Chapter 597: Don’t Shed Tears During Goodbye

Regardless of the ghastly thing below the Ancestral Realm, Li Qiye was determined to flip the place over. He would destroy the Ancestral Realm no matter what since he wanted to know a certain thing!

Lan Yunzhu gently sighed. From his expression, she knew that she couldn’t persuade him.

Li Qiye told her: “Go back and tell the elders not to worry about this matter. More people coming along will only mean more people coming to die. I alone am enough to deal with the Ancestral Realm, don’t worry about me.”

He gently kissed her forehead, causing her heart to flutter. She felt that she was about to lose him, so she reached out and grabbed his neck. Despite there being another person here, she still gave him a passionate yet innocent kiss. She daringly explored his mouth with her lilac-fragrant tongue again and again, engulfing him with her feelings.

Xian Fan couldn’t help but smile awkwardly. She was completely flushed while watching the hot kiss between these two.

With great difficulty, the two finally parted from each other. Li Qiye looked at the blushing Lan Yunzhu and smiled to say: “Little girl, take a trip back to the Soaring Remembrance Village in the future; your ancestor left something there for you.”

He whispered many things to her, a few secrets about the village. If it was someone else, even a direct descendant from Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, Li Qiye would not necessarily be willing to tell them. However, he told Lan Yunzhu these secrets — this was indicative of her place in his mind.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but shake after hearing all of it. Eventually, she took a deep breath and looked at him one last time: “Take… take care and come back to the Thousand Carp RIver!”

With that, she took her leave. She traveled for a long distance without looking back at Li Qiye since she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to contain herself if she looked back.

Xian Fan also bid him farewell: “I hope you will come back victoriously. The doors of the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom will always welcome you.”

Li Qiye only sighed after the two left. He lifted his foot and was about to depart, but he suddenly changed his mind and headed towards Necropolis instead.

Li Qiye went to the city, but he only lingered by the entrance instead of entering. His foot halted as he felt a plethora of emotions and had countless words, not knowing where to start. He wanted to see the Ancestral Flow Master once more, but he didn’t know what to say. Farewell? They had already done that last time.

He had come to Necropolis several times as the Dark Crow. Upon his past departures, he never felt sadness or any other emotion because he knew that he would be able to return even after 10,000 years, 100,000 years, or 1,000,000 years. He could afford to do so with his long lifespan.

No matter how endless time may be and no matter how long ago he had left, he and the master would be able to meet again one day! However, this generation was different. He didn’t know if he could meet the master again after this. He believed in himself, but who could predict the vicissitudes of life? With rampant emotions and thoughts, Li Qiye continued to stare at Necropolis. Things had become awkward in the past between the two of them due to Immortal Emperor Ming Du. The master was angry for a long time because of Li Qiye’s selfishness in sneaking the emperor away.

However, this was a matter of the past; they had let go of this feud already. He believed that the master would always support him just like how he would always support the master.

As he stood silently outside Necropolis, the Ancestral Flow Master, who was sleeping on the stone throne, suddenly opened her eyes. Her gaze was capable of seeing through billions of miles in this world.

Li Qiye stood outside for a long time before sighing and started to look away.

But right at this time, a voice suddenly appeared behind him: “You want to leave without saying goodbye?”

Li Qiye turned around and noticed an illusory figure standing next to the city gates. Although the real body of the master was not here, a group of divine intents had come together.

Li Qiye looked at the dimmed figure and couldn’t help but gently sigh. He then said with a wry smile: “I knew you were sleeping so I didn’t want to bother you.”

The figure snorted and was very unhappy with Li Qiye’s answer.

The two stared at each other quietly. Li Qiye had many words to say, but he didn’t know how to express them.

“You still want to go to your death?” The Ancestral Master asked coldly.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “The victor can’t be decided until the very last moment, but I trust that I will be the last man smiling in the end. A few things should be concluded, whether it is for me, for the Sacred Nether World, or for Necropolis.”

