Chapter 593: Horror-struck

A human ancestor respectfully said: “Don’t worry, Young Noble. We will definitely escort them to the Distant Cloud.”

The golem ancestor also chimed in: “Leave this to us, Young Noble! We will do our best to take them to the Distant Cloud!”

All the other ancestors also voiced their opinions with respect towards Li Qiye while Heavenly Kings treated him with veneration.

They all felt that the Immortal Emperor of this generation must be Li Qiye. Who else would be qualified if not Li Qiye with his thirteen palaces? Tian Lunhui and Chan Yang were nothing.

Therefore, before the future emperor, even ancestor level characters like them accepted bowing down and working for him. They were not qualified to posture before Li Qiye.

This was their chance to show their loyalty before he becomes the Immortal Emperor since they might not have the chance to work under him after his ascension. Because of this, a single request of aid from Li Qiye would immediately be carried out for they were certain of his future position.

Li Qiye then commanded: “Then I am at ease. I have other things to attend to. You all can take them away.”

The ancestors and several hundred experts of the other races took the millions of mortals on the four altars away. Their responsibility was to let these mortals find a new home back at the southern Distant Cloud.

There was no longer a place for these mortals in the eastern Nether Border, so only the Distant Cloud was safe. It was the world of humans and demons. With imperial lineages like the Immortal Kingdom and Thousand Carp River presiding there, the ghost race wouldn’t dare to make a move.

After they left, Xian Fan couldn’t help but ask while looking at Li Qiye: “Hey, how did you create a thirteenth palace?”

At this point, Lan Yunzhu and Monk Dazhi both looked at Li Qiye’s thirteenth palace as well. If it wasn’t right in front of them, they would never believe that such a miracle was true.

“Well… revealing this is no problem at all.” Li Qiye responded with a smile: “If you keep on digging in your palace meridian, a thirteenth will come out.”

“Nevermind! It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say it, what’s the big deal anyway!” Xian Fan snappily retorted and didn’t pry any further. She was only slightly curious, and it made sense that Li Qiye didn’t want to tell the truth. If there was a secret technique to open the thirteenth palace in this world, then it would be more valuable than emperor’s laws, heaven’s will laws, immortal physique laws… It would basically be more valuable than anything else in this world! This was the most priceless treasure and nothing else could compare to it.

Li Qiye withdrew his palaces and patted the Ancestor Ginseng on his shoulder, saying: “Okay, you can return now.”

The Ancestor Ginseng appeared to be fatigued. Even an Immortal Medicine like itself spent a lot of ginseng juice in order for Li Qiye to unleash so many Heavenly Annihilations.

“I suffered a lot so can I sleep while hugging the lamp for three days?” It spoke, aiming to use this chance to garner some benefits.

“Yes.” Li Qiye generously agreed.

After hearing his response, the Ancestor Ginseng happily jumped into his Fate Palace and disappeared while Monk Dazhi was staring at it with lustful eyes.

The monk placed his palms together and said: “Amitabha, Benefactor Li, no, Brother Li, no, Young Master Li. Master Li, earlier, this little monk expended a lot of blood energy and even wasted some Longevity Blood. Will Master spare me a ginseng root to replenish my vitality?”

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said: “In your dreams. I wouldn’t even use such a good item for myself, let alone give it to you. Spare me the daydreaming.”

However, Monk Dazhi’s face was thicker than even a temple block as he placed his arm around Li Qiye’s shoulder and spoke: “Hahaha, Master Li, what are we but good friends? Hehe…” The monk wanted an Immortal Medicine like the Ancestor Ginseng and expressed his intent without any semblance of self-control.

“I don’t have any!” Li Qiye flatly declined the monk so he could only swallow his saliva.

Li Qiye looked at the lost island in the sky, and the others followed suit. Before this, the island appeared to be very vast, but after the mist dissipated, it was only the size of an ordinary island.

It appeared to be made from a black metal that emitted a murderous aura. Others became disappointed after seeing its true appearance since it didn’t look like a divine island at all.

“We’ll be boarding it now.” Li Qiye looked at it for a bit before telling Lan Yunzhu.

“Hahaha, we’ll come as well!” Monk Dazhi said with his thickest face to Xian Fan. He wasn’t actually speaking to Xian Fan and instead indirectly telling this to Li Qiye.

Although Li Qiye didn’t say no, he glanced at the monk and smiled: “Hold onto your fantasies, there are no treasures there.”

“Hehe, if there are no treasures, then I’ll just go up there and broaden my horizons.” Monk Dazhi responded.

Li Qiye only laughed to see the monk’s covetous appearance, prompting the monk to feel a creepy sensation. This, in turn, made him ask: “You are not trying to trick me, right?”

