Chapter 58 : Alchemy Master, This Was Only A Hobby (2)

With Li Qi Ye’s constitution, to reach this stage within a year, the only explanation was that Li Qi Ye practiced the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law.

“That’s right.”

This was not a secret within the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Li Qi Ye also didn’t have anything to hide, and only calmly said.

Having heard this, the first elder went silent for a moment. If this was another disciple, he certain would ask him to not practice this merit law, but did Li Qi Ye still have another choice? Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, Mortal Fate Palace. With this constitution, no matter which merit law was chosen, the end result would not be any different.

Eventually, the first elder said:

“This King Physique paste, the sect has finished preparing. However, you need to be mentally prepared, the medicinal parts of this physique paste, outside of the leading beast marrow, the rest were spirit medicines of around one hundred thousand years old; the better ones are one hundred and ten thousand or one hundred and twenty thousand years old. However, the leading beast marrow was only lacking one bit, it is slightly off from one hundred thousand years. Therefore, when you use this physique paste, you need to be mentally prepared.”

In reality, regarding this physique paste matter, the first elder had tried his best and exerted his whole hard-earned savings. Just so that Li Qi Ye could marry Li Shuang Yan, it could be said that he was willing to give up everything!

“This matter, elder can rest assured.”

Li Qi Ye smiled once.

In reality, Li Qi Ye was already prepared. Today, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had declined. To be able to gather the medicinal materials for a King Physique paste, this was already very difficult.

First Elder paused for a moment, then he continued:

“There is another thing that is considerably hard to deal with, this is the alchemy matter. In our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, regarding alchemy skills, there are two people at the top: Elder Cao and Elder Sun, respectively.”

Here, the first elder stared at Li Qi Ye, and he said:

“Regarding the alchemy creation skill, Elder Cao is better than Elder Sun by one part. For Elder Sun to refine the physique paste, six times wouldn’t be a problem; seven refinements, I’m afraid that is out of his reach. Elder Cao refining seven times, this is no problem.”[1]

“Elder Cao isn’t necessarily willing to refine the physique paste for me.”

Li Qi Ye smiled, his mind was confident.

First Elder wasn’t willing to speak further on this matter, so he only said:

“Regarding the matter of the physique paste, Elder Sun is very willing to refine it for you, the only thing is, he is not too certain of the medicinal strength.”

“This physique paste matter, First Elder doesn’t need to worry about it. How about this, First Elder can prepare the medicinal materials; this physique paste matter, I will take care of it?”

Li Qi Ye already knew that Cao Xiong wouldn’t be willing to refine the physique paste for him, this was a matter within his expectations. However, he wouldn’t need to go beg Cao Xiong either.

“This should be fine.”

After First Elder saw Li Qi Ye’s complete confidence, he could only affirm by nodding his head, and he said:

“I will let a disciple guard the medicinal materials for you. When you want to refine them, just say one word and I’ll send a disciple to bring the materials to you.”

Li Qi Ye thanked the elder, then left for Lonely Peak.

“Older brother, this is not good, not good.”

Li Qi Ye didn’t make it back to Lonely Peak yet when he saw that Nan Huai Ren’s expression wasn’t good. Nan Huai Ren quickly went down and urgently said.

Following Nan Huai Ren were the people from the Cleansing Jade Peak, such as Xu Pei; their expressions did not look good.

“Did the sky fall down?”

Li Qi Ye stared at Nan Huai Ren, and asked.

Nan Huai Ren hastily said:

“Older brother, the sky didn’t fall down, but, your courtyard is being destroyed by others.”

“Destroying my courtyard?”

Having heard this, Li Qi Ye’s eyes couldn’t help but squint, then he beamingly smiled:

“Who has the sudden interest to come and destroy my courtyard like this?”

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s squinted eyes made Nan Huai Ren and even the Xu Pei crowd’s hearts to panic; this smiling demeanor of Li Qi Ye, in their eyes, when compared to the visage of a demon, made their hearts even colder.

“It was, was older brother Leng Shi Zhi.”

Xu Pei quietly whispered to Li Qi Ye.

“First brother, I hea-heard that older brother Leng was court-courting goddess Li.”

A disciple became bold, and he said.

Even though the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak were all from the Cleansing Jade Mountain, currently, all three hundred disciples were on the side of Li Qi Ye, and were in the same faction.

“I had also heard that older brother Leng had given goddess Li treasures…”

“First brother, older brother Leng is a genius of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He, he is a powerful love rival of yours.”

A disciple, not without worries, said.

At this moment, even though these disciples were all saying different things, but all of them had the same anger against a common enemy as Li Qi Ye. However, they were not without worries for Li Qi Ye, because in the end, Leng Shi Zhi was the genius of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect – a direct disciple of Elder Cao.

It could be said that regarding the appearance, Leng Shi Zhi had it; regarding talents, he had it as well; regarding a backing, he is not without; regarding his origin, he has the origin. Personally, they wanted Li Qi Ye to marry Li Shuang Yan. After all, Li Shuang Yan and Li Qi Ye had been together in the recent days, and they would be glad to see it happen.

However, with a powerful love rival like Leng Shi Zhi, the disciples, like Xu Pei, were not without worries for Li Qi Ye.

“A powerful love rival?”

Having heard this sentence, Li Qi Ye found it really ridiculous, and the corner of his lips couldn’t help but become angled. His smiling expression rippled uncontrollably.

Nan Huai Ren reminded him:

“First brother, this thing, Leng Shi Zhi had been granted tacit permission from Cao Xiong, maybe even strong support from him. It is easier to hide from a bright spear than it is to guard from a hidden arrow. First brother might as well be careful, just in case.”

Nan Huai Ren, too, knew about Li Qi Ye’s situation – a powerful love rival? Nan Huai Ren, of course, wouldn’t consider Leng Shi Zhi being qualified as a love rival of Li Qi Ye; Leng Shi Zhi was worth how much? Even at the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Li Qi Ye was still roaring, let alone Leng Shi Zhi?

Why did Li Shuang Yan come to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect? Simply put, it was because of Li Qi Ye. No matter how excellent Leng Shi Zhi was, he wouldn’t be comparable to Li Qi Ye. These two essentially weren’t at the same level; what qualifications did Leng Shi Zhi have to become a rival in love of Li Qi Ye?

“Come, we will go to see how my strongest love rival is destroying my courtyard.”

Li Qi Ye leisurely said these words, as if the courtyard being destroyed wasn’t his.

When Li Qi Ye, along with Nan Huai Ren, climbed to the top of Lonely Peak, many rumbling sounds occurred. “Boom Boom.” At this moment, Leng Shi Zhi was commanding some disciples to destroy the courtyard of Li Qi Ye. It was seven or eight parts destroyed.

However, standing in front of her pavilion adjacent to the courtyard, Li Shuang Yan was only coldly observing, without saying a word.

“Li Qi Ye, you came back at the perfect time.”

Seeing Li Qi Ye along with the Nan Huai Ren’s group returning, Leng Shi Zhi arrogantly raised his chin and said:

“Starting from today, you will move to Small Spring Peak to live!”

Leng Shi Zhi used a commanding tone towards Li Qi Ye, as if Li Qi Ye would definitely have to listen to him.

“Why should I move to Small Spring Peak?”

Li Qi Ye looked at the destroyed courtyard, still smiling wholeheartedly, as if there was not even a hint of anger within him.

Leng Shi Zhi became a bit impatient, and he coldly said:

“If I tell you to go, then go; why is there so much chatter! Starting from today, I will live at Lonely Peak! The little courtyard here was in the way, so after it is destroyed, I will build a spirit pavilion here!”

