Chapter 555: Night Era Flower

However, entering this pool did not only require strength, a level of enlightenment was also a must!

The Titanic Crescent Ancestor was indeed very powerful and traveled forty steps in just the blink of an eye, but afterward, it became very difficult. He took out the emperor’s weapon and used its wondrous aura to forcefully push the pond water away.

He was very strong, but regarding talents and comprehension, he was not a match for a supreme genius like Tian Lunhui.

A group of experts also followed right after the ancestor. They didn’t mean to chase after Li Qiye, they only wanted the fortune.

Another group decided to watch the situation before making a decision.

“Splash!” A fat fish jumped up from the whirlpool. It was clear as if it was made from the pond water itself.

“Splashhhh!” More of them leapt up then dove back into the water. They could be seen everywhere! After many of them played around in the water, a big turtle rose from the whirlpool. Its body was also clear like the other fish and the pond water.

On its back was a big tablet that was also sparkling clear. The fish then circled around it.

This water turtle with the tablet became one with the pond. When it rose, the water also rose. The tablet was one with it, and the pond was also one with it.

Lan Yunzhu was shaken while looking at this tablet made from water on top of the turtle. The style of this tablet was just like the ancient tablet that opened the path to the lost garden of the immortals.

“Can that… open the way to the secret ground of the grave?” Lan Yunzhu quickly asked him.

“The pond itself is part of the secret ground of the Water Realm, but in order to reach the center, we have to open this tablet. However, just ignore it, it is no longer important right now. We are about to enter the secret among secrets instead.”

When this water turtle floated up and was surrounded by all the fish, the fish led the way as the water turtle slowly left the whirlpool and swam through the pond.

Not long after it left, a tiny black hole appeared below the whirlpool.

“Splash!” A flower rose from this black hole and situated itself in the middle of the whirlpool.

“Poof.” The sound of a blossoming flower appeared. Although it was very faint, everyone in the Water Realm heard it.

This gentle blossoming noise caused the hearts of many cultivators to beat uncontrollably with anxiety and fear. The petals slowly spread and the flower turned into a lotus. It was a black lotus as dark as the night.

Once it bloomed, the sky suddenly darkened. Each of its petals represented a different night as a shadow began to replace the daylight.

“This… How is this happening?” The sudden darkening of the sky left everyone startled.

The blooming of a flower caused the sky to darken — how strange was this? It was like reversing black and white and Yin and Yang!

“This must be… an unbelievable flower, the most powerful flower in this world!” An ancestor from a great power exclaimed in shock.

At this moment, more than ten figures rushed out from the shadows, including some ancestors from imperial lineages. They had let go of all caution; as long as they could seize this flower, then even betting with their lives on the line was worth it.

The only thing on their minds at this moment was to reach the center of the pond and be the first to pluck the flower.

How could other cultivators sit still after seeing all of these ancestors come out?

“A supreme treasure is here! This is the fortune!” Someone yelled out. Waves of cultivators intruded into the pond right away.

“Do it now!” When all the petals had bloomed, Li Qiye shouted at Lan Yunzhu.

Lan Yunzhu was already prepared; she immediately rushed forward at Li Qiye’s command. In just a second, the reincarnation of the Heaven’s Will appeared as a galaxy stretched over the world. With the galaxy powering the reincarnation cycle, the sun and moon began to alternate. At this moment, no one could tell whether it was day or night.

In this instant, the Water Realm changed back and forth between day and night. The Cyclical River of Fate was created by Immortal Emperor Qian Li, allowing Lan Yunzhu to change the world and the endless reincarnation cycle. She quickly plucked the black lotus and put it into her hand in a trice.

This bloomed flower seemed fragile and small, but it contained a terrifying power. Its petals seemed to be able to tear apart the nine heavens and were capable of rending the reincarnation cycle.

In just a minute, a shadow appeared, gathering all the Heaven’s Will in its entirety. Immortal Emperor Qian Li had personally arrived and exerted their brilliant grand dao that was like the river of the galaxy. This power sucked the flower into their hand. The blossomed flower suddenly folded back into a bud.

This bud eventually fell into Lan Yunzhu’s Fate Palace. She was successful in obtaining this flower by using her ancestor’s secret law.

“Success!” She happily cried out since she could feel the formidable might of this terrifying flower. This was an amazing fortune!

“Only a Heaven’s Will Secret Law that originated from this flower would allow one to pluck it. This is called the returning of the heaven’s will.” Li Qiye was very happy for her.

In the past, he hoped that Immortal Emperor Qian Li would be able to grab it. Unfortunately the emperor was a bit unlucky so they failed. But now, the emperor’s descendant had obtained the flower, which was the will of the heavens.

“No!!” Many people became crazy after seeing Lan Yunzhu stealing the supreme flower away. Their only thought was to seize it from her. This was especially so for the ancestors from the great powers. They risked it all but didn’t get an opportunity to take the flower, so how could they not go berserk?

“What is the name of this powerful flower?” Lan Yunzhu asked. She had yet to try to use the power of the flower, but she knew that it was frightening the moment she took it.

“Night Era Flower — there is only one in this world.” Li Qiye answered: “It is not just simply powerful. It will have amazing effects when you cultivate the Cyclical River of Fate. It would be quite a disappointment otherwise. Even without the flower, your ancestor still became an Immortal Emperor, so now you have an even better chance with it.”

Lan Yunzhu gave him a look and said: “Uncle, with you here, do you think I have a chance to become the emperor?”

This was not to say that she lacked confidence since she would go all out even against the three heroes without fear. However, she had no confidence going against Li Qiye. She knew that there was a chance of obtaining the Heaven’s Will against the three heroes, but against Li Qiye? She felt that there was no chance at all.

“One must have confidence in themselves.” Li Qiye said as he flicked her forehead. He then looked at the black hole in the whirlpool and said: “I have to go in, there will no longer be any opportunities if I miss this one.”

“I’ll go with you!” Lan Yunzhu hurriedly said.

Li Qiye opened his Fate Palace. The dried stump flew into the black hole to open a black portal. Li Qiye then shouted and the portal sucked the two inside.

When the two managed to stand up straight, Lan Yunzhu looked forward and saw a vast void. In contrast to the secret realm back in the Wood Realm, this place was just an empty space. It was as if the two had been teleported to a different world. There was no life or any existences in this place, only an endless expanse was present.

“Where do we go now?” Lan Yunzhu asked while gazing at the empty space before her.

Li Qiye looked around and then pointed towards the horizon where there was a shining star. He then said: “We’ll go in this direction. If I am not mistaken, there is something I need over there.”

“What is it?” Lan Yunzhu curiously asked. A single Night Era Flower was already enough to move her since it was a great fortune, but it wasn’t anything special to Li Qiye. He didn’t want the ultimate treasure from the grave secret but something else.

“I don’t know.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The Prime Ominous Grave has five great realms with five secrets among secrets. Even I cannot be certain of what are behind these secrets, but there is surely something karmic behind them.”