer!” The Evil Child added with an ominous smile.

When the ghost cultivators stood out to attack Li Qiye, the first to fuel the fire was not the group of royal lords and sect masters, but these two.

They had two reasons for attacking Li Qiye. First, they had an ace card and were confident that they could kill Li Qiye by joining forces. Second, they wanted Li Qiye to be their stepping stone!

Long Zuntian’s evaluation of Li Qiye made them uncomfortable. Since Long Zuntian believed that Li Qiye was the number one rival of Di Zuo, what if the Evil Child and Saint Child managed to kill Li Qiye? Not only would it establish a renewed prestige for them, it would also wash away their previous humiliation.

“So much nonsense. Just come, I am here waiting to see what you two can do.” Li Qiye said as he raised his eyelids.

“Buzzz!” The Evil Child’s and Saint Child’s power erupted. At this moment, divine rings emanated from their bodies. The Saint Child had thirty divine rings and the Evil Child had thirty-one.

“In less than a year, both of them will be grand completion Grand Sovereigns.” The ghost cultivators were shaken with admiration when they saw the number of rings around their bodies.