Chapter 559: Mysterious Living Thing

“I would still find it wasteful to use it to burn a True God. It would be considered using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken!” 1

“It can burn a True God to death?” Lan Yunzhu’s heart thumped. This was not her being easily startled due to having shallow knowledge; a True God was a transcendent existence. True Gods were not like Godkings; the title of Godking is something that the inhabitants of this world named them. Even a Godking would not necessarily be as strong as a True God.

A True God was a real deity. Legend says that they had many unimaginable characteristics and properties.

No one would believe that this lamp before them could burn a True God to death. If an Immortal Emperor personally took action and used their strongest blow, then maybe that would be able to kill a mythical True God. Other cultivators, including legendary masters, could not kill a True God, not even if they had an emperor’s true weapon.

But then again, after having thought about how it was lit using the sky-covering black flames, her doubts were dispelled.

“Using it to burn True Gods to death is very wasteful. The lamp is not a spark to light a fire. Its effects are not limited to this simple application.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

“Then what will you use it for?” Lan Yunzhu asked since Li Qiye had spent a lot of effort to obtain this lamp.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and smilingly said: “I don’t hope to use it in this ‘mortal’ world.”

“In the mortal world?” Lan Yunzhu was very careful and sensitive, so she grabbed onto the key point of the answer. She looked at him and asked: “There are other places outside of this world? Hell? The Underworld? Or the tenth world?” She couldn’t help but want to find the ultimate answer after recalling a legend. His answer gave birth to too many questions.

There was a particular myth in the nine worlds; there was a tenth world, a world full of legends and fantasies!

However, this was only a legend since no one had proved its existence since the start of time, just like the existence of hell. No one knew the answer.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “The tenth world? Hell?” He shook his head at this point and continued: “I don’t know if they exist. What I meant to say is that there is no need to use this lamp. At least, not in the cultivation world. For instance, places such as the eastern Nether Border or the southern Distant Cloud… But as for the other things… You are overthinking it.”

Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him then charmingly hummed. She knew that Li Qiye didn’t want to tell her despite knowing something!

She then ignored him and looked back at the huge dark star. At this time, it was no longer covered by the all-encompassing black flames. However, black flames would still occasionally come out like smoke.

Without the black flames covering it, one could now see its shape.

It was as if this star was made from black lava. There were many cracks that were held together by flowing and burning lava. Lan Yunzhu swept her Heavenly Gaze back and forth over the star and finally found that there was something there.

“There is something in there!” While black lava was flowing on the star, there was one thing at the very end that remained motionless. It was as if this thing was holding the star together.

Despite her numerous attempts of discerning it with her gaze, she couldn’t see it clearly. It could be an object, a coffin, or someone lying there. The only thing she was certain of was that there was indeed something there.

She noticed a movement; although it was slight, she had definitely seen it! Her heart thumped as she took in a cold breath and quickly asked Li Qiye, who was standing next to her: “Did you see that? That thing moved a bit, is it alive?”

A living being was inside a huge dark and evil looking star — how unbelievable.

Could this be something that the dark star incubated, or was it something suppressing the star?

Li Qiye stroked his chin while looking at the dark star with a serious expression.

Lan Yunzhu noticed that Li Qiye didn’t want to say anything, so she mustered all of her strength to look at the dark star some more. She wanted to use her Heaven’s Will Secret Law to empower her gaze and see the true appearance of the thing on the dark star.

Li Qiye stopped her and shook his head to say: “Girl, don’t mess around. A few things exceed your imagination, so just ignore what it is!”

She was even more certain that this thing was alive after hearing Li Qiye’s words. At this point she was secretly afraid; perhaps this huge star was not a star but rather a lair for something.

“Just what is it then?” She asked once more.

“This is not important.” Li Qiye replied: “This exceeds your current abilities for now. If, one day, you become an Immortal Emperor, then it still wouldn’t be too late to come back here and learn of it.”

“Are you afraid?” Lan Yunzhu tried to egg him on to find out more.

“Girl, it is useless to try and instigate me. You ask if I am afraid? To be frank, I am not afraid, but…”

“But what?” She quickly pressed on.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes to look at the thing inside the star and slowly said: “In the future, when the heavens collapse, it will be very lively. I wonder if I can wait till that day. It would be a shame and would take away all of the excitement if it comes when I already rule the worlds because, at that time, I would have already trampled over all the ancient existences and gods and devils.”

Li Qiye spoke slowly, but it was the most domineering comment in history!

“Uncle, don’t be so narcissistic!” Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him: “Don’t talk about suppressing all the heavens just yet; don’t forget, there is another genius next to you. I will be a strong rival for you along the emperor’s path!”

Li Qiye only smiled at her retort and leisurely said: “Girl, you have no chance. With my existence, if there can only be one emperor in this world, then it will be me.”

She glared at him once more and said: “Uncle, when I become an Immortal Emperor, I will definitely push your head down!” She confidently arched out her towering peaks and exclaimed: “A genius like me still has a chance to reach for the Heaven’s Will!”

Li Qiye nonchalantly replied: “Even if you become an Immortal Emperor one day, with me here, I’m afraid you will still be suppressed. However, I can still give you a proper title. You will not have a chance to be the ruler of the court or have the seat of the empress, but I guess you can still be a consort…”

“Bah!” Lan Yunzhu was furious and embarrassed at the same time. She stomped on his foot and said: “Don’t be so smug, who would want to be your consort?! Watch out or this Immortal Emperor will crush you for all eternity. You wouldn’t even have a chance to rise up again!”

Li Qiye looked at her tastefully and asked: “You really don’t want this position? It is much better than being a servant girl for the kitchen. Hurry up and decide now, the spots are limited and are highly contested. Maybe when you make up your mind, my consort positions will have already been taken. You better make a choice now while there are still some empty spots…”

“Less daydreaming please!” Lan Yunzhu gave him a look. However, she suddenly revealed a charming smile right afterward. She arched her chest forward and said with a leading glance: “Uncle, don’t forget that we still have an arrangement for marriage. Even if I am to be your woman, I will be the first wife! If you want to take in other concubines, then it is not too late for you to suck up to me.”

“If you hand over eight or ten jars of Myriad Star Water, then maybe I can think about letting you take in a concubine.” Having said that, she burst out in laughter that sounded as pleasant as a bell’s chime.

Li Qiye then flicked her head in response and said: “Girl, you are too wishful. This uncle is not saying this to discourage you, but even if we take ten thousand steps back and pretend that the marriage will take place and that you marry into the family, you still won’t be the first wife. Now, we’ll take another ten thousand steps back and pretend that you will be my first wife, but taking in more concubines will be my business and you will have no say in the matter. I’m the sole ruler of this heaven and earth, so who has the right to make decisions for me?”

“Fine, I know you are gifted at bragging.” Lan Yunzhu grumpily said, but then she curiously looked at him and asked: “Uncle, if you marry one day, what will your first wife be like? Since you said I can’t be the first wife, do you already have someone in mind?”

It was a bit embarrassing for a girl to say these words, but Lan Yunzhu was a bit different since it was like friendly banter between close friends.

“First wife…” Li Qiye couldn’t help but silently gaze at the far distant void.


  1. Butcher’s knife here is ox knife, but I find that butcher’s knife sounds better. This is a bigger knife used to cut bigger meat.