“I can finish my own business. Do you think the Sacred Nether World needs you as its hero?” The Ancestral Flow Master’s icy voice continued: “Since the start of time, the winners were the ones who wrote history. If you fail and die, you will not be a hero but rather a devil. At the very least, for many, many years to come, you will be a heinous devil in the mouths of the future ghost generations, a devil who wanted to extinguish the ghost race!”

“So what?” Li Qiye smiled: “I don’t care about what others say or what the future generations spout about me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been hiding behind the curtains for so long.”

“Are you tired of living? Are you seeking for a new way to die?” The Ancestral Master quipped. The master didn’t try to persuade Li Qiye, but it was clear that the master didn’t want him to attack the Ancestral Realm.

“It is not just for you, and it’s also not just because of the ghastly thing below the realm’s grounds.” Li Qiye sighed softly and said: “I don’t need to know what lies beneath that land, it is just my personal vendetta and my desire for an answer. In any case, I must find it even if I have to tear the Ancestral Realm apart!”

The Ancestral Flow Master coldly asked: “Is it because of that person?”

Li Qiye looked at the master and was silent for a long time before gently sighing to say: “Perhaps, but not completely. Some mysteries continue to linger in my heart, and I need an answer.”

“You will die an ugly death. Do you think the Origin Sealing Spear can kill that ghastly creature?” The Ancestral Flow Master continued: “Even if it can kill it, you won’t have the chance to do anything in the face of that creature.”

It seemed as if the master wanted to discourage Li Qiye. Whether these words were the truth or not, only the master knew.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile and say: “What I need right now is not discouragement. You are only undermining my confidence and morale! I need encouragement right now.”

The master stared emotionlessly at Li Qiye in silence. It was as if words of encouragement were quite difficult for her to utter.

“I couldn’t care less if you wish to die!” The master spoke indifferently: “But don’t forget that you still owe me, so don’t even think about not paying it back. Even if you become a ghost, you will still have to repay the debt, got it?!”

Li Qiye responded with a smile: “Got it, I will live to repay the debt.” He then stared at her for a while longer before firmly walking away.

The master that was still standing beside Necropolis declared once again: “Remember, you must repay the debt even as a ghost!”

Li Qiye was already far away, but his laughter and answer still echoed back: “Yun’er, don’t worry, I won’t die. I will return to Necropolis one day.”

After being called “Yun’er”, the master shivered and angrily retorted: “Don’t call me that you little demon! I’m older than you!” 1

Li Qiye’s distant voice emanated back: “Is that so? Wait until I return, then let me see your face to determine whether you really are older than me or not!” 2

Eventually, Li Qiye disappeared completely, and the figure next to the city gate also slowly dissipated. The Ancestral Flow Master sat on her throne with inadvertent tears in her eyes as she quietly murmured: “You have to come back alive…” 3


The Prime Ominous Grave closed several days after Li Qiye’s departure. No one could stay behind afterward; they were teleported out without exception.

The grave had finally opened after many years. There were happy people during this trip along with those filled with despair. Some had great harvests while others obtained nothing, and some had even lost their lives.

This grave opening was not a good event for the ghost race. Although some ghost sects had great harvests, they were not happy at all.

The ghosts, as a whole, had many experts die to Li Qiye or the headless man. The number was enough to hurt the entire race. Dozens of ancestors died and even an eternal existence of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom fell. The Ancestral City’s army and even its lord died in the Heavenly Cemetery.

It could be considered a great disaster to the ghosts. Some ordinary powers were almost completely destroyed. A few sects only had one ancestor, but these ancestors chose to please the Ancestral Realm so they actively participated in the blood sacrifice along with all of their experts.

However, the headless man took action and all experts above Ancient Saint were sacrificed, causing these great powers who were heavily involved to suffer devastating losses. They would now be on the decline, maybe even reaching the point of destruction.


  1. Yeah, pretty sure the master is a girl. Yun = cloud; er = an endearing suffix. 
  2. This is one character that might actually be older than the Dark Crow? 
  3. Disclaimer, Yun can still be a male name, and you can refer to a boy with er too.