Chapter 567: Ultimate Attack

“Pop!” Di Zuo’s invincible technique had just taken its initial form, but Li Qiye’s next fist was like a golden lock and sealed the Imperial Spear, causing the technique that was initially as smooth as a flowing river to come to an abrupt halt.

Myriad Fists — Golden Sealing Fist. This was a technique outside of the twelve Immortal Physiques, and it specialized in sealing all kinds of weapons!

Di Zuo was shocked once more as the Imperial Spear was sealed. He decisively left the spear behind to run, but…

“Boom!” He didn’t manage to get too far before his back had taken a blow. This was a fist that almost pierced his spine, causing him to spurt out blood.

Di Zuo didn’t see Li Qiye swing his arm at all, he was certain that there was no motion. It was so strange; although there was no visual cue, his back was still assaulted as if there was another Li Qiye standing behind him.

Myriad Fists — Void Fist! This fist was initially part of the void, so how could Di Zuo see it?

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…!” In an instant, Di Zuo found himself in a troubled state as Li Qiye kept on chasing him. Although Di Zuo managed to use a great method to regain control of his spear, after unleashing all nine of his great spear techniques he still couldn’t stop the Myriad Fists.

He initially wanted to use his spear to regain the momentum but ended up being struck repeatedly by Li Qiye. His dao of the spear was not a match for Li Qiye’s dao of the fist.

“Bam!” Eventually, Li Qiye knocked Di Zuo down from up high with another fist and pinned him down to the ground.

At this moment, Di Zuo gave up using his spear to retaliate because his dao had indeed lost to Li Qiye’s fists.

“Boom!” His body heavily slammed into the ground. His wounds were even worse than Li Qiye’s. His figure was stained with blood as all the bones in his body were crushed.

If it was anyone else, then they would have been dead long ago since they wouldn’t be able to withstand such a beating. However, Di Zuo’s body was extremely tough and could still withstand Li Qiye’s ferocious bombardment.

Suddenly, the world became silent again as all the spectators from all the races became quiet and glanced at each other.

No one spoke at this moment because it seemed as if their voices had been taken away due to the domineering scene earlier. Li Qiye chasing and beating down Di Zuo was much more stimulating than Di Zuo using his nine invincible spear techniques to push Li Qiye back.

The ghosts quivered on the inside. If Di Zuo were to lose to Li Qiye, then no one amongst the ghost’s younger generation would be able to compete with him, and they would no longer be able to hold their heads up high.

Tian Lunhui was also dumbfounded to see Li Qiye’s Myriad Fists. It instilled fear into a genius like him! If it was him instead of Di Zuo, the result still wouldn’t have been much better.

However, Di Zuo was not dead since Li Qiye was in no hurry to kill him. Di Zuo took this chance to stand up straight and walked into the sky again before engaging in a standoff with Li Qiye.

“Clack Clack!” A series of the sounds of bones joining together appeared as Di Zuo — with great spirit — reconnected his broken bones.

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled at Di Zuo; he was not in a rush to take action. He was waiting for Di Zuo’s wounds to recover before fighting again.

The ghost race enjoyed a much needed moment of respite after seeing Di Zuo fine and well. As long as Di Zuo was still alive, there would still be a chance for a reversal to kill Li Qiye!

“Such young heroes!” The heart of an ancestor from a great power was beating fast as he had this thought in mind. They were secretly startled in horror.

Both Li Qiye and Di Zuo caused these undyings who had lived for millions of years to have a sense of dread and wariness because these two were simply too strong. They began to imagine the day when both of them would become even stronger.

It could be said that their rise was imminent. The moment they grew stronger, their cultivation wouldn’t be the only thing that surpassed these old undyings. Once they reached Virtuous Paragon, these ancestors could only stand by powerlessly and take beatings from these two. Even legendary masters would become discolored the moment they heard the names of these two.

“The future generation will always surpass the previous… We are now old, it is no longer our world.” An ancestor from a great power murmured.

At this point, these ancestors just wanted to leave in order to grab some nice items from the Prime Ominous Grave before going back to their deep slumber. They didn’t want the day when Di Zuo or Li Qiye loomed over them to come. The prestige and dignity of these ancestors that had been established for millions of years would immediately be broken.

