Chapter 552: Bare Hand Blocking Emperor’s Weapon

This treasure, the Declivity-Mountain Bell, made Li Qiye bat his eyelashes. He focused his gaze on the bell that hovered above the Saint Child’s head.

Lan Yunzhu understood Li Qiye the best and immediately had a hunch that someone was about to suffer misfortune.

Everyone held their breaths while watching the scene in the sky. At this point, Li Qiye, the Ghost Insect Evil Child, and the Titanic Crescent Saint Child were confronting each other up above with a horrifying atmosphere. It felt like the unstoppable waves caused others to quiver. The Saint Child’s Declivity-Mountain Bell and the Evil Child’s Evil Bell exuded a suppressing aura that caused everyone’s legs to become weak.

The Declivity-Mountain Bell was a supreme treasure and the Evil Bell was an emperor’s weapon. Despite the evil energy fluttering around it, the emperor’s aura that came from it was still part of the true imposing grand dao.

Under the suppression of the unparalleled divine and immortal aura, those with a weak cultivation quivered and some just sat powerlessly on the ground.

Even Heavenly Kings were astonished when faced with the pressure from two emperor’s weapons. Their combined force was not a joke since even a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure wouldn’t be able to stop one blow.

“Take out your weapon now because there will be no chance later on.” The Saint Child was sure of his victory as he coldly spoke.

Regarding being able to smash Li Qiye into smithereens, the Evil Child and Saint Child were extremely confident with their unbeatable weapons. Even if Li Qiye had his own, it would still be useless against two. This applied even if Li Qiye had an emperor’s True Treasure because the Declivity-Mountain Bell was a supreme treasure no weaker than a True Treasure.

At this point, many looked at Li Qiye. Very few had seen him use any treasures in the past. In the battle outside the Snow-shadow Tribe, he only used his bare hands. Even his saber and sword were only made from ordinary metal.

People began to guess whether he had any heaven-defying weapons or not. If not, then he had no chance of winning against someone like Di Zuo or Tian Lunhui.

Others felt that Li Qiye was much stronger than the Saint Child and Evil Child, but without an emperor’s weapon, he would be suppressed and destroyed by the Declivity-Mountain Bell and the Evil Bell.

“Weapon?” Li Qiye looked at the two of them and slowly spoke: “Do I need treasures to fight against you two? My bare hands are enough.” With that, he waved his hands.

This answer caused the crowd to clamor.

“So cocky!” Everyone had seen his arrogance before, but using bare hands to block two unbeatable weapons was simply too much. Not to mention Li Qiye, even Long Zuntian — with his grand completion Diamond Saint Physique — wouldn’t dare to say that he could fight against these two weapons barehanded.

The Evil Child burst out in laughter as he shouted: “Ignorant fool, die!” He then poured all of his energy into the Evil Bell, causing it to flash with a blinding glare. Innumerable deafening buzzing noises appeared as a Myriad Evil Insect flew out from inside.

It was extremely ugly and was decorated with thick bony outgrowths, causing others to shiver. Its two wings flapped out with an endless amount of energy as if it wanted to turn the Water Realm into a realm of evil.

Although this evil energy covered the sky, the Evil Bell still had the pure presence of an immortal emperor’s grand dao grinding against the sky. These two different auras mixing together turned even Heavenly Kings pale as if their skins were being flayed and their souls were being siphoned by this gigantic insect.

Nearly all the cultivators lost their strength once this Evil Bell erupted. The flying Myriad Evil Insect above everyone’s heads had an unstoppable pressure that even Heavenly Sovereigns couldn’t ward off.

The lights that reflected from the Myriad Evil Insect’s thorny bones seemed to pierce the souls of spectators, giving birth to an instinctive fear. The terrorizing divine presence of the Evil Bell was irresistible in the same realm unless the opponent also had an emperor’s weapon.

“Boom!” After the Evil Child empowered his Evil Bell, the Saint Child also hurriedly activated the Declivity-Mountain Bell with his vast blood energy.

“Ding!” The bell’s ringing could even destroy the souls of gods. With a loud roar, the Saint Child and Evil Child attacked Li Qiye together with their unbeatable weapons.