Li Qiye responded in a mysterious manner: “I would never trick you. Plus, with our great relationship, do you really think I will push you down a pit? However, I’m afraid that you will definitely get a heart attack and won’t be able to crawl up after you go up there.”

“You’re kidding.” Monk Dazhi was unconvinced and retorted: “Although I am not an unparalleled talent or anything, I am no coward! There is nothing that will drive me weak with fear like a coward that cannot stand up straight!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “You will know the sensation just a bit later.” With that, he flew towards the lost island. Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan followed right after him. Monk Dazhi, who didn’t believe in Li Qiye’s nonsense, also soared right behind them.

The four of them landed on the island. After taking a look around, they found out that this really was just an ordinary island with a few hills scattered everywhere. There was no vegetation or signs of life, just a quiet little island.

“Didn’t people say that there were Golden Dragons and Divine Phoenixes here…?” Xian Fan murmured while looking at this inconspicuous island.

There were rumors about these mythical beasts soaring above this island, so only disappointment could be felt now after landing. Nothing in the legends were to be found here.

“The things you see with your eyes might not necessarily be the whole story.” Li Qiye answered lightly then proceeded deeper into the island. The rest quickly ran after him.

They didn’t get very far before the sound of someone hitting the ground appear behind them.

Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan quickly turned around and saw Monk Dazhi on the ground with an expression as if he had just seen a ghost. His body was trembling uncontrollably.

“What happened?” The two of them were shocked by Monk Dazhi’s appearance. The monk was not someone weak; he was definitely an expert and an amazing genius.

With great difficulty, the monk erected an imperial aura with the help of his weapon and slowly retreated back to the edge of the lost island. Here, he squatted straight on the ground while gasping for air. He finally found some relief at this point. With some composure, he apprehensively exclaimed: “What the hell?!”

Xian Fan was shaken. The monk was indeed frightened to the point of falling down to the ground while palpitating — just like what Li Qiye had said.

Xian Fan couldn’t help but ask: “What just happened?”

The monk calmed down and forced a smile to say: “I don’t know either. Earlier when I took a step, I felt as if the thing I’m most afraid of was inside, the most terrible thing in this world. My heart stopped and an instinctive fear rose from within; it told me to run away, but I couldn’t move. It was as if a devil had his eyes on me.”

Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan exchanged looks and felt their hair standing on end. A genius like Monk Dazhi was scared out of his mind — this was a little hard to believe.

Lan Yunzhu felt a bit creeped out and quickly asked LI Qiye: “Just what is on this island?”

Li Qiye responded with a smile: “One of the most terrifying things in this world, especially to those of the ghost race since nothing could be more fearsome to them. It is the nemesis of their entire race, and it just happens that you are from the ghost race.”

“Fuck it, I’m not staying here any longer. This bizarre thing is too awful! I have yet to see it, but I can already sense its presence!” Monk Dazhi didn’t want to stay on the island any longer since he now understood that the ghost race’s nemesis was here. Surely ghosts were delicious dishes to this ghastly thing lying in wait on the lost island!

“Very well, I will give you a chance at a fortune.” Li Qiye looked at the monk that wanted to leave and smiled to say: “You did a good job this time and earned my admiration, so take this. If you are lucky, maybe you will meet an extremely great fortune.” With that, Li Qiye threw an item towards Monk Dazhi.

The monk caught it and looked at the item in his hand before blurting out: “The Prime Ominous Key!”

This was a great little gem that could be exchanged for a nice fortune at the Heavenly Cemetery.

Countless people demanded for Li Qiye to hand over the key, including the Ancestral City, but all were met with a swift dismissal. Therefore, Monk Dazhi was stunned when Li Qiye casually threw the key over to him as a gift like this.

The monk asked with surprise: “For… For me?” Anyone who knew even a little bit about the key would understand its value.

“If you don’t want it, then give it back.” Li Qiye shrugged and lightly replied.

The monk immediately put it away in his pocket and said: “Of course I want it, how could I not?!” With a beaming smile, he added: “Master Li is such a generous man, there is no way he would ever shamelessly ask for a gift to be returned.”

Li Qiye gave him a look and said: “Go and try your luck while the grave is still open. Once it closes, the key will disappear even if you hide it in the most secretive of places.”

“Hahaha, definitely, for sure.” Monk Dazhi’s eyes lit up and said: “Hehe, this monk spent his whole life enlightening people, so my character and karma aren’t up for debate. Haha, I will for sure meet a great fortune!”

Li Qiye was too lazy to care for the monk and proceeded deeper into the island with Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan right behind him.

The monk shouted at Li Qiye’s back: “Brother Li, thank you!” He then excitedly jumped down from the island, eager to test his luck!