To them, this was not a figment of their imagination since it truly was not far fetched. Ten years would be short while thirty years would be long. When heaven’s proud sons like these two grew up, the ancestors of the great powers could only take their beatings soundlessly.

A mysterious continent that belonged to the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom flew closer, and an ancient voice came from within: “Today’s young ones are extraordinary.”

At this moment, Di Zuo and Li Qiye were still gazing at each other in the sky. Their battle so far had been spectacular, and their self-created merit laws had been eye-opening.

Everyone waited for the next round as Di Zuo’s wounds slowly healed. They all knew the fight was about to start again, and they were eager to see what killing moves these two would use next.

“Use all of your methods.” Li Qiye looked at Di Zuo and leisurely spoke: “We have been fighting for too long and are starting wasting everyone’s time.”

“Then we’ll end this!” Di Zuo’s eyes lit up with a majestic aura.

Although he was beaten to a pulp by Li Qiye, he was still not afraid. On the contrary, it only emboldened his will to fight.

Di Zuo was indeed Di Zuo, different from everyone else. He only became fiercer in the face of a tough opponent and would exert even more of his untapped potential. He had never been afraid of a strong enemy.

Li Qiye was very happy to see Di Zuo still emblazoned with the will to fight, so he said: “Then we’ll do one last bout. You better use your best move now.”

Di Zuo gazed at Li Qiye with a very serious expression. He took a deep breath and, with a blast, his Life Wheel appeared and turned into a sea of blood. At this moment, he no longer held back as all of his blood energy poured into his body.

To Di Zuo, this was his last battle, so if his enemy didn’t die, the one lying dead on the ground would be him.

His blood energy was endless and created roaring explosions. When his Life Wheel spun, his Longevity Blood became extremely radiant; each of the drops contained a unique worldly energy and carried boundless life energy. Each drop was as heavy as a mountain, and their descent caused the grand dao to roar. At this time, Di Zuo was spending his Longevity Blood since he wanted to use his strongest dao art to kill Li Qiye.

“What merit law is Di Zuo going to use? Will it be an emperor’s law, a Heaven’s Will Secret Law, or a forbidden technique?” Everyone was shaken to see Di Zuo spending his Longevity Blood to empower this upcoming art.

An expert who knew Di Zuo shook his head in response: “No way! Di Zuo is a very proud person. Since Li Qiye is not using any of these kinds of techniques to defeat him, he will not rely on an invincible art created by someone else to defeat Li Qiye. Di Zuo will use his own art to suppress his enemy!”

“Could it… be that other than the dao of the spear, Di Zuo had also created another amazing art?” This speculation caused everyone to change their expressions.

For many people and even ancestors, creating arts like the dao of the spear or the Qilin Steps were already an amazing thing and worthy of pride. But now, it seemed that Di Zuo’s achievements didn’t only stop there, he also had another invincible art!

This caused everyone’s hearts to beat even faster. What could this other technique be? Could it be even stronger than the nine spear techniques?

People found this very incredulous while the ancestors felt that creating the nine spear techniques was Di Zuo’s limit. At least, this was the limit for a genius who had yet to reach Virtuous Paragon.

If he actually had an even greater technique, then this would be too terrifying. It would be no wonder why he was called the number one genius of the Sacred Nether World.

“Buzzz!” Once Di Zuo’s blood energy reached its limit, space suddenly shook. In an instant, the world became dark as all the celestials disappeared.

Di Zuo emitted a faint fire like how black fog would spread in the night. At this moment, the world was enveloped by this black shroud created by Di Zuo.

With a changed expression, Li Qiye took a step back after being attacked by this darkness, but it was too late.

This darkness formed its own domain, trapping Li Qiye and Di Zuo inside. One would find that there was no sun or moon within this domain. There was no galaxy, no vegetation, no fish or birds and insects, no myriad dao and universal laws…

Everything was gone in this domain; all were without colors and life, outside of Di Zuo himself.

Li Qiye’s expression sank after being trapped inside this domain. He tried to channel a merit law, but nothing happened. It was as if all laws in this world had been dispersed in this place.