The Declivity-Mountain Bell rushed across the sky. Although the Declivity-Mountain Bell didn’t have the same creepy aura as the Evil Bell, no one could interrupt its trajectory — meet gods, slay gods; meet devils, slay devils.

Li Qiye finally took action as the two weapons approached. Space fluctuated as Li Qiye rush towards the Declivity-Mountain Bell with great speed.

Even Lan Yunzhu was astonished at this sight, so it was needless to say about the rest of the crowd. Others would run before such an attack, let alone meeting it face forward.

Moreover, the first choice of attack should be towards the Evil Bell and not the Declivity-Mountain Bell since the latter was much stronger than the former.

Li Qiye ignored the weak to face the strong as he confronted this mountain-decorated bell. His hand met it head-on at an unbelievable angle.

Everyone was sent into a daze. They all expected that Li Qiye’s hand would be tattered with blood or maybe even his body would be smashed into a pulp by the bell.

However, the unbelievable happened. Li Qiye met it with his hand and the bell spun a full circle around Li Qiye. He kept on using the bell’s momentum and manipulated it to spin around instead of directly hitting his body.

His actions were perfect. Even an attack from a True Dragon would be redirected by his hand. This simple yet flawless change of force and trajectory was decisive and without any wasted movements.

The Saint Child was completely aghast as his expression greatly changed. Because of Li Qiye’s forceful yet gentle redirect, the Declivity-Mountain Bell didn’t listen to his commands to change its trajectory.

This was the Dragon-subduing Fist, an extremely ancient technique with a shocking origin that was given to Li Qiye by Huang Jiaofu.

It had two astonishing effects. The first was to stop a weapon and the second was to use softness to redirect any amount of force.

If one wished to block an attacking weapon, this move could weaken the offensive power layer by layer until it becomes blockable.

However, as for using softness to redirect the force, one could tell that Li Qiye’s natural movement of his hand contained many mysterious transformations and allowed for one to take control of the weapon. 1

“Boom!” Space broke apart as the Myriad Evil Insect rushed forward. Even before its frightening thorny bones reached its target, they would already strike fear into the enemy, rendering them unable to have the strength to fight back.

Even a Heavenly King couldn’t stop this great attack from the Evil Bell, this attack that carried an evil aura as well as the force of an emperor.

However, Li Qiye didn’t even bother looking at the Evil Bell. His hand then pushed the Declivity-Mountain Bell towards the Evil Bell.

When it flew out, Li Qiye’s blood energy soared to the sky. He then used the Resplendent Break to push the bell, causing it to light up.

This bell suddenly disappeared. In the endless sea realm, a majestic mountain appeared as if it was the tallest guardian mountain in the Nine Worlds.

With the Resplendent Break, the mountain unleashed its strongest attack as if an Immortal Emperor himself was using it. This attack could break the Nine Worlds, and even a Virtuous Paragon would become ashes if they tried to stop it.

This sudden change stunned everyone, including the ancestors from the great powers. In this second, the ancestors had an illusion that an Immortal Emperor had personally arrived, causing these old men to shiver. No one in their right mind would try to stop this attack from the Declivity-Mountain Bell.

“Bang!” At this moment, a deafening blast could be heard. The Saint Child had lost control of his own weapon as it used its strongest attack to smash the Evil Bell.

This attack illuminated the world, and even the cultivators from the other realms became shocked and trembled in fear.

A shrill scream emanated from the Myriad Evil Insect as it was blown into pieces. Then, the Declivity-Mountain Bell continued to hit the Evil Bell. The explosion was so loud that it was as if the entire Sacred Nether World was being torn apart. Even the ancestors couldn’t stand straight from this impact.

The two unbeatable weapons slammed into each other, but the Declivity-Mountain Bell used its strongest and most heaven-defying attack, so even the Evil Bell — as an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure — was at a great disadvantage.

The Evil Bell was knocked backward as the shocked Evil Child was hit by it. This attack from the emperor’s weapon caused him to become a rain of blood. He didn’t even have the chance to scream.


  1. Basically Taijiquan, an internal Chinese martial art 武术 practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits.