Chapter 600: Primal Ghost-Cannons

“Ahh!” All of a sudden, screams rang everywhere and no one could stand in Li Qiye’s way.

This scene startled those who were attentively watching the battle: “What is going on?!”

No one had ever seen such strange weaponry before. Some sects reacted extremely quickly, such as the Thousand Carp River in the southern Distant Cloud who immediately received the latest news.

“It’s from the Thousand Islands!” The river sect was the first to shift their imperial mirrors towards these islands. When these islands were raised upward like cannons, all the elders stared at them dumbfounded with their tongues tied.

The truth was that many countries and sects that were close to the Thousand Islands also became speechless after seeing these cannons.

For millions of years, all of these sects had assumed that the Thousand Islands were very ordinary, so they were all taken aback at the appearance of these fortresses with cannons.

After seeing this scene, people were able to connect the dots; they knew that the black beams shot from the black holes near Li Qiye were all from the Thousand Islands.

“Primal Ghost-Cannon!” The Ancestral Flow Master back in the distant Necropolis suddenly opened her eyes and softly sighed before murmuring: “These were the cannons once used to suppress the Ghost-Devourer. Who would expect that it would be used like this today?”

Lan Yunzhu, who was standing before a river sect’s mirror, took a deep breath. Prior to this, Li Qiye had spent a lot of effort back at the Thousand Islands for a long period of time. She thought that it was over after he obtained the dried tree trunk. Never, even in her dreams, did she expect that the Thousand Islands could be used like this. How many people could have predicted this?

She now understood that upon his arrival to the Thousand Islands, Li Qiye had already formulated a plan to attack the Ancestral Realm. She didn’t know that he already planned on doing so the moment he arrived at the Sacred Nether World.

“Just what is going on?” Many sects had this question after seeing the appearance of the ninety-nine fortresses with cannons.

While Li Qiye was unleashing his barrage, the Ancestral City still couldn’t stop Qin Guangwang. In the blink of an eye, he was deep inside the city in close proximity to the Grand God and the eighty-one commanders.

The Grand God’s expression greatly changed after seeing how powerful Qin Guangwang was; he knew that he was facing a mighty foe as he inquired: “Who are you?”

“Who I am is not important, the important thing is that today shall be the end of the reign of false gods like you! Today, we will use the blood of monkeys like you who pretend to wear human’s crowns as an offering to the ghost race!” Qin Guangwang’s cold and terrifying response echoed across the world.

“Kill him!” The moment Qin Guangwang finished his sentence, the eighty-one commanders all roared then rushed out to form a frightening array that quickly trapped Qin Guangwang inside.

“Demonspawn, accept your death!” All eighty-one of them shouted.

Meanwhile, the other ghosts in the Sacred Nether World were shocked after hearing Qin Guangwang because his answer was worth thinking over.

An old existence looked at his imperial mirror and muttered: “Is it finally time for a change of dynasty?”

“Buzz!” Right when the formation trapped Qin Guangwang for a second, a bloody light covered the sky. The three bloodswords flew out with a chilling momentum.

The eighty-one commanders were quickly massacred in a short period of time. Their great formation was still not enough to stop Qin Guangwang’s advance.

His bloodswords pointed straight forward with bloodthirst as he declared: “Your turn!”

All the living beings in the Sacred Nether World felt his murderous intention as they quivered. Many of them became deathly pale from this horrifying sensation.

“Whoosh!” A divine light shot out from the Grand God as a divine weapon appeared in his hand. At this moment, although this deity was not a True God, he still emitted an awe-inspiring presence; others couldn’t help but prostrate before him.

At the same time, Li Qiye was standing in the best possible position in the Ancestral City with all of his ninety-nine cannons pointing at the divine portal.

All of them fired at the same time!

“Boom!!!” The detonations of the cannons reverberated across the realms as the endless black beams assaulted the divine portal.

Everyone could feel the power from the ninety-nine Primal Ghost-Cannons. As the bombardment continued, they all felt that these ninety-nine cannons would turn the entire Sacred Nether World into ashes. The heaven and earth were on the verge of collapsing. No sects or lineages would be able to withstand such a barrage.

Before when Li Qiye declared his intention to oppose all the ghosts in the world and kill all his enemies, it was not taken seriously. However, everyone understood that he was not just blustering back then.

At this point, countless ghost lineages who once opposed Li Qiye started to sweat profusely. Li Qiye didn’t need to do anything, the ninety-nine cannons alone were enough to obliterate a lineage and turn it into ashes!

The cannons were left behind by that legendary existence. It was meant for the future generations in case the Ghost-Devourer came into being once again. They could use these cannons to stop it.

As long as the Ghost-Devourer didn’t leave the Sacred Nether World, the cannons would be enough to suppress it. Their power was quite immense; even though they were not emperor’s weapons, they were actually even stronger than these weapons.

Right now, the cannons that were meant to suppress the devourer were in Li Qiye’s hands, and they became one of the strongest weapons in his arsenal against the Ancestral Realm.

“Clakk!” Eventually, the crazy onslaught from the cannons caused the divine portal to crack, causing everyone watching to gasp.

Legend states that no one could open the portal from the lower realm unless it was an Immortal Emperor, but the constant attack from the cannons was about to break the portal apart.

“Boom!” One last barrage came through and the portal shattered completely. After the portal was penetrated, endless divine light shone down. One could then see the Ancestral Realm from this hole.

“Ahh!” At this time, even the Grand God, with his unstoppable divine weapon, was not a match for Qin Guangwang and his three swords. After dozens of exchanges, this once high-and-unreachable god was killed by Qin Guangwang.

This scene shocked everyone; what an appalling thing it was to kill a Grand God! No lineages or individual in the Sacred Nether World dared to do so other than an Immortal Emperor.

However, what was even more astonishing was the divine portal blowing up. This was its second time being destroyed in the past millions of years, the first being from Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s attack!

Li Qiye looked at the path towards the Ancestral Realm and slowly uttered: “It is time to start.”

“Break!” Qin Guangwang cried out and threw out a trident. This was his ultimate attack; it was just like an Immortal Emperor unleashing an Imperial Massacre.

“Boom!” After a deafening explosion, the entire Ancestral City was destroyed. Suddenly, all of the pavilions and temples collapsed as the city was turned into mere ruins.

In this moment, time stood still in the Sacred Nether World. The Ancestral City that had stood strong for millions of years had fallen. It was once trampled on by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang. Later on, Immortal Emperor Qian Li also paid the Ancestral Realm a visit. It was said that there was a shocking battle that was waged, but in the end, Immortal Emperor Qian Li didn’t destroy the Ancestral City.

“Will we see it again?” Everyone was stunned by this scene! Will they ever see this city again? The crux of this issue depended on the existence in the Ancestral Realm. If the realm lived on, then the city might be rebuilt. However, what if the realm itself was destroyed as well?

Li Qiye casually smiled and said: “Ancestral Realm, tremble before my arrival!” He then stepped into the Ancestral Realm with Qin Guangwang right behind him.

This casual remark was extremely domineering. Who, outside of Immortal Emperors, would dare to utter such a phrase throughout the ages?

Everyone’s mind shook after hearing Li Qiye’s words. They felt his terrifying presence now more than ever.

After Li Qiye stepped inside, the emperor’s lineages in the Sacred Nether World quickly shifted their imperial mirrors: “Quick, quickly, look at the Ancestral Realm!”

These lineages didn’t mind spending Immortal Emperor Refined Jades and their most powerful worldly energy to fuel these mirrors to directly observe the Ancestral Realm.

In the past, this type of spying was insufficient, but this was no longer the case. The divine portal had been destroyed by Li Qiye, so these mirrors that were empowered by Immortal Emperor Refined Jades were able to see the scenes inside.

Normally, these lineages would not use refined jades of this high of a level, but today was different. This battle carried a monumental significance to the Sacred Nether World, so many imperial lineages had to witness it.

The Ancestral Realm was not a big world, it was only a minor one. Compared to the vast territory of the Sacred Nether World, it was a lot humbler in size. Nevertheless, it carried an extremely frightening amount of worldly energy as if it was its source.

Inside the realm were countless sacred pavilions and heavenly palaces that were suspended in the air. The worldly energy here actually manifested into physical forms such as springs, golden rivers beneath the earth, auspicious animals playing around, and spiritual birds soaring in the sky.

At this location, each step gave birth to lotuses and treasures could be found everywhere. Precious trees were numerous and there was no lack of sacred grasses. This was the scene of a land of immortals.

Anyone would covet such a place after seeing it. It was a location worthy of envy and longing — the best place for cultivation!

This wonderful land was much better than even the ancestral lands of emperor’s lineages!