Here, Leng Shi Zhi started to ignore Li Qi Ye, and put on the expression that he considered the most handsome and charming, and smiled at Li Shuang Yan in the far distance:

“Lonely Peak overlooks the entirety of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, the view is very good. Goddess Li choosing to stay at this place, it could be considered as having an incomparable insights. I, fortunately, have the honor to be next to Goddess Li, discussing the Dao, investigating the profound mysteries – this would be a beautiful story!”[2]

After Li Shuang Yan’s arrival at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, this was not Leng Shi Zhi’s first time courting her. However, each time, he was met with a locked door; Li Shuang Yan essentially was too lazy to care for him at all.

Pursuing without an entrance, Leng Shi Zhi decisively chose to move to Lonely Peak, wanting to be closer to Li Shuang Yan, and use this opportunity to earn her favor. As the proverb dictates, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first![3]

Leng Shi Zhi publicly revealed this particular attitude, which caused the hearts of Nan Huai Ren’s crowd to be annoyed. Goddess Li and first brother were engaged – this was a matter the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was aware of. Currently, Leng Shi Zhi, in front of Li Qi Ye, was courting Li Shuang Yan; this was basically not placing Li Qi Ye in his eyes.

As for Li Shuang Yan, she was only staring at Leng Shi Zhi. This was the type of person that, after death, wouldn’t know how they had died. With only abilities like his, yet he still dared to stroke the tiger’s whiskers and provoke Li Qi Ye? This was simply being tired of living! Back when Li Qi Ye was at the Nine Saint Demon Gate, even her master, Demon Emperor Lun Ri, was three parts restrained; an insignificant person like Leng Shi Zhi would be worth what?

Leng Shi Zhi, in front of Li Qi Ye’s presence, selling flirtatious behavior, rendered Li Qi Ye unable to withhold his laughter. The matter of Leng Shi Zhi courting Li Shuang Yan, he of course knew about! With the women around him, Li Qi Ye had absolute confidence! This sort of insignificant trifling matter, he didn’t want to bother to intervene with.[4]

Now, Leng Shi Zhi actually went to touch his head, Li Qi Ye couldn’t help but smile and pitifully glance at Leng Shi Zhi, and afterwards said to Li Shuang Yan:[5]

“You stood here and watched the small courtyard being demolished?”

“Isn’t this an internal affair of your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?”

Li Shuang Yan let off a slight smile; this smiling expression was capable of causing the downfall of a nation.

Li Shuang Yan slight smile was enough to cause Leng Shi Zhi’s spirit and soul to be flipped upside down. Once his mind came around, his heart was encompassed with jealousy. He intended to be closer to Li Shuang Yan many times, but Li Shuang Yan, until now, still didn’t sell him any colors, much less a laugh; this matter suddenly made him hate Li Qi Ye even more.[6]

“Why are you still foolishly dawdling here, quickly take leave! Lonely Peak is an area that you can be foolish around? In the future, Lonely Peak will be the place where I cultivate the heart and nurture the character; if you dare to rush in and cause a commotion here, we will use the sect’s rules to deal with you.”

At this point, Leng Shi Zhi’s expression became cold, and he loudly reprimanded.

With Leng Shi Zhi acting like this, Li Qi Ye still wasn’t angry, but the group of Nan Huai Ren was indignant, especially Nan Huai Ren. Lonely Peak was assigned to Li Qi Ye by the elders, but now, Leng Shi Zhi was seizing Li Qi Ye’s peak, and even destroyed his place. And even worse, he even used the sect’s rules to threaten him. This was too arrogant, this was not giving anyone face!

[1] Out of his reach original idiom = The heart was willing but the the capability wasn’t
[2] Beautiful story here has the connotation that it is a legendary event that captures the imagination and will be spread far and wide
[3] This idiom also means to benefit from being close/intimate with an influential person
[4] Flirtatious behavior also have the meaning of using excellent/charming literary words – This is funny because the Shi in Leng Shi Zhi’s name has the meaning of literary excellence
[5] Touch his head = basically just offending him, not giving him face – not an idiom, just an expression
[6] Spirit and soul upside down – meaning felt clear enough so I kept this idiom in – to be in a daze
Not selling any colors – to ignore completely without emotions