Chapter 566: Myriad Fists

After failing to achieve victory for so long, Di Zuo finally used his true killing technique. He didn’t only create a dao of the spear, he also created an invincible technique for this particular dao.

His dao was refined from a nine accumulations destiny stone so it would have nine dao, meaning that Di Zuo also specifically created nine techniques for it.

Until now, cultivators only picked the most suitable destiny stones. Only by doing this would they be able to exert the true power of their weapon as well as themselves.

Di Zuo took it a step further. He used his true fate weapon to create new unbeatable techniques; one for each of the stone’s dao. Such a heaven-defying action was only doable by a genius like him.

“Buzzz!” When Di Zuo unleashed his new nine unbeatable techniques, Li Qiye, who was fighting on even ground, suddenly fell into a disadvantage. He was repeatedly pushed back and his fire laws couldn’t withstand the ferocious spear techniques anymore.

In just a minute, Li Qiye’s freestyle counterattacks became insufficient, so he was pushed into a dead end and couldn’t break through.

“It is not looking good for Li Qiye.” A person murmured after seeing Li Qiye in this dangerous situation.

The ghost cultivators who wanted nothing more than his death started to sneer despite the fact that none of them was qualified to do so, especially after witnessing this battle.

“Gwarrr!” A dragon roar emerged as a true dragon appeared in the sky while Di Zuo’s spear technique turned into countless dragons and the body of the spear itself turned into a golden one.

This particular attack could be described as unbeatable throughout the eras. It pierced through the temporal fabric as well as myriad laws. Even other universal laws couldn’t stop its invincible momentum.

The Dragon Spear was the last derivation of Di Zuo’s nine invincible techniques, and it was also the strongest. The moment this spear came out, time was no longer a barrier as everything stood still.

“Pluff!” Li Qiye’s fire laws couldn’t handle this so both of them shattered. The spear then pierced Li Qiye’s chest, causing blood to splash up high while he fell down to the ground!

“Boom!” He eventually slammed heavily into the ground as it became red with blood.

“Ah!” This sudden development shocked Lan Yunzhu and caused her to scream.

The crowd glanced at each other while wondering: “Is it over?”

Many people wanted Li Qiye to die, but at this moment, no one dared to gloat since Li Qiye’s strength was beyond any capacity for them to gloat.

“Yes! Sir Di Zuo is invincible!” The ghost cultivators applauded with great spirit. They were elated with pride because their oppressor, Li Qiye, could be dead at this moment to Di Zuo’s hands.

In the far distance, Tian Lunhui became astonished by this last dragon strike from Di Zuo. Even a genius like him was dreadful of such an attack. This attack, in terms of both speed and magicalness, were unmatched; this was the pinnacle of the dao of the spear! Tian Lunhui wondered if he could block it using just his own abilities without an emperor’s law.

“Sir Di Zuo is indeed amazing. Luckily, he is our number one genius!” The ghost cultivators were jubilated at this new development. The atmosphere was very lively with ghosts jumping in celebration. However, this was stopped short.

Li Qiye’s corpse on the ground suddenly stood up and trod on the sky once more. His chest that was pierced by Di Zuo’s spear quickly reformed.

The ghosts immediately halted their celebration the moment of Li Qiye’s revival. They gasped when they saw him since they realized just how strong and heaven-defying his body had to be to withstand such a blow.

Li Qiye stood in the air while waiting for his wound to completely heal. His leisurely posture made it seem as if the person whose chest was penetrated was not him.

Lan Yunzhu took a sigh of relief when she saw Li Qiye alive and well. Earlier, since it happened all so quickly, she was scared out of her wits despite her confidence in Li Qiye.

“Almost scared me to death. Luckily he is still fine.” Daoist Bao Gui and the elders from the river sect also felt relieved. This older generation was also scared to death just now.

Everyone then watched with bated breaths to witness the next part of this great battle.

“Amazing.” After his wound closed, Li Qiye praised Di Zuo: “It is indeed amazing to create such a great dao of the spear. Even if you don’t become an Immortal Emperor in the future, this dao of the spear will be enough to get listed among the emperor’s laws!”

Li Qiye’s praise showed that Di Zuo was a brilliant genius. Very few ever enjoyed his hard-earned approval.

Di Zuo pointed his spear at Li Qiye and tyrannically declared: “Use whatever skills you have left now, or else there won’t be another chance. The next spear strike will not penetrate your chest but your head!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Since you truly want to duel without using emperor’s laws or relying on the dao of those before you, then I should also show some sincerity. I appreciate powerful and gifted enemies such as yourself so even if I kill you, I won’t use my ace move lest others call me a bully.”

Di Zuo snorted; he was very unhappy about Li Qiye’s words. His eyes became serious as his murderous intent became even clearer! Until now, no one had ever called themselves a bully before Di Zuo, Li Qiye was the first!

However. Li Qiye was speaking the truth. He still hadn’t used either of his Immortal Physiques.

“The warm-up is over. I have seen your dao of the spear. Now, it is your turn to observe my dao of the fist.” With that, the thousand hands appeared behind his back.

This was not the Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds from the Myriad Form Tribe but an art that belonged to Li Qiye. Each of his arms was unlike the ones from the old technique. Instead, they were capable of raising a world by themselves.

At this moment, Li Qiye’s thousand hands appeared very tangible. It was as if myriad hands made from flesh and blood were on his back.

“Die!” Di Zuo shouted then thrusted his spear. He once again used his strongest dragon strike, wanting to end Li Qiye with one blow.

The moment this dragon strike came out, no other spear existed in this world. This spear was the most fantastic and invincible of them all. It turned into a golden dragon that pierced the spatial fabric.

“Myriad Fists — Solar Fist!” Li Qiye cried out the moment Di Zuo thrusted his spear forward. This fist turned the sky into day. At that time, a never-setting sun appeared in this world.

At this time, Li Qiye and the dragon spear was one horizon away from each other just like the endless shore on the other side. In order to go from one end to the other, one would require an incalculable amount of time.

This sun-creating fist instantly generated a spatial gap. No matter how fast the dragon spear might be, it couldn’t pierce the endless daytime.

Right when the spear fell into the boundary of this daytime, a wind-breaking sound could be heard. Li Qiye unleashed a fist with endless buddhist lights and an unstoppable momentum to meet the spear in the daylight.

“Boom!” With a deafening blast, the day’s sky was shaken. Right when day disappeared, another fist met the tip of the spear and prevented Di Zuo from harming Li Qiye with the Imperial Spear.

Di Zuo was startled. He knew just how sharp his weapon was. A fist confronted the tip of the spear, a spear that had an invincible momentum… This was unthinkable! Even the most powerful fist should be defeated at this time.

At this moment, Li Qiye finally revealed the name of this second fist: “Myriad Fists — Indestructible Diamond Fist!” These fist variations were created by Li Qiye by using the Thousand Hands technique and the twelve Immortal Physiques as the foundation. The Myriad Fists didn’t only have twelve variations, but Li Qiye had created it not long ago so it was yet to be completed.

Di Zuo was taken aback as a third fist came forward like an approaching sun, forcing him to use another unstoppable spear technique to parry it.

“Boom!” This fist slammed into the spear, but it didn’t have much of an impact on Di Zuo.

However, with a sizzling sound, the Imperial Spear suddenly became red hot, but it was an amazing spear so it didn’t melt under this heart. Nevertheless, Di Zuo appeared to be holding a scorching sun at this moment. If it kept on going like this, then then Imperial Spear would definitely melt.

Myriad Fists — Extreme Yang Fist! This fist was hot to an unbelievable level and could melt absolutely everything. It was not as devilish as the Extreme Yang Physique, but it was still at an unbearable level of heat as it turned one’s hand into the sun.

Di Zuo was shaken and wanted to retreat. Although he was swift, another hand of Li Qiye’s was even faster.

“Boom!” He couldn’t create enough distance before being struck in the chest.

“Crack!” With the sound of broken bones, he was forced to spit out blood due to this fist.

Di Zuo knew that his speed was quick, but this fist just now was even faster, fast to the point where he couldn’t even see it. This fist was even faster than his dragon strike!

Myriad Fists — Soaring Immortal Fist! Was there anything faster than the Soaring Immortal in this world? No.

With a battle cry, Di Zuo raised his Imperial Spear once more as a surging invincible aura rushed forth like an endless river. He wanted to use his invincible techniques to stop Li Qiye’s continuous barrage.